Ella Mai Mocks Jacquees Following Drake Performance

Published: Wednesday 10th Apr 2019 by David

Ella Mai is laughing.

At who? Her nemesis Jacquees.

Find out why below…

The R&B stars have been feuding ever since Jacquees attempted to sell his cover of her smash hit tune ‘Trip’…without her permission.

Unfortunately, this has seen his own material eclipsed by his cover of Ella’s track…so much so that he was forced to perform it when he asked to join Drake on stage in the United Kingdom hours ago.



Eaux neaux!

Here’s why Mai is opposed to his use of her tune.


The performer Dreezy, who appears to be a Jacquees fan, criticised Ella’s jab.



Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson April 10, 2019

    Damn can they leave this girl and her song alone. She is a Grammy winner tho something nicki can never be.

  2. Jackx April 10, 2019

    Have several seats drezzy, your at one hit wonder at best. You and Jacquees will never be anybody!!

  3. Meme April 10, 2019

    But umm he has multiple songs that are just as popular or more popular than Trip.
    Either way, he needs to let the song go because clearly she doesn’t want him using it, which I understand. But she’s just big mad because people actually liked his version more. I literally would only listen to his version. Some people still don’t even know it’s her song. Lol

    • i ain’t even LYING bOO April 10, 2019

      lol the dillusions..

      • jam April 10, 2019

        for real. I can’t name one song of his…

    • LUCKI April 10, 2019

      Ella Mai is a Grammy award winner with two Billboard top 20 hits. So how is that possible when Jacquees has neither??

  4. i ain’t even LYING bOO April 10, 2019

    but i don’t know Jacuees either so, who is telling the truth here? and dreezy need to humble her own damn self down. just cuz she got the most UNWARRANTED INTRO BY TIMBA as the supposed next “Aaliyah” dont make her sht… Honestly, the intro just made me dislike her simple ass from the jump..

    • Interac April 10, 2019

      Wait!! Was that dreezy timb said that about? Or was it TInk?

    • Jackx April 10, 2019

      It was tink.

  5. LUCKI April 10, 2019

    Ella Mai has been quiet during this saga. Most of the beef was between Jacquees and DJ Mustard. I understand how FRUSTRATING it could be as an artist, to watch another SIGNED artist ride your wave. The ORIGINAL version of Trip had just entered the BB Top 20 and was making steam, but Jacquees tried to make it all about himself. He even had the nerve to make a video. He has an entire album of his own, yet he can’t let Ella’s song go. Make that make sense………..

  6. Paulo April 10, 2019

    Dreezy tried it but failed miserably… if he hates performing the tune but still had to then Ella is 100% spot on lol

  7. DMA_Moon April 10, 2019

    I haven’t really heard him say anything negative. He’s said he respects DJ Mustard and Ella and hoped to work with them.
    Why is she keeping the beef alive?
    Who cares who covers your song? Whack or not. ?
    Sounds like bullying.

  8. Caleb April 10, 2019

    Ella Mai is even more overrated than Jacquees.

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