Pink Talks New Album, Mary J. Blige Collab That Never Was, & More On TODAY Show

Published: Friday 26th Apr 2019 by Sam

Today’s a big one for Pop rebel Pink.

The superstar singer unleashed her eighth studio album ‘Hurts 2B Human’ and is already seeing the set showered with praise.

With a long list of promotional stops ahead of her, the first in salute of the LP’s release was the TODAY Show. 

A full-circle moment of sorts, the sit-down reunited the singer with Carson Daly – with whom she’s been pally with since their TRL days.

Candid, witty, and raw, the feature saw Pink wax honest about her project, motherhood as a musician, social media, and collaborations she was turned down for – including one with Mary J. Blige. 

Grab a bite + something to sip and dive into the interview after the jump…

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  1. Are you Kidding Me? April 26, 2019

    Why is she still talking about Mary turning her down?

    She came out doing R&B, but said it “Wasn’t her”. Well this pop rock stuff waxes old and MAYBE if she had been doing R&B all this time, I could see why she’d bring it up, as Mary would see that she’s grown as an artist.

    OR maybe didn’t see fit giving a White girl shine, when it’s hard enough to make it as a Black artist in the industry.

    At any rate, she needs to be quiet. Her music is lackluster and redundant.

    • I love Big Black C** April 26, 2019

      If Mary j willing to do a pop or rock song maybe be p!nk will think about it. Putting Mary J in pop rock album and this is disrespectful to P!nk.

      • Are you Kidding Me? April 27, 2019

        I loved Pink’s first album, so her musical direction is disrespectful to me. Her voice is better suited to soulful songs. She used to belt for life. Now she barely adlibs. I love pop, rock, punk, all of it. But I just think her music is very “End of the movie credits trying to be inspirational”. Like she’d been trying to find her version of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and none have clicked with me.

  2. I love Big Black C** April 26, 2019

    Mary J??? Oh no no, u don’t deserve p!nk. Go sing your crispy chicken Burger King song. Lol

  3. Seth April 26, 2019

    Mary J has done 2 Led Zeppelin covers so she has been more than willing to do rock in the past

    • Caleb April 26, 2019

      Not to mention a song with U2 – One

  4. jeeni. April 26, 2019

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  5. Zion April 26, 2019

    Mary is flopping though

  6. Ppppppppjjjjjjjjiiiiiijjjjj April 26, 2019

    What’s going on with the Xtina collaboration

  7. SheriBoo May 1, 2019

    Pink is who she is. She does not need other people to be a success. She can hold her own. The woman has stood the test of time. She can sing any genre, she can dance, she can act and she can fly. She just got her own star on Hollywood. She was directly asked had anyone ever turned her down and she answered the question. Truth is truth. Pink is one of the kindest most humble, always takes up for the Underdog type. Shes perfect and a wonderful Mom to her kids. She is not a one trick pony. Much respect to her and kudos on your new album.

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