New Video: Zayn & Zhavia Ward – ‘A Whole New World’ [‘Aladdin’ Soundtrack]

Published: Thursday 9th May 2019 by Sam

Zayn and Zhavia Ward have teamed up to put a whole new spin on ‘A Whole New World.’

Their offering is lifted from the soundtrack for Disney‘s live-action remake of ‘Aladdin’ (which flies into theaters on May 24th).

The 1992 original version of the song was sung by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle and topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Time will tell if this new incarnation follows-suit. In the meanwhile, check out its newly unwrapped video below…

The production does a stellar job of refreshing a 27 year old song and vocally both Zayn and Zhavia hold their own.

We’re a bit perplexed as to why they don’t share any scenes together. But we’re hearing murmurs of other versions featuring Zayn and other acts. So that may explain that. In any case, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Liam May 9, 2019

    I actually love this…..never heard of this girl before but she sounds good need to check out some of her work! Why isn’t there any scenes from the movie or any of the movie setting background to cross promote the film tho ?

  2. truthtea May 9, 2019

    Can we not and just stick to the original? Thanks!

  3. Dazzy May 9, 2019

    They did good.

  4. oh plz May 9, 2019

    Underwhelming vocals…mediocre at best. Their voices sound digitized, like a computer is singing. Where are the real vocalists?

    • Abel May 9, 2019

      In your aaaaasssszzz

      • Oh plz May 9, 2019

        Maybe you should get your head out of my aasszz, troll.

  5. Jason May 9, 2019

    Zayn and his lazy pronunciation.. ? This just sounds like a computer! Can we get some SINGERS! This is a faint shadow of what the original accomplished with ease. “Vibe” singers need to stay in their lane.

    • Dc May 9, 2019

      Agree sounds lazy singing his verses

  6. Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 9, 2019

    Are we still doing this Zayn thing? ? Like NOBODY can touch the Regina and Pebo version – like – just Staaaaaaap already and pack shelves in K-Mart ??‍♂️

    Chills for days at the execution of the original ☺️ >>

  7. Steve May 9, 2019

    First Beauty and the Beast now this. Like where are the vocalist with the vocals?! If they can’t top it they should leave it be. The good thing about the remakes that were done in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000 is that they topped the originals but these days they keep you wanting more. The lack of spark or wow moment is non existent.

  8. Aladdin!!!!!! May 9, 2019

    YAAAAS! That melody is perfection. Zayn was perfect, she could of been better. But Zayn did that!!!! Zayn and Ariana Grande would of been perfect! But I will still stream this one!

  9. Dc May 9, 2019


  10. Danny Bey May 9, 2019

    This had so much potential to be something spectacular. I mean of course it wouldve been impossible to replicate Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle’s stellar version, but this one really fell flat. I dont hate it, but I dont love it. Its just blah. I wouldve loved Ariana on this is we wanted it to be really contemporary and a bit exciting. Ideally someone like Luke James and Ariana or Tori Kelly. But alas it is what it is. I guess now Im just banking on The Lion King’s soundtrack which I know will slay since Beyonce and Elton John are involved.

  11. Erica May 9, 2019

    Dude fit the song but the girl voice is to deep

  12. Are you Kidding Me? May 9, 2019

    They even whitewashed a Whole New World. If Zayn wasn’t famous, would you know he was Middle Eastern? Smh They do this with Native Americans, South Asians, Indians, smh They pick the multiracial ones to represent the whole race.

  13. Xtina4life May 9, 2019

    Becky g & zayn have a version 2 out by the way the grape juice

  14. Jackx May 9, 2019

    Zayn and Zendaya would have been better.

  15. ERIC May 9, 2019

    The video and music is everything it should be, but the vocals sound dry and uninspired, especially when compared to Peabo and Regina. I want to hear a different version like Disney did with Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel for Frozen.

  16. Adina… Adina… Say Adina May 10, 2019


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