BET Awards 2019: Fantasia, Meek Mill, & More Join Performer Line-Up

Published: Friday 21st Jun 2019 by Sam

The 2019 BET Awards are around the corner and promise to be an unmissable watch. Now even more so that organizers have added new performers to the stacked bill.

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In a fresh announcement, it was revealed that Fantasia, Meek Mill, DaBaby, Jeremih, Kirk Franklin, Erica Campbell, Kelly Price and Jonathan McReynolds will be taking to the stage at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday night.

They join previously confirmed performers Cardi B, Migos, Lil Nas X, Lil Baby, H.E.R, Lizzo, and DJ Khaled – who will be honoring Nipsey Hussle alongside John Legend. 

The 2019 BET Awards airs live June 23rd at 8pm ET. It’ll be simulcast across multiple channels including BET, MTV, and VH1.

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  1. Pedonika June 21, 2019

    Sounds like a flop show to me

    • TEAM TASIA June 21, 2019

      JUST because u dont see the pop tart demons Beyonce and Nicki and Rihanna doesnt not mean its a flop show

  2. I hate blaccck n whyte June 21, 2019

    They need to bring back the source award..when they kept it real and the artists were rumbling.

  3. Dc June 21, 2019

    Fantasia better do Mary tribute

    • Bam June 21, 2019

      I’d rather her not. She needs to be able to promote her own song and I hope she gets the chance.

    • Music Lover June 21, 2019

      Fantasia will be performing her new single “Enough”

  4. Brent Christopher June 21, 2019

    this chicken head, hood rat lineup is NOT it!

    where are the quality black artists whose music, persona & likeness offer a balanced representation of our community.

    I see maybe 4-5 names who are worth the spotlight … and that’s still being KIND.

    • Keith June 21, 2019

      @BrentChristopher: I might tend to agree with you. With the exception of HER, Lizzo, MaryJ, and Tasia not much there to speak to the idea of Black excellence (let alone diversity) in music, but imma watch the shenanigans regardless LOL…

    • Music Lover June 21, 2019

      Jhud somewhere studying her part in the Aretha movie which is obviously the only thing ppl want from her is her acting skills b/c the woman can’t sell a album for s***! Fanny has sold more charted more defintely toured more and sings 10xs better then Jhud dont believe me go look on youtube how tasia shut Jhud down in Atl during “im his only woman” that is why Jhud aint there because we want to be entertained by VOCALS NOT ACTING!

      • Boss Up June 21, 2019

        ???You sound delusional…Fantasia singing better than THE ACADEMY/GRAMMY AWARD WINNING JENNIFER HUDSON?!? Hell no…JHud is one of the MOST sought after vocalists in the INDUSTRY!(which is why she’s all over in EVERY arena)Fantasia just started getting a little limelight after that God awful last album she released. She had no choice but to go Independent. She’s talented and gifted(screechy and extra at times) However she’s learning to contain herself. Good luck Adulterer I mean Fantasia ☺️

  5. Banks no tyra June 21, 2019

    Why is fantasia performing, where is Jennifer Hudson

    • Monica’s Dove June 21, 2019

      At least Fantasia has a new single to perform. No one wants to hear Jennifer Hudson hollering tributes.

      • Dee June 21, 2019

        Exactly Jennifer Hudson is so boring and dull

    • Dee June 21, 2019

      Effie was left at dream girls studio goodbye

    • Boss Up June 21, 2019

      Jennifer Hudson is elsewhere getting prepared for a busy Fall with TWO films set to premiere and in constant studio sessions with REAL ACCLAIMED songwriters and producers. She’s booked and busy busy BUSY.

      • Music Lover June 22, 2019

        Let me know when she sell out a tour…or get a hit everything she been putting out been a flop! Nobody checking for Jhud!

    • Lara June 22, 2019

      Fantasia is performing because someone at BET has realised that there is still a market for phenomenal performers who can actually carry a song and provide an electrifying performance without having to lipsynch or have a troupe of back up dancers . I’m sure when you see the performance you’ll get the message .

      • Boss Up June 23, 2019

        Nope…I’m not tuning in for these D List EBT performances. I’ll wait for The Grammy’s. As I said before, The Adulterer I mean Fantasia is gifted but not my cup of tea. Too extra. This isn’t church ??‍♂️?? I’d probably enjoy a jazz performance from her where she is contained.

      • Boss Up June 23, 2019

        Well why did they wait so long to invite her to perform?!? She’s released at least 5 albums ? JHud has opened the show, won a BET Award, performed her OWN music there, AND who can forget her ICONIC,UNTOUCHABLE tribute to Prince…proof is in the pudding ??‍♂️

  6. Bam June 21, 2019

    Where is Normani?….

  7. tika June 21, 2019

    Looks like a good Show!

  8. 2bad2bme June 21, 2019

    These performers are giving me pre-show vibes. This award show get worse and worse by the year.

  9. I hate blaccck n whyte June 21, 2019

    All the party said was best rap female right now is Nicki Minaj or Kash Doll f*** them other bitchezzz I swear to God

  10. Celene June 21, 2019

    Where is Normani or Ciara. Looks like a snooze.

  11. Music Lover June 21, 2019

    Adding Fantasia was the best idea BET could have made! I think these networks who host the award shows get that we are tired of seeing the same handful of people perform! Tasia is going to slay! And Da baby!

    • Boss Up June 22, 2019

      ???”Flop” huh? Oh just like the Adulterer’s last couple of mess of albums and current stale single?!? I haven’t even heard it on the radio…has it even entered Billboard Hot 100?!?(probably NOT) Jennifer is nowhere near a “flop.” Anytime you can STAY RELEVANT and PRESENT without any new material out…you’re legit. She’s SOUGHT after. The Industry adores her. Fantasia who?’!? The poor ppl in Toronto Canada didn’t even know who the hell she was ????Sad but true. I am glad she has finally learned to talk effectively and read(somewhat ?) though. She clearly can’t afford a REAL stylist with off the runway looks, but that’s ok her boutique looks have been working pushing through lately. Rest that voice before you get to screaming.

    • Boss Up June 22, 2019

      Yuup…exactly what Fantasia needs;A BET Awards performance??????Probably the only awards show slot she will book for another 5 years ???

      • Lara June 22, 2019

        Boss up , I will eat my f*****’ hat if you’re not there watching Fantasia’s performance and aren’t back on on here talkin’ s*** no matter how awesome she does

    • Croft June 22, 2019

      Fantasia always slays , and she gets to sing her own song so expect extra savage slayage !!

  12. Jason June 21, 2019

    Yea, there’s no real draw here…. I’m still gonna turn it on, but it’s looking pretty blah!

  13. Danny Bey June 21, 2019

    Why is Ciara not performing? Girl lol

  14. Boss Up June 21, 2019

    D-List Lineup ??????I’ll pass

  15. dfdfd June 21, 2019

    finally some real talent people get tired of seeing Beyonce and Nicki and rihanna

  16. TEAM TASIA June 21, 2019

    finally BET invites the best which is the queen of rocksoul FANTASIA

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