Beyonce & Kelly Rowland Spotted At Janet Jackson’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Las Vegas Residency

Published: Sunday 26th May 2019 by Sam

Janet Jackson kicked off her ‘Metamorphosis’ Las Vegas residency to rave reviews last week and the show is already proving a magnet to some of music’s biggest names.

Case in point Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. 

The Destiny’s Child sisters were in the house at the Park Theater last night to see Ms. Jackson rocked the house.

By no means passive, the lifelong fans turned all the way up to bops such as ‘Nasty’ and ‘Rhythm Nation.’

Check ’em out after the jump…


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  1. lucy fur May 26, 2019

    three to steal ideas as always

  2. Michael Bosket May 26, 2019

    Beyonce and Kelly know who the queen is

  3. I hate blaccck n whyte May 26, 2019

    Riiiight, cuz both them bitchezz know they are not icons, legendary, the voice like Whitney Houston, Beyonce act like she never listened to Whitney, she jealous Whitney is prettier and can sing better, and loved more… oh she love Janet, Tina, never Whitney…b**** found out she can’t hit them notes like Whitney…..

    • Bey and Rih lives May 26, 2019

      No she didn’t Beyonce sometimes perform part of Whitney songs on tour. Sit down ?

      • Chaotic May 27, 2019

        Lmfao! Whitney couldn’t even hit her own notes live. She either shortened the note or sang it in a lower key. #GirlBye

      • CHINA May 28, 2019

        @chaotic. STFU Whitney houston is the Greatest Love vocalist of all time IN HER PRIME. Receipts: GREATEST LOVE OF ALL arista 25. Name one Vocalist that could hit that bridge like whitney—–NO ONE.

    • Raphael May 28, 2019

      And was a drug abuser who is dead. You’re such a hater and a unhappy person.

      • craycray May 28, 2019

        and yet she still is supiour dead than your lil phony who steals and jacks everything from the greats. when beyodel comes out with something original..then holla back hivehasbeen

  4. Fun Fan Of Everything May 26, 2019

    Beyonce there to steal ideas from Janet I been seen through her plans she did the same when she went to Janet Unbreakable Tour.

  5. Happy Fan May 26, 2019

    Beyonce came to steal from the legend I see

  6. eric May 26, 2019

    Still taking notes from the best.

  7. Brent Christopher May 26, 2019

    to “borrow” staging & choreography ideas.. im sure!!

  8. Oh plz May 26, 2019

    Queen B and company always supporting other sistas. ✊?????

  9. Fancy BISH May 26, 2019

    This was cool to see! ?? All the 80’s babies know that Janet is MUVA lol

  10. Jj May 26, 2019

    I think Beyoncé see her future that it can be done on that level at 53 she sees her possibilities cause janet did it first ain’t no star at that age performing like that not even Tina danced like Janet

  11. Not David But DA’VEED May 26, 2019

    They should bring Michelle to these things. It kinda feels like somebody is being left out.

    • Moti25 May 26, 2019

      Michelle lives in a whole nother state

      • Fancy BISH May 26, 2019

        All Michelle gotta do is go straight to the airport *Beyonce voice* ✈️ ?

    • INAMAD May 26, 2019

      Although i have yet to see a picture, I’ve seen on other sites that all 3 of them were in attendance!!

    • Boytoy1814 May 28, 2019

      Michelle’s in Rehab

  12. Fancy BISH May 26, 2019

    I have no doubt in my mind that Beyonce will have a HUGE 25-35 million selling album at some point! It’s gonna happen! She’s way too popular around the world for it not to ?? Come through Yonce ??

    • Steve May 26, 2019

      LOL. That will only happen if she assembles her girls and add LeToya to mix, make a surprise badass video and audio album and go on a world wide tour.

      • Fancy BISH May 26, 2019

        lol, well she can do it like Purple Rain ☔️ It was Prince & The Revolution..Bey can make a new name for a band that also includes the members of Destiny’s Child on vocals, find her a male Apollonia, make a movie loosely based on her real life, get on that motorcycle and sell 30 million ? ?

    • Jasmine May 27, 2019

      Sorry Fancy I usually ALWAYS ALWAYS agree with your comments but I don’t see a huge 25 to 35 million selling album for Beyonce. The current generation has DESTROYED any possibility of that because gone are the days when stars could become as big a star as Michael, Madonna, or Janet. Half the people in the audience think they are celebrities too which is why they are posting their presence at concerts on insta as if it is a celebrity outing. They also do not spend money on music. Because of these factors (and more) record labels do not invest in the best songwriters, producers, etc for their artists so artists are left with making mediocre albums instead of albums on the level of Thriller. The only artist right now I could see one day selling about half what Thriller sold is Bruno Mars and he only got 5 more years left to do it before it is too late to achieve that.

      • Fancy BISH May 27, 2019

        “Half the people in the audience think they are celebrities too..” -Jasmine
        Lmao ? I hear you chile, I’m just an optimist! I believe in the right SONGS..what I hear coming out DEM speakers lol ? I just think about the songs Beyonce hasn’t sung, the videos she hasn’t done, stages she hasn’t slayed…and I can’t help but think damn if she found the right 9 or 10 songs, and I mean search the music CATALOGS too like Whitney, Tina and Michael’s teams did, she could connect in a way she hasn’t…the problem today is artists try to write their own songs way too much! They should write maybe five at the most, and find other songs in the catalogs! Like Quincy Jones said, “the right song can make a star ⭐️ out of the worst singer in the world and even Sinatra or Aretha can’t save a bad song! Each song on an album should have its own thing…” ? Quincy listened to 800 songs from the CATALOGS for Thriller! Michael wrote 4 songs.

    • ??? May 27, 2019

      Lmaoooo gurl please, bishhh just flopped with 14k sales, she will NE-VER see an album hit even 5 million sales anymore, 25-35 million? Lmfaooooo chile you must be drinking that Flint Michigan water lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • Fancy BISH May 27, 2019

        lmao, chile you must be drinking a 40 oz when you visit TGJ ?

      • Oge45 June 2, 2019

        Umm Beyoncé doesn’t use promotion anymore so her record sales will definitely be lower. 2. She doesn’t care about record sales hence the lack of promotion. 3. The album you say that flopped is either lemonade or homecoming. These are old albums with old songs. Beyoncé obviously doesn’t expect much from those albums cuz they are old and she only released them upon fans request. So stop acting like it was a brand new album.

  13. Well it is Janet! May 26, 2019

    It’s clear Beyonce has taken notes from almost everyone….none more than Michael and Janet. I’m not a fan of Beyonce, but cannot deny her ability to connect with her fans and revived trademark or signature mousse or choreography and Stage Productions that her predecessors have put forth. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I truly believe Beyonce greatly respects those who came before her so kudos to her for showing support! and what’s really great is that Jana is still doing well and remaining relevant in her 50s. Rocky moments aside she had stayed true to herself and has remained a blueprint to success in this industry. Hate her or love her Janet will remain an icon for generations to come.

  14. Gee May 26, 2019

    Janet is the entertainer Beyoncé and the girls idolized and studied.

    • Boytoy1814 May 28, 2019


  15. ME May 26, 2019

    So Beyonce gots to be copying or stealing ideas, if she goes to see someone she grew up listening to? You people need a life ASAP. Beyonce every since she was in DC, showed Janet love. That doesn’t mean she’s stealing from her. Motivation or inspiration… yes. Adele and others do the same thing to Beyonce. Beyonce career shows no sign modeled after Janet. Ciara and Britney are dead ringers but not Beyonce. Let that woman live. You people claim to hate her so much, but be the first person in her news feed, and looking for news on her daily. Beyonce is one of the greatest performers of all time, she’s definitely not worried about anyone else’s career.

    • Chas May 26, 2019


      • ??? May 27, 2019

        Lmfaooooo the lies you tell, everything roach does is ripped straight out of the Janet Jackson playbook. And the only ones who thinks she’s one of the greatest of all time are you delusional roaches lmfaooooo ? ?

  16. Keith May 26, 2019

    Now all we need is an official photo of the three of them…glad Beyonce and Kelly enjoyed the show. As long as all three ladies are living, there are things that can be learned from each of their experiences.

    • Charity Van Tassel June 5, 2019

      Kelly took a photo with Janet but beydel was no where in sight. shady pines bytch. (in my Prince voice)

  17. QueenJanet May 27, 2019

    Im so glad to read this article
    We all know that Janet is a legend an icon
    She paved the way for both of them
    Janet inspired and show them how to put a good show
    Beyonce respect and looks up to her
    Kelly respect and looks up to her

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