Beyonce & Jay-Z Blast To #1 In Over 30 Countries With ‘Everything Is Love’

Published: Monday 18th Jun 2018 by Sam

It’s a case of up, up, and away for Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The power couple unleashed their long-rumored joint album ‘Everything Is Love’ as a TIDAL surprise on Saturday and this morning went wide with an (equally surprising) launch across retail and other streaming services.

And the excitement is translating into out of the gate success for The Carters (as they’re going).

Details below…

As at writing, ‘Everything’ has rocketed to the top of the iTunes tally in over 30 countries. Bey and Jay’s slay rampage includes regions such as the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

With many corners of the globe still waking up, it’s safe to say that more countries will be added to the mix imminently.

Check out the pair’s already viral video for ‘APES**T’ below…

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  1. Fancy BISH June 18, 2018

    Black excellence! ??

  2. mr.m June 18, 2018

    I hated this bish all this time for being a thief, unoriginal hooe who build up things from other ppl and make it feel like its her own .. now I have another reason to hate!
    tryin’ to steal other ppl shine? by your “fake hype surprise release”? again! lol
    cause YOU KNOW you cant sell by releasing your music in a traditional way..
    anyway, Liberation is FAR WAY BETTER than the mess you just released #fact
    you can get whatever sales you want from that fake hype release and the fake ass streams.. but your music will still suck.. I dont remember anything she release after IASF or maybe “4”.. her music has become so bad, so forgettable. kodus to Xtina for still holding to her truth and releasing some good music. that will forever stand the test of time …. See you at the Grammys 🙂

    • Xtinasliberation June 18, 2018

      Let’s not forget she did the same in 2011 in the vmas when it was Britneys moment! She be doing the most but you know what the music speak for itself. Xtinas liberation is by far superior and it’s not about numbers…xtina delievered a masterpiece whether it goes to number one or not.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 18, 2018

        It’s not Beyoncé’s fault Britney was (and still is) incapable of slaying a stage for her vanguard performance and sat it out. That’s 100% Britney’s own fault

    • iamdiego June 18, 2018


    • ??? June 18, 2018

      All this hate for someone you never met? Wow.

      • Martaevia La’wayne June 18, 2018

        Right!! ??

  3. Doom Kappo June 18, 2018

    This album is not good. What the hell was Beyonce thinking? And I think it’s really lame that she released this now that Christina Aguilera’s masterpiece of an album “Liberation” is out. I hope Xtina will outshine this trendy BeYAWNce girl.

    • @KurtisLeeSinger June 18, 2018

      Christina’s album is amazing and a master piece but Beyonce ain’t thinking about Christina! They didn’t this a day after Nas album dropped (produced by Kanye) this Is about HipHop Beyoncé mainly raps on the album the throw shade at Kim & Kanye through out its to p*** off Kanye if anything!

  4. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

    Beys career stats are far more impressive than straintina HOLLERas. 10 #1 hits and counting, 8 #1 albums soon to be 9, 10 if you count dreamgirls soundtrack. 20+ grammys, and over 35 million sold US and over 70 million sold ww. not to mention STADIUM STATUS and 20+ years of relavance. and u can not blame xtinas lack of relavance on breaks cuz she has a decent amount of albums released in the last 20 years, 2/3rds of them FLOPS… bey has no flop albums as of yet. EVERYTHING is #1 despite DESPERATION

    • Fancy BISH June 18, 2018

      lmao Straintina Holleras ? Ya’ll be coming up with some zingers chile!

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ June 18, 2018

      I’ve not heard either album yet but if Beyonce is just rapping the whole time like that a** song, she can keep it- it’s tired, boring as hell and beneath her as a singer. I’m hearing good things about Xtinas album even though I’ve not really liked the singles, I’m going to check both of them out this week.

    • mr.m June 18, 2018

      you’re so delusional … 4 was a flop. A forgettable ass flop.
      After that she decided to release surprise albums lmao
      just to gain the fake hype and make sure she will sell lol #fact
      Thats way her self-titled, lemonade and this wack album
      well all have the same path…. no one will ever remember them
      bye m***** 🙂

      • BYISI June 18, 2018

        4 outsold Christina’s last three albums. Liberation will be no different.The VERY NERVE!!
        It is no one’s fault Beyoncé is more popular and talented than a woman known for making her best album in 2002. Who lost half of her range almost a decade ago.
        Even if Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn’t release this excellent piece of art, Christina wasn’t going to be #1.
        Liberation is diet Stripped! You wanna talk boring album! Real music? Everything is Love is just better than Liberation in every way! I mean production alone!!
        Nobody cares about Christina ass anymore but the few fans she has left.Be mad at her for being inconsistent and unremarkable over the years. Not at Beyonce for maintaining relevancy 20 year’s into her career. FOH! Miss M, I bet you got neck rolls!!

      • Bravo!! June 18, 2018

        4 wasn’t not a flop. My opinion 4 is her first classic album and truly the lemonade album. 4 still manage to obtain a platinum Plaque.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 18, 2018

      Diabetes I cannot take anything you say seriously if you are unbothered by diabetes. Until you get the gastric bypass surgery you really have nothing to say! Getting a number 1 is meaningless to me. Making quality music that still gets played on the radio is what counts. Beyonce only has 1 or 2 older songs that are still played on the radio (Irreplaceable and Single Ladies). The rest of her catalogue is microwave useless music that is forgotten. Although I am not a fan of Christina’s I can easily think of numerous songs from her that is still played on the radio and better quality music (Fighter, Genie In a Bottle, Beautiful, Ain’t No Other Man, Can’t Hold Us Down, Lady Mamalade, etc). Simply put, Xtina has released far less music than Beyonce but she has better quality music. Most people pick quality music over quanty any day everyday.

      • mr.m June 18, 2018

        Thank you!

      • mr.m June 18, 2018

        No lies detected.

      • Naughty One June 18, 2018

        Drag that whale ? effortlessly Jasmine!!!! ????

      • Maxx June 18, 2018

        I agree. Beyawnce’s music is forgettable…to the left to the left~

    • ??? June 18, 2018

      I’m crying @ DESPERATION

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

    Thank you JAY & BEY for effortlessly shutting down NAS and XTINA (album eras before they even start ?lol)… not that either of them needed much help… both nas and xtina have ZERO presence in music outside of their very small NEVER GROWING Fanbase. thats the difference cause even NON FANS check for Hov and Bey cause their music is bold expressive and most importantly stand out ABOVE the pack which is why they can actually do big ww tours. Bey is only 36 and already grossed over $1 billion on tours… How many artist can say that? VERY FEW.

    • mr.m June 18, 2018

      No shade sis
      But THE MONKEYS album is gettin’ bad reviews .
      I guess that what happen when you put out microwave music lol
      Xtina n Nas albums >>>>>
      Just stay pressed

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

        Everything is love: 77 metacritic Score…


    • 4U2SEE June 18, 2018

      ………..AAAAAnd this helping you how? You must feel special but their rich and you’re not! So, stop being bothered cause the world don’t see you. Nas and Beyonce are two different genres. Nas is a poet, spritual incline to things in our surroundings that you are not aware that’s affecting your life. Beyonce is on a bandwagon to everone she feel threatened by and pay for her own hype to stay relevant. They use people like you in this divide and conquered as black people. Guess what, nobody won because they’re still the same black people. Bey and Jay used you by calling you “ApeSh!t” lowlives and to get off her nutz about Jay. These music views doesn’t happen overnight but their money will make it happily secured to follow; you’re so done. Have a great afterlife because at least you won’t be bothered until then. Since this comment flew over your head. Dueces!

  6. Marcel June 18, 2018

    Only 30 countries? Im surprised that Apeshît aint #1 on iTunes yet

    • mr.m June 18, 2018

      It will flop … hard
      fake ass hype will help them in 1st week only
      and btw Liberation was #1 in +65 counties 🙂

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

        Everything is love: 77 metacritic Score…


      • Bad B**** June 18, 2018

        And BEYONCE was #1 in 100+ countries b****

  7. Alex June 18, 2018

    People are so upset!! Lmao!! What do the Carters suppose to do? Wait until EVERYONE releases their album before they release theirs?? Y’all stupid as hell!! It’s BUSINESS, never personal. Lmao!!

    • Fancy BISH June 18, 2018

      Exactly! ✅ They upSET!!! *Drake voice* ? #Carters

      • Alex June 18, 2018

        @fancy bish ???

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan June 18, 2018

    The album is stupid trash. Worst than alot of these mumble rappers albums.

    Beyonce & Jay Z are dying to fit in this Trap music bs.
    HASHTAG: #ItWasTerrible
    “Everything Is Love” = 2.5/10

    • CarterSlay June 18, 2018

      If you actually listened to the album you’d have heard that ApeSh** is the only trap song on the album but nooo you insist on hating without real foundation for all your bitterness.

      Where is Tinashe on the charts? #Flop

  9. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

    lmao did this fool Really just list GENIE IN A BOTTLE (a britney throwaway) as a CLASIC over CRAZY IN LOVE ME MYSELF AND I SAY MY NAME??? I AM OFFICIALLY DONE RETIRED AND DECEASED

    • Fancy BISH June 18, 2018

      Diabetes is having none of Miss Christina lol…NOT TAHDAY ?

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018


    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 18, 2018

      The only “fool” is you Diabetes. If you want to praise Beyonce and Jay-Z that is great but don’t do it at the expense of other artists unless you want to be put in check for stupidity!

      Genie In A Bottle is a classic that still gets played on radio to this day. I never dissed Crazy In Love so don’t try it! The fact of the matter is that Genie In A Bottle sold over 3x as many copies as Crazy In Love but they are both quality songs:

    • Mr.m June 18, 2018

      I swear genie in a bottle is more a calssic than ALL of beyonce’s catlouge… sorry just keep trying. Monkeyonce just have ‘single ladies’ all of her songs are forgettable 🙁

      • Maxx June 18, 2018

        Diabetes sorry love, but none of the songs you just listed outshine Genie In a Bottle…Say My Name??? Are you serious? That song is trash…Irreplaceable is a hit & Put a Ring on it was a hit…those I would consider Beyoncé Classics

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

    Everything is love: 77 metacritic Score…


    4:44 DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE BLUEPRINT Reasonable Doubt self titled and Lemeonade are all MASTERPIECES. Straintina has none of those

  11. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) June 18, 2018

    Black Love always prevails✊

  12. Meteorite June 18, 2018

    I personally didn’t like “Liberation”, I thought it was short, half baked and unoriginal and certainly not worth the 6yr break. Everything on that album has already been done by either Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, P!NK or Beyoncé
    Speaking of which, when I first heard “Accelerate” I was immediately reminded of Beyoncé’s “BEYONCE” album. Like that song could easily fit on there. Likewise with “Right Moves” being familiar to “Hold Up” and “Sick of Sittin” being familiar to “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”
    Aguilera may be right up there vocally with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Yet in pop music virtuosity she has never been as important of a character in terms of style and song crafting ability, areas she has often been found lacking. Not to mention she could have and still can seriously benefit from a vocal coach.
    With this album she tries so hard to cover all the pop bases that she ends up sounding more like one of the contestants on her former talent show than the superstar her ability warrants.

    Say what will you about Beyoncé but the girl works hard and is dedicated and she’s being doing the feminist thing long before Christina. Anyone remember Bills, Bills, Bills and Independent Women?

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

      Well said ?

    • ??? June 18, 2018

      lmao roach didnt write any of those songs so whats your point? lmaooo

  13. Mr.m June 18, 2018

    Wasn’t beyonce an opening act for xtina’s first tour? Is that how you treat and respect ppl who put u under thier wing? Looool … well she’s a negro.. no shade

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

      So what’s yur point? Bey was also an opening act for Britney.. the sane britney that presented Bey with one of her biggest awards to date ARTIST OF THE MILLENIUM. Bey has atleast 8 classic songs under her belt and atleast 4 classic albums out of 10 in total. Generally speaking xtina discography is forgettable and lacks innovation

      • mr.m June 18, 2018

        you mad? the truth hurt I guess lol
        bey was a maid as an opening act for BOTH xtina and brit
        QUEENS NEVER EVER played an opening for someone else
        thanks to Jazy Z he spent to some real $$$ to put her on the top
        lmao I can’t

  14. ??? June 18, 2018

    lmao meanwhile Xtina’s Liberation went to #1 IN 50 COUNTRIES lmfaoooooooooooooooo

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 18, 2018

      Self titled was #1 in 110 countries ?

  15. Bravo!! June 18, 2018

    Beyoncé & Jay-Z know there name combined is worth billions!! They let all ya b****** talk about how boring the tour going to be because of it just another rerun of on the run 1… they just a joint album together which will bring added performances and will define on the run tour 2 different than the original. People who are experiencing this tour now will be upset later. Surprise album rework of the tour…now b****** thirsty for the tour now! Beyoncé is the’ greatest entertainer of are generation!!

  16. Bad B**** June 18, 2018

    Who is Xtina??!….the b**** hasnt been relevant since the middle of last decade. She’s a flop and cant sell albums..Bey is unbothered b****.. Bey is selling out stadiums WW hoeee while Xtina has NO touring demand. Bey may have opened up for her at one point, but Bey is now on stadium status hunnnn. When will this straining vocal b**** catch up?

  17. Bad B**** June 18, 2018

    Love is everything’s metacritc score is at 80 and rising. While PIGTina sits at 73 lmaoooo.. why is that?

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 18, 2018

      Two different genres of music. Comparing hip hop to pop is like comparing country to rnb.

      • Empress Court June 18, 2018

        But y’all doing with the artist ?️ try again ho

  18. Tino June 19, 2018

    Christina is in her house screaming and breaking everything lol

  19. DanYiel Iman June 19, 2018

    That’s awesome doing what they both love to do and selling out ARENAS!! ?”Bzzz”?

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