‘Liberation’ & Beyond: Christina Aguilera Already Teasing Next Album

Published: Thursday 2nd Aug 2018 by Rashad

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Beyond shutting down body shamers who’d begun spreading rumors she was pregnant with her third child (click here to read more), Christina Aguilera took to Twitter to ease fan fears surrounding the status of her current era (tour, new singles, etc.).

As has been widely reported, June 2018’s ‘Liberation’ – Aguilera’s first album in six years – was greeted with critical acclaim only to disappear from the Billboard 200 just 3 weeks after its debut.  However, in a recent Twitter Q&A with her fans (whom she’s affectionately christened #Fighters), the Grammy-winner reasserts her decision to avoid “chart chasing” (click here to read more) and reminds she’s already hard at work on the album’s follow-up.

Look inside to read her thoughts on ‘Liberation’s next singles, its follow-up album, and if material from her ‘Bionic’ album will surface on her forthcoming tour:


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  1. Boytoy1814 August 2, 2018

    She has 3 more singles that can be released from “Liberation”. But final yes has 2 come from record label.

  2. Molly August 3, 2018

    Stiill no post on flopi Garbaj ppostponing her album to the same day Ariana’s drop, guess that is not what she pays you for

  3. Teflon Boy August 3, 2018

    I guess my frustration with this era comes from knowing that creatively, while not a home run Xtina hit a sweet spot sonically that deserves further exploration. And if her past habits are anything to go by it’s likely she’ll want to follow it with something completely different i.e. Disco or Country lol. I’d rather she develop this lane than jump ship to a completely new genre before she’s really left her mark. The Urban/Contemporary Genre needs vocalists like Xtina.

    • Blair August 3, 2018

      This is the most real thing I’ve read here ever lol honestly felt the same way about Britney’s glory. I fear cause it didn’t perform well commercially that it communicates to the artist “I did something wrong “ but commercial success and quality don’t always intersect.

  4. China August 3, 2018

    Christina Aguilera has LOST touch. The Liberation Music is not bad, not as good as the first 3 cd’s but good quality. UNLESS ITS WITH YOU is the monster hit and she …….well ignores the song. Bish release the song and return to the charts. Unless Its with you is her 2018 Beautiful.

  5. Liam August 3, 2018

    Liberation is such a great album and like Bionic the reason I loved it was vocally she did the damn thing…I don’t understand why ppl pay Bionic dust when Liberation is it musical sister sonically ??‍♂️

    • xyz August 3, 2018

      Funnily, in retrospective a lot of people like bionic more than they did like 9 or whatever years ago. The hate train destroyed that album

      • Liam August 3, 2018

        I agree that album had so many gems I wasn’t a fan till I heard that album due to I really heard what she can do with her lower register

  6. DanYiel Iman August 3, 2018

    Wow that’s awesome ??

  7. Justme August 3, 2018

    This album was not sonically a good album. It reminded me of teyana Taylor album. Every song fell short. It was like she forgot the formula to complete a good song. There are songs that a strong live version can save but if people buy the album and it doesn’t sound the same then what’s the point.

    • eric August 3, 2018

      I feel the same.

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 3, 2018

    GRUNTinas problem is in being ONE DIMENSIONAL… Only ONE style works for GARGLETinas NATURALLY OVER BEARING And tasteless voice. cant sing dance/fun songs of ANY style cause it will sound corney and thats what STRUGGLEtina has been doing since Dirty and Gennie… CORNFEST… mariah has the same problem but far greater voice and music. Britney on other hand can do both vibes of music tempo wise. Bey also has better voice and music than Xtina but unlike the others can CROSS OVER into literally any genre and make albums that dont comprise of filler also help with longevity which STRAINtina doesnt have longevity or a strong catalog overall (besides songs like Reflection Beautiful and Hurt, and You Lost Me which noone remembers these 1 demensional ballads). STRAINtinas problem isnt long breaks its lacking versatility on top of a radio friendly voice.

  9. truthtea August 3, 2018

    What pissed me off most about Liberation is the 6 year wait only to give us what 9 full length songs. Especially after all those she worked with. I could’ve done without the Tayla tracks. Very underwhelming. I love that Xtina has full control however sometimes she needs to relinquish a little, work with older folks, and leave these 21 year old songwriters and producers alone. Accelerate is a hella awkward song!

  10. Lala August 3, 2018

    That’s finen that you aren’t a chart chaser, but when you get dropped by a major label you will realize although you are an aritist, this is still a business, and that’s why artist evennin this “put your stuff out independently” day, steak want and hope to be signed by major labels.

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