Cardi B Quizzed On Nicki Minaj Collaboration Plans / Serenaded By Eric Bellinger

Published: Sunday 14th Apr 2019 by David

Before partying with her pal Iggy Azalea at the Swisher Awards, Cardi B spent some time on the event’s red carpet talking music, touring and more with reporters.

What happened when one of them quizzed her on Nicki Minaj?

Watch below…

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The ladies already share a tune (see ‘‘Motorsport’), but have never taken to the stage together as a result of what some have called a one-sided feud.

Later on, the R&B wordsmith Eric Bellinger serenaded the Pop princess with a rendition of her single ‘Please Me.’


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Congrats to @iamcardib on her @swishersweets spark award last night! Had to hit a note for the Queen… ? ??? Drop some ?’s in the comments if you here for a EAZY x BARDI Collab!!! ??

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‘Please’ was recently certified Gold after the sales and streaming figures it generated cruised over the half a million marker!


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  1. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 14, 2019

    Woooooooooo w b****, I’m glad he threw Nicki in your face b****, how the f*** she gonna do a song with you and turn and have beefwith her bitchwow…you laughing like it’s a joke , now to work with her. .. ……….they need to snatch that green trash bag off her head…and Nicki Minaj qwaaaaaaay more attractive than you, and Eric Ballinger whoever, he a dumb mutha fuckr,,,,,, why the fck he si nging to her he played himself..fck him too

    • q April 14, 2019

      B**** shut the f*** up!!…Wit yo goofy ass!!..I Don’t blame Cardi, I wouldn’t speak on that trash-ass-Fake-ol hatin’ ass b**** either!!…Especially when Cardi is running the charts and yo bum ass wanna be “QUEEN” NOT!!…FOH U BUM B****!!…TRASH ASS GARB!!

      • Oh Well April 14, 2019

        That I hate b&w thing is a vile creature from the UK who has nothing better to do with her time but drag people down to her depressing life. Don’t pay it no attention that’s what it lives for.

    • SNF April 14, 2019

      Typical Delusional Barb. You crazies are definitely a Hate Group lol

  2. NickiGarbajisCancelled April 14, 2019

    Nicki Garbaj is such a slave to the industry and her fanbase. Can’t even take a break like other real artists because garbz feel threatened by other female rappers’ success. Y’all gon tear ole girl apart. Keep it up!

  3. Beam Me Up Scotty April 14, 2019

    Nicki Minaj has not done anything, yet you all keep talking about her. It’s ok though because I’m excited about her upcoming single, too, and of course #NM5.

    • NickiGarbajisCancelled April 14, 2019

      Excited about a woman with no narrative spitting the same lyrics and subject matter on LP #5. Barbz will never evolve. ? Y’all don’t even want her to have any life experience or start a family because you’re so fixated on Nicki oversaturating the market. It’s a disgusting addiction really. Your pleasure making her an industry slave 9 years straight?? It’s like she still has something to prove when most artists of Nicki’s tenure are already established to not worry about competition.

  4. DB April 14, 2019

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  5. Big Ups To Cardi April 14, 2019


    Cardi low key savage… gotta love her!

    Poor nicki stans… delusional af if you thought she was gonna say anything positive.

    You know what they say if you ain’t got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all ?

    • Fancy BISH April 14, 2019

      lmao ? #Cardi

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