Watch: Trey Songz Slams ‘The Breakfast Club’…On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Friday 30th Nov 2018 by Sam

Trey Songz made quite the splash this week when he surprise released two new projects – ’11’ and ’28.’

At the time, many received the 10-track sets as albums. However, during a visit to The Breakfast Club today, the R&B star defined them as mixtapes.

Honing in on changing times, the singer stressed that today’s age allows for an overflow of music without the need for context.

Still, fans hoping for a more focussed approach are in luck. Because Trigga went on to add that an album is incoming.

He also opened up about new movie ‘Blood Brothers’ and much more.

Peep the interview below…

Trey did not come across well here at all. His aura felt off and he was hella defensive.

In any case, musically,  we’ve been waiting on Trey for an album and era as consistent as ‘Ready,’ but one that  boasts growth in the way expected from a name with almost 15 years in the game.

Hopefully that’s the album that’s enroute. Because all of the above its well overdue.

The fact it’s taken so long is actually not surprising when hearing him vent here about not listening to critics.

Like, granted we understand some corners of his sentiment, maybe it’s in his best interest to listen to those outside of his camp. It’ll definitely help him evolve artistically.

Just saying.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TrinaQueenOfTheSouth November 30, 2018

    I prefer Mario…

    • SMH November 30, 2018

      Same here.

    • Interac November 30, 2018

      ‘Goes like that’ is on repeat

      • Lana Del Fan November 30, 2018

        Yesss. Goes like that is a bop

  2. Hmmm… November 30, 2018

    The breakfast club DOES thrive off of people’s mishaps. He told no lies. Everybody knows that, he just said it to their faces. And Envy and Angela are saying they don’t see why he would think that and then right after, Envy says that when they do talk about positive stuff, people don’t see wanna see that. So… he does see why the show would seem negative. Never mind the fact that they literally have a whole segment devoted to people’s mishaps (donkey of the day)…. Do they have a positive version of that that I just don’t know about?

    • Cbeylive November 30, 2018

      You just proved Envy’s point tho they do talk about positive stuff but all you pay attention to and mentioned is the negative stuff.

      • SMH November 30, 2018

        But the fact remains that the breakfast club thrives & focuses daily on negativity, with positivity as an afterthought or a footnote. There is nothing “positive” about the breakfast club or its ignorant hosts. That was Trey’s point.

      • Hmmm… November 30, 2018

        @CBeyLive ???? No…. I didn’t. Talking about positive topics doesn’t make it a positive show. Like I said, they have segments SPECIFICALLY designed to emphasize negativity. I haven’t seen them do the same for positivity. They regularly promote negativity, controversy, and they habitually encourage their guests to do the talk unpack their drama. A lot of the times it’s actually the guest artists who have to tell the hosts they don’t want to talk about it and redirect the conversations to talking about their professional projects. So Envy and Angela can’t play dumb and blame the audience for buying into it because they’re the ones who are simply not being interested in the positive. Believing that the breakfast club doesn’t thrive off of negativity is delusional and hilarious.

    • Cbeylive November 30, 2018

      It’s media if all they talked about was positive you’d call them boring if all they talked about was bad stuff you’d call them negative

    • Cbeylive November 30, 2018

      It’s media if all they talked about was positive you’d call them boring if all they talked about was bad stuff you’d call them negative. They talk about news whether positive or negative if you got a problem go look at a website that only reports positive oh wait u dont

      • Hmmm… November 30, 2018

        Lol Are you dense? For what I believe is the fourth time you’re being told this, the show isn’t negative because all they talk about is negativity. It’s negative because they promote and exploit the negativity. Literally nobody said they don’t talk about positive things. You’re talking in circles and nothing you’ve said makes what I said incorrect. You’re essentially just throwing out information that don’t stick to anything. You actually didn’t address anything I said. So… Bye?

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Nashe Music Coming Soon ?) December 2, 2018

      @smh your point? Trey has done stuff for negative stuff for attention to for what he’s selling…

  3. Interac November 30, 2018

    He seemed very defensive about the ‘album/project’ distinction. I’m guessing that it’s because if it flops, he thinks it doesn’t count?

  4. Caleb December 1, 2018

    He looks s*** af

  5. Moti December 1, 2018

    Um WTF? They should not have tried to defend what they do. It’s what they do! It is what it is. Wendy sit her ass on tv and talk s*** about people and she makes no apologies for it. You don’t like it don’t support it. Trey was very bold for trying to tell them people how to do what they do! They didn’t try to tell him how to sing. It was uncalled for.

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