New Song: Chris Brown & Drake – ‘No Guidance’

Published: Saturday 8th Jun 2019 by Sam

Chris Brown has assembled an all-star list of names for new album ‘Indigo’ – including former foe Drake. 

The pair join forces for ‘No Guidance.’

An early contender for song of the summer, the melodic jam seems tailor-made for radio and looks set to gift both stars their next big hit.

What are you waiting for? Take a listen below…

A bodacious bop!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Madame X Leaked!!!!! June 8, 2019

    Sick and tired with autotunes

    • Robert Price June 8, 2019

      Who cares about Oldonna. Those stupid grills, and the patch over her eye.. she was sitting on the floor, and the dancers were dragging her around like a wet dishrag…like, eww!

      • Lil Jay June 8, 2019


    • Take Your Gay Cumdump A*** Somewhere Else June 8, 2019

      At this stage of my life mid 90’s I long for the Lord to make all things right, and of course long for His return in the Rapture. God in Islam or Christia truly is amazing as to what He has put up with for 1000s of years from us human beings – in the end no matter what anyone may think for all Eternity god’s love and holiness and purity will be seen and known as absolute truth! Madonna is old and irrelevant. Madonna has been doing satanic things since the late eighties. In the video clip “Like a Prayer” which was released in 1989, you see burning crosses, a sign of witchcraft/satanism. Is hard to comprehend that anyone would hold Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Bieber, Kanye, Miley, Katy, Britney, even Ariana, Adele and Ed Sheeran in any high regard is so repulsive, it horrifies my soul. Dear dear dear people of the world ETERNITY really is a long long long time. There are so many in the Hollywood crowd who are totally given over to their god – lucifer. Protect and educate your kids and families.

    • Ebony June 8, 2019

      I will never pay for this. Music is dead. I love male singers but since Michael Jackson/ Luther /Prince died so did the music and excitement. Mike was the music… Miss those days! 😥😥😥

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019

      A MISSED opportunity drowned by staying limited to what is “current” music right now. This lackluster song will SURELY blow up on the charts and get lots of streams and play from curiosity and standom. Too bad they stayed complacent instead of putting out a song that pushes the envelope. Drake should be rapping and Chris should be channeling some old school rnb sound and that would be a solid hit! This is the kind of soulless music that takes not thought or energy or emotion to listen to or make!

  2. Veronica June 8, 2019

    Better than Madonna’s insipid Grandma X!

  3. Gee June 8, 2019

    honestly Drake has been doing the same thing for ten years now and everyone continues to ride the wave yet when it comes to the women in the music industry the masses come down so hard on them about growth. Chris music has not evolved either since God knows when. This is nothing but I see radio eating this up just because it is Drake and CB. There will definitely be a entire project and massive tour to follow mark my words.

    • ErikaLee June 8, 2019

      Drake has replay Spotify/Tidal value he is not going anywhere. Chillz!

      • Knowledge is power June 8, 2019

        But his music is soul-less!

  4. Lana Del Fan June 8, 2019

    Was expecting more from this TBH, but not horrible

  5. Interac June 8, 2019

    Drake is singing the same melody on all his songs.

  6. Your name June 8, 2019

    Drake is becoming 😴😴😴

  7. Brent Christopher June 8, 2019


    first song from Chris Brown since “Fine China” that actually sounds reminiscent of his quality, R&B, radio friendly tracks.

    smart move getting Drake on the record.

    funny that they are now able to work with another since Rihanna has declared that she wants nothing more to do with Drake’s behinds. lol!!

  8. ErikaLee June 8, 2019

    Why autotunes tho?

  9. Maxx June 8, 2019

    I love both artist so it a YESSSSS for me!

  10. #TeamTinashe Stan June 8, 2019

    Chris Brown is the MOST repetitive artist right now in the music industry. Every song sounds basic and the same as his last albums since FAME.
    He needed this Drake feature but not even Drake can give this song some appeal to it.

  11. thanosoftitan June 8, 2019

    Just no…Chris has seriously lost his touch.

    I’m becoming slightly annoyed with his approach and his consistently lackluster music.

    He has been all over the place these last 7 years.

    • Lil Jay June 8, 2019

      He looks like a washed up druggy!

  12. Ebony June 8, 2019

    Dont Drake love to get his a**licked??? I read somewhere few years back..

  13. Kim,Keisha&Pam June 8, 2019


  14. Lil Jay June 8, 2019

    These two.. no thanks. Insipid, uneventful and mediocre!

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