Sia Weighs In On Michael Jackson

Published: Wednesday 6th Mar 2019 by David

The brilliant musician Sia appears to have been one of the reported 1.3 million viewers who tuned in to HBO’s ‘Leaving Neverland.’

Today, she has shared her thoughts on the documentary on Twitter…much to the surprise of its subject’s (Michael Jackson) ferociously loyal fans.

Read below…


Her message garnered a mixed bag of responses…

MJ’s estate is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chris March 6, 2019

    stupid ugly b****…

  2. Fast_Persuader March 6, 2019

    Ugh. Bye wig.

  3. WHERE IS SHE March 6, 2019

    NICE JOB, SIA! Brave!

    She is great! All child abusers should be banned. No matter if he was the king of pop once or not. No exception! He was a monster, he almost dropped his own child off a hotel balcony. He was laughing as an evil on the police tapes accused with the child abuse charges. He was definitely a criminal.

    • Lanafan1 March 6, 2019

      No, he was not

    • Helen October 11, 2019

      Much of what was said in Leaving Neverland has been proven false. James story about the train station was proven to be fabricated since land records show it was not built yet. Wade was reprimanded by Judge Beckloff for getting caught more than once lying in depositions. Wade lied when he said he stayed at MJ the first time when his parents went to the Grand Canyon and his mom said under oath he went with them. Too Many proven lies. Wade and Jame appealed their case and want 1.5 billion dollars so Dan Reed lied when he said this was not about money. Wade was not a child when he told the court in 2005 MJ did not touch his privates, kiss him, etc. etc. He changed his story when he didn’t get the job with the Estate then begged for anyone to join him. Wades parents just filed for bankruptcy they need money. Dan Reed refused to allow anyone on that show to refute what these men said which was unethical. What were they afraid of?

      • Helen October 11, 2019

        Sorry it was James parents who filed for bankruptcy not Wades.

  4. ROCK March 6, 2019

    It’s so easy to tear down.Just say the words with the right camera angle and soundtrack and people believe you hook line and sinker.
    What exactly is the purpose of this documentary?therapy?exorcism?I hope mj family wins that case.

    • Meme March 6, 2019

      Agreed. What’s the point? The man is dead.

      The agenda is clear here. And it’s sad.

  5. Uome March 6, 2019

    Let’s face it, at the height of his fame, he could have had a new women everyweek.. But he chose to hang around with little boys. If that doesn’t make you somethings wrong then… You need to open your eyes.
    If you heard some guy down your street was sleeping with little boys, would you be saying he did that cause he has a kind soul?

    • Lanafan1 March 6, 2019

      The difference is MJ never had a childhood. He had regressed to being a child. The man called himself Peter Pan for godsakes. The man never wanted to grow up.

  6. CHINA March 6, 2019


  7. Anne March 6, 2019

    One for Michael’s maids testified that she saw him showering with one of the accusers. The jury still thought that there was reasonable doubt. But I think he was most likely guilty of sexually abusing some kids. We’ll never know for sure, but it is very disturbing the way the claims are being fully dismissed by some people just because of Michael’s star power and the money that is still being made off of him by many executives. That’s four accusers that we know of and allegedly others were paid off. The HBO special showed part of the deposition of one of the accusers who went to trial and he seemed credible. It also struck me the way the two accusers featured in the HBO special still blame their mothers. The documentary addressed the fact that these mothers were star struck and basically enticed into letting their sons be victimized. In no way did the documentary let them off of the hook. People need to wake up to the possibility that Michael Jackson was the world’s greatest entertainer AND a monster all at the same time.

    • eric March 6, 2019

      The maid who admitted in 1994 to lying under oath about her claims?

      • Anne March 6, 2019

        I can’t find any information about the maid recanting. As a matter of fact she stated that she has never wavered and would be willing to testify again regarding what she witnessed.

      • Anne March 7, 2019

        Believe what you want but it seems to me that many people were being pressured and/or paid to lie, keep secrets, and take back any past statements made against Michael. Bottom line is any reasonable person would at least admit that Michael’s behavior was suspicious and that unless you were there, you cannot 100 percent vouch for his innocence. Only star struck, crazed fans would attempt to do so. Although I admit that I can’t 100 percent assume his guilt either, there is no amount of money that would have caused me to ever leave a child of mine alone in his presence. No responsible parent would do so considering his behavior alone, on top of the claims against him.

  8. eric March 6, 2019

    The only evidence and factual information that exists is in support of Michael’s innocence. People get excited about the idea of a massively popular figure crumbling, and they create their own truth to see that happen. That’s what people in the media did throughout Michael’s life. You’re not standing up for truth and justice supporting two proven liars.

    • Cruz March 6, 2019

      Watch the documentary. You think Wade Robson would be making this sh*t up? For what, money? No way.

      • Gregg March 6, 2019

        Grow up, money is always at the root of everything…. I just don’t believe the dude…you were a supporter right up until he died and then all of a sudden had an epiphany that he touched you once he wasn’t here to defend himself….im not buying it.

      • truthteller March 6, 2019

        The same Wade Robson who only started saying he was abused after he failed to land a lucrative job working on a Michael Jackson show

      • Caleb March 6, 2019

        You don’t know he is telling the truth either.

      • sam December 23, 2020

        hmm let see he didn’t get into the shows related to mj and didn’t get into the private close family/friend ceremony when mike died and he said he got hurt by that and after that he cheated on Michael Jackson niece with Britney Spears and she cheated on Justin Timberlake and sold Michael Jackson bad gloves and more and he came out on 2013 and then James on 2014? kinda fishy so as their story, I get that trauma can cause you to forget the timeline but come on man u mess up so bad so as asking for 1 BILLION saying its not for the money…yea sure and then the mother changing the story too??? on the Grand Canyon story not to mention he went to that trip remember they recorded him in 2013 stating what he did and when so as the mother lying under oath saying that he touched him the first time when they left him alone and then changing it to their family was there um….which one is it.

  9. Banks no tyra March 6, 2019

    F u c k Michael and janet, let’s have her vegas show canceled, drawing up a petition now

  10. tykk March 7, 2019

    She is right,Michael abused children and that’s it,she supporting victims like everyone should do till they are proven otherwise

    • Kizzy March 8, 2019

      Where is the evidence? The first accuser admitted to lying. The second accusation led to an acquittal for lack of evidence that abuse occurred. Also the 3rd accuser who was the 2nd accuser’s little brother recanted allegations of abuse because their were details that didn’t match up. Also the only reason this went to trial is because the family wanted a settlement and Jackson refused. Wade Robson who testified in defense of Michael was turned down as director for the MJ show in Vegas and only then did he remember the alleged abuse. He went on to sue the estate for 1.5 billion and it was thrown out for lack of evidence and credibility of the accuser. Both Robson and Safechuck are washed up has beens looking for a pay day. Hundreds of children have been reached out to and interviewed and they all say Michael never abused them. The FBI investigated MJ for 10 years without his knowledge and found no incriminating evidence. His Neverland home was raided and no evidence that he was a p***. These are lies for money.

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