Katy Perry To Release New Single ‘Never Really Over’…This Week!

Published: Wednesday 29th May 2019 by Rashad

 Surprise! Much to the delight of her faithful #KatyCats, Pop singer Katy Perry’s ready to claw her way back to the top.

Beyond catching her weekly on ‘American Idol,’ now – after wrapping filming on the reality talent competition – the 34-year-old’s sprung news on fans that she’s headed back to the studio to wrap up work on her yet-titled sixth studio album (the follow-up to 2017’s chart-topping ‘Witness’).

Not even 8 months after announcing she was taking an extended break from music to focus on other ventures (see: shoe line, ‘Idol,’ family, etc.), she’s announced the release of a new single, ‘Never Really Over.’

Details below…

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5.31.19 Pre-save in bio. #NeverReallyOver 🧡

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With the surprise post above, Perry’s revealed her new single is due this Friday (May 31st).

As of time of report, the singer’s opted to remain mum on details surrounding the tune (i.e. producer, accompanying music video, parent album or EP, etc.).

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for more info ‘Never’ as we near its release.

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  1. Justme May 29, 2019

    Yaasssss ready for some new Katy.. now Rihanna needs to hurry up.

  2. Goodie May 29, 2019

    Here’s the thing with Katy Perry, she does a lot of talk but never delivers what she said she finna deliver. The last album she claimed would be more “serious” hence the song ‘Chained to the rhythm’, which was a cute bop that did what it was supposed to do. But then everything released after it was an absolute mess and definitely didn’t go with the chained to the rythm theme, especially that Bon appetit mess. Bon appetit was the end of an era for Katy Perry. Then trying to clown T. Swift with Swish Swish was weak af. I dunno, I do check for Katy but she has a lot to prove now. The witness album really sank her musically to be honest. Just like QUEEN being Queen Nicki’s trash album, so was Witness for Katy. Idk, let’s see if this will dominate the charts like ‘Teenage Dream’ or flop like ‘Witness’ (yet to be certified even silver lol). I love you Katy but you better STFU and werk b!

    • 2bad2bme May 29, 2019

      I just dropped my glasses searching for the lie but couldn’t find it lol

    • Urg May 29, 2019

      I agree with u except for one thing: u cant compare Katy Perry ‘Witness’ to Nicki Minaj ‘Queen’. At lease ‘Queen’ is certified platinum while ‘Witness’ has yet to be certified. Other than that u are on point.

      • Goodie May 29, 2019

        Ok, you gotta point. Witness was her Tamar ‘Blue bird of happiness’ era lol…..

      • Theman May 29, 2019

        Katy’s Last album was just certified platinum. And she sold more pure copies than Nicki did.

    • Justme May 29, 2019

      Numbers wise witness didnt do good but money wise it was lucrative for her.. she made $80 million from a “flop era”.. she hopes it flops again

      • Goodie May 29, 2019

        Keep the same energy I guess and we all shall see And no, it wasn’t certified platinum, FACTS. Madonna’s tour do extremely well yet she’s still complaining about how radio won’t play her music and nobody’s buying it. “She hopes it flops again”, I guess. Ain’t nobody releasing their album for it to flop and then be happy about it, so relax.

  3. CHINA May 29, 2019

    Hair Extensions came too late……..it may be a wrap for Katy

    • Jeans May 29, 2019

      I think it is a wrap for Katy, just like it will be a wrap soon for Taylor.

    • Trose May 29, 2019

      Screaming lmao

  4. Clarkson May 29, 2019

    This is her come back. the daddy yankee song she did is climbing up the charts.

    The moment she cut her hair, she ended her career. Glad she’s growing it back

  5. Are you Kidding Me? May 29, 2019

    Let a White woman EVER talk bad about Black people’s beautiful manes EVER again. Rather it be “stiff” as they say then looking diseased and like mangy fur!

    • Are you Kidding Me? May 29, 2019

      than looking diseased*

  6. Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 30, 2019

    No lies – Katy has made some BOPS – although Witness didn’t match the success of previous albums due to the mismatch in what she said she was giving us v‘s what we got, the fact she cut her hair and looked like an angry lesbian boy and the Pop she served wasn’t as formulaic as people usually expect (SwishSwish was lit in a club tho).

    I really hope she is not expecting that SAHARA DRY STATIC CLING wig on her head to convince people she never left and we have fem Katy back – because chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile she need to get a deep moisture and straitening iron up in there STAT ??‍♀️

    • Fancy BISH May 30, 2019

      Sahara dry static cling ? ? ?

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