Usher Continues To Tease ‘Confessions 2’ Album; Teams With Teyana Taylor

Published: Sunday 31st Mar 2019 by Sam

As reported earlier this week, all signs point to Usher piecing together ‘Confessions 2’ –  the sequel to his diamond-selling 2004 opus.

Hotly anticipated, the project is shaping up see to the singer sound off on a number of pressing topics; several of which have kept him a fixture in the headlines.

An official announcement about the LP is still pending, but that hasn’t stopped the tease-fest.

See (and hear) what we mean below…

Both Ush and longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri have been drip-feeding previews of the new material on social media. All of which have been tellingly hashtagged #C2.

Check out the latest…

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“Two half people together does not equate to a whole cup” @usher #C2

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burning the midnight oil @usher #C2

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Also shared was a studio session with R&B siren Teyana Taylor

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Trust #C2

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Time will tell if ‘Confessions 2’ holds as the album’s name (or functions more as a working title), but whatever the case we’re buzzed for what Ush is about to drop.

Much of what we’ve heard thus far is already leaps and bounds better that what was found on the contextless ‘A’ mixtape unleashed last October. So, things are already off to a great start.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Letmetruthnu March 31, 2019

    I can’t wait !!!! This is the smartest way to go about it all wow this is gonna go up !!! User is like a male Beyoncé (key word )=Like

  2. Clarkson March 31, 2019

    Girl, keep your h*****, nobody wants that stuff.
    His sound is outdated. He can’t keep up with the young rnb boys of today. Nobody dances anymore in their videos except maybe beyonce.

    • Tyana Jones March 31, 2019

      Like Chris Brown?

    • Tyana October 18, 2019

      The one he sellout usher 15 years later?

  3. Tyana Jones March 31, 2019

    Usher is desperate.

  4. Gee March 31, 2019

    Usher should take his time and make the best album possible. Hopefully he can get his mojo back and show these R&B guys he is still a force who sets the trend and not follow them.

  5. Tino March 31, 2019

    The Usher hate is REAL and will remain until he dies. Then everyone will swear they love him. Just like ignorant ass black people did Michael and Whittney for yrs SMH

    • Tyana Jones April 2, 2019


    • Tyana Jones May 25, 2019

      Not really that is Chris Brown get real hate since 09 he got sign his own master’s now will remain unilt he dies.

  6. i hate whytte bitchess,, blcck , blacck men and whyyte men April 1, 2019

    i hope the conefession2 is not he is gay ……you have another son usher ? where his son he is the only one who has black kids, they are too cute

    • i hate whytte bitchess,, blcck , blacck men and whyyte men April 1, 2019

      why did nt he get back with his wife?

      dame usher you dumped you mom and yur wife, ok hunnny okok

  7. THA Creative April 2, 2019

    Go in and let have bish!!…get these heaux’s together and show them that these new younger R&B dudes were spat out by you…!!!!

  8. AB April 5, 2019

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  9. Tyana Jones May 25, 2019

    Now the buzz is dying down.

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