Ciara Spills On ‘Set’ Video, Being A CEO, Overcoming No’s, & Much More

Published: Wednesday 29th May 2019 by Sam

Ciara may be weeks removed from the release of her seventh album ‘Beauty Marks,’ but she isn’t slowing her promotional efforts.

After launching the LP on the East Coast with a slew of media stops, CiCi is now working the project on the West Coast.

This week she paid a visit to the Zach Sang Show and opened up about many a topic.

The depthy sit-down saw the performer wax honest about the challenges faced in her career and how it led her to launching her own label. She also spilled on being “Ciara Princess Wilson,” and gave a lil insight into her upcoming video for the song ‘Set.’

Head below for a great interview…

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  1. Jackx May 29, 2019

    We want girl gang video though.

    • SMH May 29, 2019

      That would’ve been the smarter choice.

    • The truth always comes to light May 29, 2019

      She’s NOT gonna do it for one main reason! I’m not gonna say why though…

    • facts May 29, 2019

      Honestly, I think the machine behind Beyonce paid outlets, producers, writers like your Dream, Neyo,etc to not work with her to elevate Beyonce because they know Ciara would have had that top spot since Ciara was solo first and had the hits. Everyone knows when an artist has 3 Consecutive hit albums you’re solidified. Also BET blocked her lead single Ride for her new album saying her video was too raunchy. BET is home of ass shaking videos, so I thought that was weird. THe only reason Rihanna was able to get as far as she has is because she has Jay-Z immunity. People really dont understand how dirty the game actually is and the underhanded politics that play a huge role. Ciara is just working with who will work with her. a lot of songs that Rih and these other girls are featured on Ciara def can too.

      • KIB May 30, 2019


  2. Chester May 29, 2019

    I would have preferred a summer video for “Na Na” or a full proper video for “Freak Me”.

  3. King of Kingz May 29, 2019

    ?Ciara deadass should have got future to produce her album again like he did her self titled one cuz that was her best one after goodies, this new album is basic & trash just like Jackie smh she needs to focus on being Mrs. Wilson & a mama

    • Lmfao_Hoe May 29, 2019

      The thing is Ciara isn’t really an “artist” she’s a dancer at best. She has not shown no artistic growth nor musical direction or even shown to be a touring force at her highest peak. I agree too that though we know the history and present relationship with Future he did crack her a great album. Had she released Overdose too smh ??‍♀️ she would’ve been on top with Body Party doing its thing at the time then a video. Ciara I once believed was gonna be up there with Beyoncé and Rihanna in terms of our mordern ladies killing the game yet Cici has fallen short in this aspect of her career to the potential she had or still has.

      • A&R May 29, 2019

        Humm.. prior to this interview I questioned if she had artistry within. And I still do. Well, nah… at first I got artistry confused with creativity. She’s has a base line creativity. She needs to cultivate/ develop the artistry of being a singer/dancer/performer. And I’m not sure that we’ll let give her more chances to do this. She’s seasoned now. Also, her pivot as a CEO during this album costed her. Fact is, the singles she released first were GOOD! Level up, Dose, and Freak Me.. but the time between those releases and the Luke warm music on th album is costing her even more. THRe album wouldn’t seem that bad if she could’ve kept some those first jewels until release date. Also, the promotion strategy minimized the success of her initial singles. To here that she didn’t send Level Up to radio is bananas ? with it being backed by radio that song would’ve did even more damage. Dose was a solid single and plays its part. Freak Me should’ve definitely been released early spring with a full video so it could be a soundtrack for the summer season. Ciara also should’ve pulled a creative move to do visual catalog that introduced this album.

        The idea I have is.. she should’ve hosted an intimate live show that was invite only… included top level fans. Invest in top tier video production to get a dvd worthy video/documentary and then drop the finished product visual album style.. and from there release select supporting traditional music videos for the singles.

        That’s the type of creativity, artistry/ business savvy we want from her.. Now that she’s 10+ years in the game doing this will be hard but anything is possible

    • AJ May 29, 2019


    • SMH May 29, 2019

      So she’s supposed to forget all the disrespect she received from Future just to get a hit?
      Kill yourselves please. This generation doesn’t have the first clue about self respect and self worth, at least Ciara has respect for herself. Your mamas failed you all.

      • Lmfao_Hoe May 29, 2019

        Girl bye I was referring to the time frame back then before s*** hit the fan with the obvious multiple baby mamas ect groupies at the studio and the Riri shade in the tube. Nobody is stating she she should put up with his antics again on a professional or personal level. Ciara should’ve kept that formula he gave instead trying to go Pop with Jackie. Her music has not evolved and people had the audacity to compare her to Janet without atleast a mere catalog to back up more rather than dance wise yet again no game changing choreography from her nor a tour. Her E

  4. Dc May 29, 2019

    Why y’all didn’t post her first week sales ????

  5. Faf May 29, 2019

    Post her song from evolution “can’t leave him alone” was remade by qc artists Layton Greene and City girls ??? she owns the masters

  6. Clarkson May 29, 2019

    Number 83. Girl retire. Atleast u have a number 1 and a Grammy award, 2 things some people (nicki minaj) will never have.

    • Kara May 29, 2019

      Nicki Minaj on your mind that much?? This gots nothing to do with her. This is about Caira and that massive flop Beauty Marks!

    • Caleb May 30, 2019

      Not #83, #87.

  7. Jovan DaCosta June 2, 2019

    Love her voice!

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