Iggy Azalea Announces Multi-Year Year Record Deal With EMPIRE

Published: Tuesday 20th Nov 2018 by Sam

It’s a case of all-new everything for Iggy Azalea

The femcee was granted wish to be released from longtime label Island Records and she’s already snatched a fresh deal.

Last week she teased that she’d nabbed a partnership worth $2.7 million.

And now it’s been formally announced. Iggy has inked a deal with indie giant EMPIRE.

Details below…

The imprint has enjoyed major success of late with Tyga and with Remy Ma‘s Grammy nominated ‘All The Way Up.’ 

Led by Ghazi Shami, the company’s unique way of working records has seen it become a go-to for several acts once tied to the major label infrastructure.

As for the partnership with Iggy, it’ll see EMPIRE spearhead “the release and promotion” of Azalea’s new music.

The rapper, whose new album is said to be due next year, gushed in a statement:

 “I’m so excited to begin a new entrepreneurial chapter in my career with EMPIRE as my partner. The ability to have control of my own artistic future is a long awaited and monumental change in my life. I genuinely feel I am in the best position to achieve my creative ambitions.”

EMPIRE’s Shami added:

“We’re excited to welcome Iggy to the EMPIRE family. Over the years, I’ve admired Iggy’s artistry, honest and direct relationship with her fans and tenacity as a businesswoman. I’m honored that we will have the opportunity to build upon her already exceptional career.”


While the ink is still wet and the results are pending, it’s a definite win for Azalea – on paper. Especially after the rockiness that has characterised her career post her first album cycle.

With the canceled releases, scrapped tours, and social media dramas behind her, can she establish new chapters of success? We wish her the best!

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  1. Meme November 20, 2018

    Is 2.7 mill a lot of money for a deal? I’m asking a serious question? Because I thought videos and tracks go for atleast 100k+

    • MusicLife November 20, 2018

      Music videos are around 30k these days. It’s likely a multi album deal meaning she gets X amount of money per album and promotion or music video.

      So this could be like a 3-7 album 2.7m deal.

  2. ??? November 20, 2018

    Lmaooo girl bye, stop trying to make fetch happen again, the crown is forever stapled to NICKI’S head lmfaoooooo.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH November 20, 2018


    • Rico November 20, 2018

      This is exactly why people are turning on Nicki. You barbs are making it really hard to like her…on another note Iggy definitely deserves this plus more. What other white femcee has gone against the black girls , no matter how bad she gets it she never quits!!

      • DanYiel November 20, 2018

        EXACTLY why I don’t support Nicki McFraud!!?”Bzzz”?

      • November 20, 2018

        why you assume it’s a Barb, don’t you know that Nicki haters always act like her fans and attack others to get people like you worked up, that’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. it wouldn’t surprise me if that ??? and you isn’t one of the same.

    • Fancy BISH November 20, 2018

      The crown that’s forever stapled to Nicki’s head is a Burger King crown ?

  3. Ropeburn November 20, 2018

    I hope it works out for her this time. If only because I’m tired of these “I’m so excited about my new record deal” statements only to have it blow up months later. I swear this girl’s career got nine lives!

    • Casual November 21, 2018

      I may be misunderstanding, but EMPIRE is similar to eOne to me. With indie labels, you leverage their infrastructure to promote your work, but what you earn is a function of your success.

      I wish her well, but did somebody really pay this girl $2.7 mil? To do anything?!

      I know this couldn’t have been an advance. Maybe that figure is an estimation of what she could make if she makes a comeback to her Fancy- and Black Widow-era hits.

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