Report: Drake Could Earn $20 Million Advance For New Recording Contract

Published: Wednesday 11th Jul 2018 by David

Drake has learned that he could earn between $15 million and $20 million in advance money should he choose to leave Universal Music and sign with one of its star-seeking rivals.

Full story below…

An “advance” is almost always defined as a pre-payment of royalties, whether the advance is paid by record company to an artist, a publisher to a writer or a merchandiser to an artist.

It now seems that the rapper has come to the end of his time with Cash Money (a Universal Music subsidiary) and isn’t interested in entering a new agreement with the company following the problems it has faced with its leading man Lil’ Wayne.

Fortunately for Universal, it also seems that he has no intentions of leaving them…for now.

For, the multi-faceted performer has learned that rival labels are prepared to hand him close to $20 million in exchange for a piece of his profits should he choose to sign with them.

Dina LaPolt of LaPolt Law firm, who represents Britney Spears, made this assessment…

Drake has the bargaining power to negotiate a net profit split with the best deal terms and a humongous advance up front.

An exciting possibility. Another one? Union with a streaming service.

Rather than signing with a record company, Drake could ink directly with a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, in an arrangement similar to that of Frank Ocean’s 2016 album “Blonde,” which was initially available exclusively for streaming and download on Apple Music. Drake’s deal would not have to be exclusive beyond a given window —  he could cut separate arrangements with other digital service providers — and pact with a label of his choosing for physical product. Drake’s stature could also allow him to make a more favorable deal than most artists, possibly for as much as 70% of revenue.


What do you think Drake should do?

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  1. aJ July 11, 2018

    I wonder if Nicki is gonna leave too? She needs to follow suit

    • Yup July 11, 2018

      Chile ain’t nobody offering Nicki an advance like that. She’s been on the decline since her first album dropped sales wise. She may get a $15-$20 advancement up front, but not a $15-$20 million up front like Drake.

      • thanosoftitans July 11, 2018

        lmao the shade of it all

      • Meme July 11, 2018

        Not 15-$20 dollars nooo lmfao

  2. DanYiel Iman July 11, 2018

    He’ll do anything because those Caucasian folks love his pop-rap ballads, lots of females purchase his foolishness as well!!

  3. WisdomSpeaks July 11, 2018

    nicki leave??

    giiiiiirl she still has 2 more albums to complete!! and truth be told idk if those albums will be selling the way they should let alone be released in the next couple of years from the LOOKS of things….#LoosingSteam #TheDecline #BackToTheDrawingBoard!

    idk its just crazy the trajectory/consistency that drake has had commercially and critically when it comes to his album releases compared to nicki.

    Idk..i know that shes a female an has ALOT more stacked against her…..but it seems like after the release of last album (the pinkprint) shes been on the decline and doesnt look like thats gonna change anytime soon. #MortalityRate

    When will a female rapper be able to release successful albums (commercial/critically) at the rate a la…rihanna does?? (ever year n half)

  4. Meme July 11, 2018

    Wow. Being a huge streaming force…it might make sense “temporarily” to do a deal with Apple and just release a couple EP’s directly to their platform without a label. Let’s face it, drake doesn’t need a label. Labels are really only needed now a days for new act who have to build a platform and gain exposure thru promo. Drake doesn’t need any of that.

  5. Sam July 11, 2018

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t just stay independent and release music through his own label (OVO). If he’s smart, he’d do that AND sign an exclusive streaming contract, preferably with Apple Music.

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