Jay-Z Jabs Kanye West On Meek Mill’s ‘What’s Free’ [Listen]

Published: Friday 30th Nov 2018 by Sam

Jay-Z appears on Meek Mill’s newly released album ‘Championships,’ but  may well be the project’s MVP after his jab at former friend Kanye West went all sorts of viral.

See (and hear) what we mean below…

Jigga features on the track ‘What’s Free’ alongside Rick Ross and seizes the moment to vent about his ‘N***as In Paris’ collaborator.

First, the Tidal titan takes aim at West over his support of Donald Trump. He rapped:

“No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye / They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA / I ain’t one of these house n***as you bought.

He then seems to compare his wife Beyonce to Ye’s Kim Kardashian:

“My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours / My spo—c’mon, man—my route better of course.

Interestingly, the track borrows its title from Notorious B.I.G’s ‘What’s Beef.’


Tensions have been fraught between the rappers in recent years.

West publicly ranted against The Carters at a concert, which in turn saw the power couple distance themselves from him the more.

Then he dramatically left Tidal, embraced Trump, and has been on his own unique wave of late.

Suffice to say, Jay isn’t holding back with his feelings. What’s your take?

Your thoughts?

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  1. DC3 FOREVER November 30, 2018

    FIRE SONG. Dumb post

  2. King of King’s November 30, 2018

    Def wasn’t a jab, was basically saying there’s no beef & stop tryna pit them against each other

  3. 4U2SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Glennis Grace. November 30, 2018

    MARKETING…. nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Hmmm… November 30, 2018

    *looks at all the most recent posts* TGJ, y’all are just thirsting for drama this morning huh.

    • Meme November 30, 2018

      I just wrote something similar. It’s so sad. I search to see if they made a post about any of Meeks music, none. I had to find out about the album from rap up. A real music blog.

  5. Meme November 30, 2018

    Wait so you made a post Jay talking about Beyoncé on Meeks track but never even made a list about Meek dropping this amazing album?

    This blog is horrible. If y’all really want a good, updated music blog that is professional and not ran by a bunch of gossip queens…go to rap up. Thanks to them I stay up to date on real music news.

    • Yeah I said it November 30, 2018

      I couldn’t agree with you more meme.

  6. DanYiel November 30, 2018

    Jay Z is doing unto him as he’s done to him while celebrating being Koonye Kartrashian…??‍♂️

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