Surprise! Beyonce Releases ‘Homecoming: The Live Album’ [Feat. TWO New Songs]

Published: Wednesday 17th Apr 2019 by Sam

Beyonce just unleashed her ‘Homecoming’ Netflix special on the masses and has complimented the production by releasing a companion album on streaming services. All streaming services!

Arriving a year after her history making Coachella set, the project celebrates the journey to the extravaganza and the spectacle itself.

The set includes two bonus tracks – a cover of ‘Before I Let Go’ (which closes the film) and a recorded version of ‘I Been On.’

Re-live BeyChella after the jump!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pedonika April 17, 2019

    Wonder how it will sell now that Boreyonce and Tidal have been exposed

    • King of Kingz April 17, 2019

      Try again h** cuz Beyoncé still goes multi platinum in PURE salees & this is not a normal studio album so ain’t nobody worried bout the sales of it, its for the fans

      • truthtea April 17, 2019

        Well the way y’all hype her a$$ up, she better be selling half a million with this in its first week!

    • CHINA April 17, 2019

      This old lady running out of ideas

  2. #TheTruth April 17, 2019

    Good to finally hear « I been on ».
    The other song is… whatever.

    The new album better be more interesting vocally and musically ?

    • Lana Del Fan April 17, 2019

      The other song is a cover of Before I Let Go by Maze and Franky Beverly. It’s not an original.

  3. Jasmine1999 April 17, 2019

    Yeeesssss this is for fans of Beyoncé I’m just hear to gloat and see the haters seething.

    • Jasmine April 17, 2019

      Yes Haters can keep seething and staying mad. Bey came to slay!

  4. Unnatural April 17, 2019

    Yeah the live album is def for the stans. It wldve been to release the OTR2 concert version with her remixed Jay tracks. Either way I’m not spending money on it if you can just watch it on netflix. It all seems pretty stale at this point.

  5. Drizzy April 17, 2019

    nice album

  6. Teon April 17, 2019

    Yes beyonce is the real GOAT that remix to before I let go. Go head beyonce.
    She could’ve kept I been on tbh I already know the words to that.
    I hope the new album has dancing come on Bey that’s all I want
    Bday part 2

  7. Gee April 17, 2019

    It not really a surprise but we can play along. I am sure Team Beyonce already had this in motion when it was decided that homecoming was going to be released. But respect to Beyonce’s hustle.

    • Jeans April 17, 2019


      • Jeans April 17, 2019

        This album was not all LIVE! Beyonce pls. And I’m a fan but let’s not. We all know some of it was lipped.

      • CHINA April 17, 2019

        Girl. BEYONCE Has been LIPPING to live “SOUNDING” tracks for years. Her stans believe she is SUPERHUMAN but she’s a gimmack

    • Jasmine1999 April 17, 2019


  8. Ty April 17, 2019

    Great but I just want her and Rihanna to release new music this year ✌️?

  9. Karter April 17, 2019

    ❤❤?? I’m loving the “Before I Let Go” cover/remix!!

  10. UK April 17, 2019

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  11. Meme April 17, 2019

    I’m confused. How is I’ve been on new? Wasn’t that on an album? I know the song word for word. And it doesn’t sound any different.

    • B2B April 17, 2019

      You’re thinking about Flawless which contains elements on Bow down. However this track was teased 6 years ago. I think that says a lot that you remembered it. I prefer it over Bow down, both awesome htown tracks. Love that I can finally get it on tidal and not YouTube ??????

  12. Liam April 17, 2019

    I’m here for I Been On only….thanks Bey I wanted this song for years lol

  13. #TheTruth April 17, 2019

    So this Netflix movie isn’t exactly what I thought it would be…
    I thought it was going to focus in depth behind the scenes : castings, rehearsals, creating the costumes etc.
    I would have enjoyed that even more. It would have been nice to release that as well, instead of little skits here and there throughout the concert.

    • Jeans April 17, 2019

      What? Please let me know more of what it’s like cuz I been hesitating pressing “play” on Netflix” ?

      • #TheTruth April 17, 2019

        It is the full concert with little segments throughout the show showing some of the rehearsals with Bee commenting. But it’s just tiny skits, nothing detailled. Filmed old school style with a grainy picture in 4:3 format. The show itself is 16:9 HD, some black and white and 4:3 changes here and there but mostly 16:9 clear HD ratio.

    • Keith April 17, 2019

      @#TheTruth: I FELT THE SAME WAY. I admire her work ethic but I wanted more behind the scenes WITH THE NAT SOUND, not voiceovers and quick cuts.

  14. gina April 17, 2019


  15. Dc April 17, 2019


    • Jasmine1999 April 17, 2019

      Seethe! THIS OS FOR FANS WHAT IS IT THAT YALL DONT GET. Go see what you’re fav is doing.

  16. Beyoncé April 17, 2019

    No one cares. Beyoncé is money hungry.

  17. Ro Webb III = NieObiee April 17, 2019

    All of these songs with the exception of 2 are OLD AF. Ayeeeeeeeee Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Beyonce! Take a break and learn to be a TRUE ORIGINAL ARTIST LIKE YOUR SISTER Solange! She’s an original non-duplicating ‘ARTIST.’

  18. Bravo April 17, 2019

    For all you f***** haters who hate on the iconic queen who will be legendary living in her legendary truth now, she the gretatset entertainer of this generation…. let her live and the world live in her moment. Always remember every great entertainer has had their moment. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Beatles have all had their moment. Please don’t bring in no other female artist who wants to be Beyoncé because 9/10 they want to be her or look up too her. Love yourself haters!

    p.s? My love is Mary J Blige and both of these lady’s are destined for destiny??

  19. Gamma Phi Gamma April 18, 2019

    Our most cherished Gamma Ray! Sheeeeee’s she’s so fiiiiine…Gamma Queeeeeeeen……

  20. Hamza April 19, 2019

    I love Beyonce I want to know what happen with new album

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