Nicole Curran Cries, Deletes IG After #Beyhive Death Threats Over Beyonce Viral Video

Published: Thursday 6th Jun 2019 by Rashad

Nicole Curran, the wife of Joe Lacob (owner of the Golden State Warriors), is waving a white flag after a relentless #Beyhive attack thanks to a video that saw her leaning over Beyonce to talk to Jay Z.

The clip – caught at Game 3 of the NBA Finals – went viral after the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer didn’t look to crazy about the chatter between Jay and Curran, making faces that suggested she was (at the very least) mildly uncomfortable with the exchange.


After the clip above went viral, the #Beyhive trolled Curran’s social media handles.  Our friends at TSR managed to get a screen grab of her initial response to the hoopla:


The explanation did little to ease #Beyhive fury.  She eventually suspended her IG account and told Ramona Shelburne of how the incident reduced her to tears.

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  1. Fancy BISH June 6, 2019

    Nivea said it best chile…don’t MESS with my MAN ?

    • ??? June 7, 2019

      Lmaooooo and like niveas dumb ass, he keeps cheating while the bug dummy sits there talking bout dont mess with my man while he’s banging the next broad lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • Rosy June 7, 2019

        I truly believe Beyonce encourages this type of behavior from her fan base no one wants her ugly husband but her and she so insecure that every woman have a conversation with jay z she gets upset Beyonce go have several seats and stop this madness her fans will end up hurting someone she just like trump robotic looking ass self

  2. Erica June 6, 2019

    The roaches go too far! Most of them are welfare bottoms who sit on the internet waiting for someone to say something about her or for her to perform the same routines she has performed since 2004… I hope the way they go up for her they do the same for their family, this includes this site which is basically a Beyonce fan site let’s be honest

    • Bettie clayton June 6, 2019

      B b i work every day. GOT MY EDUCATION. YOU BECKYYYY BOBOO

    • Karter June 6, 2019

      @Erica please stfu… how can you generalize an entire fan base that includes millions of people?? That’s the equivalent of saying most black people are ghetto and eat watermelon. Do better.

      • ??? June 7, 2019

        Lmaooo except the entire roach fanbase really is a bunch of welfare bottoms and ratchet baby mommas with nothing to do but wait for roach to perform another 10 year old routine in a bedazzled onesie while her husband runs through her backup dancers lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

    • Bey and Rih lives June 7, 2019

      Why is being a bottom an insult when y’all want bottoms ???

  3. Kevon June 6, 2019

    Theafyonce know her man is easy to get, that’s why she looks like that and was angry ..hahaha.. that ugly looking ape man

    • Bettie clayton June 6, 2019


    • Bettie clayton June 6, 2019


    • Jasmine June 6, 2019

      You looking at his looks. She thinking about their money. Where she gonna find another Jay-z? Maybe Diddy but he already got an army of kids and likes em younger.

  4. truthtea June 6, 2019

    This is precisely why Beyonce needs to speak up and silence her neurotic stans! Her silence speaks volumes of her own insecurities still!

    • Karter June 6, 2019

      She did, years ago. When asked about her fanbase riding so hard for her, she literally said “I’d just wish they’d (BeyHive) calm down a little”… and guess what, the BeyHive went in on her with a lot of them telling her to mind her own business. It speaks NOTHING of her being insecure, it speaks volumes of the fact that she never had an issue with the woman in the first place… this entire scene was blown out of proportion.

      • ??? June 7, 2019

        Lmaooo loyal my ass, they’re a bunch of ratchet no job having no education having bottoms with nothing better to do with their lives until next months welfare check comes lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

    • Jasmine June 6, 2019

      That could backfire on her. Remember, many of her fans are NOT part of the BeyHive like me. The BeyHive is NOT her entire fan base but they are very very loyal so it does not make sense to issue a fake statement to them, especially if what they perceived in the video is true. Perhaps Bey silently agrees with the BeyHive just like she silently agreed with Solange in the elevator.

    • Dc June 7, 2019

      Exactly she’s a punk for that scary A$$

  5. Jasmine June 6, 2019

    Nicole Curran is a bold face lie!

    1. Jay and Bey alredy got drinks in those photos sitting right under their chairs.

    2. Beyonce does not have a rose in the pics so that is another lie.

    She clearly annoyed Bey which is why Bey gave her that shoulder nudge and gave her cold body language in those pics. Bey’s fans have the right to react when their fav is annoyed. Women that are married should really only be talking to other women and NOT married men unless it is a group conversation. What I mean is whatever this woman had to say to Jay she should have just said to Bey instead of disrespecting her by leaning over and trying to talk to her HUSband.

    • macfac2019 June 6, 2019

      wait… in the first pic up top, you don’t see a drink under Jay’s seat, a yellow rose next to that, and then two water bottles under Bey’s seat?

      • Jasmine June 6, 2019

        I saw the drinks but I missed the rose. I was looking for the color red. Do you see Bey’s body language in the pic?

    • ??? June 7, 2019

      Lmaooo but guess what bug, that’s none of your business. Obviously roach is used to her pimp talking to other women right in front of her face while her punk ass does nothing about it so you dumb roaches flooding the girls IG with bug emojis from your Android phones accomplishes what exactly? Roach clearly knows her place so should you lowlife roaches Lmaooo ???

  6. RaidSpray June 6, 2019

    The fact that Beyonce herself doesn’t take to social media herself to denounce this ludicrous and barbaric behavior of the behive is completely being complacent in this whole situation!!

    • eric June 6, 2019


    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate June 7, 2019

      If you knew anything you would know Beyonce is not a social media w**** and steers clear unless she has something to say. Addressing the perpetrators on her fan base is going to make zero sense A:When they’ll do it again in future B: They don’t have to do what she says C: You should blame the Internet and the rise of cyber bullying as this is not exclusive to or caused by Beyoncé – in case you missed the memo – it happens anyway – to people everyday. ?????

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan June 6, 2019

    Beyhive is the worst fanbase ever! The disgusting things that have been done in the past that is tolerated by their queen, Benadryl is completely deplorable.

  8. Karter June 6, 2019

    The BeyHive has gotten out of control, and I say that as a long time member of the BeyHive lol…matter of fact, I was front row when were still referred to as the “Beyontourage”. This new generation of Bey stans are over the top. You can clearly see that Beyoncé didn’t have a problem with this lady talking to Jay-Z, it seemed that her issue had more to do with the fact that she was squished in between the two… which is why she adjusted her seating position after the woman stopped talking to Jay. ??‍♂️ Y’all doing the absolute most. Do better!!

    • Jasmine June 6, 2019

      You clearly don’t know anything about black american women which is why you did not notice Bey’s facial reactions indicating annoyance or the shoulder nudge which is a warning. The white woman is WRONG for leaning over Bey and talking directly to her husband. If a b|tch tried that sh|t on I’m gonna cut a b|tch as soon as I get in the parking lot and make sure there is no cameras!

      • Patthepuss June 7, 2019

        And black women wonder why their men leave them for Becky’s ?

      • Karter June 7, 2019

        @Jasmine I know plenty about black women, I was raised by black women.. not ghetto bumpkins like you, but black women who know how to express themselves with out all that extra ratchet ish you’re talking about. Like I said, Beyoncé seemed annoyed with the fact that the woman was in her space while trying to take their drink orders. We’re basically saying the same thing except you’re trying to make it about a married woman leaning over Beyoncé to have a convo with Jay… while her own husband was sitting on the other side of her…?? Have a seat Mrs. Jasmine, you know nothing.

    • Jasmine June 7, 2019

      Notice Bey did not shut this down so your assumptions are wrong. Mine are right

  9. Ropeburn June 6, 2019

    Beyonce has the most toxic fan base on the internet. And Beyonce herself is trash for not saying anything when her delusional Stans harass and bully people. I know good and well either she or her PR team Google her name nearly every day to see what people are saying about her. The fact she chooses to do and say nothing about this fuchery speaks volumes.

    • Jasmine June 6, 2019

      Her PR team is going to milk the free press first and if they decide to issue a press release (which they certainly are not obligated to) it will be tomorrow or the next day or monday after all the free press dies down.

  10. Patthepuss June 7, 2019

    Well Jay and Beyonce won’t be getting invited to anymore games that’s for sure.

  11. Unnatural June 7, 2019

    Beehive go harder for beyonce marriage that her cheating ass husband! ?

  12. Pedonika June 7, 2019

    Truly hope all shîthive members die from A***

  13. Keisha June 7, 2019

    Talking over someone is rude.

  14. ??? June 7, 2019

    Lmaooo the GED dropout roach nest is at it again lmfaooooo. where was all this energy when #HomeFLOPPING was bricking all over the charts and flopping out of existence bugs? Stupid ass morons typing bug emojis like that’s gagsta or something lol. meanwhile Queen Rihanna is sitting pretty somewhere counting her coins laughing at the stepford bug watching her pimp husband cheat on her right in front of her face lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  15. Tyty June 7, 2019

    Why didn’t she ask Beyonce to ask her husband what drink he wanted you ain’t gotta lean over someone’s wife to ask their husband about a drink especially if you say it was too loud to hear his answer. I don’t trust WW at all. Anybody who knows the beehive knows they ruin careers run people of social media etc… Look at what happened to that chick that implied she was Becky with the good hair a few years ago. She should have thought twice before she tried her white woman shenanigans.

  16. Jamie June 7, 2019

    How about this? If Bee was so annoyed, then why don’t she speak up on her own? She’s a “grown woman” right? This is beyond sad on so many levels. Death threats? That’s a form of bullying and terrorism, and she really does need to speak on this issue. Point blank, period!

  17. thanosoftitan June 7, 2019

    The hive is a complete hot *ss mess.

    Aint nobody checking for Jay-Z in that way. LOL I’ve seen potato sacks more attractive than Jay-Z, but I guess he got a cute coin.

    I’m cool with Beyoncé and her sane supporters, but the hive is an absolute menace to society.

  18. Shelly June 7, 2019

    It really just shows how insecure Beyonce is when it comes to her hubby. She needs to take her insecurities and presumptions before the Lord.

  19. Caleb June 7, 2019

    I always considered myself a Beyhive, but lately they are starting to get kind of embarrassing and not cute anymore. The turning point is when Chance the Rapper said her performance was better than anything Michael Jackson ever did, and then one of them wrote an article about how she has surpassed Michael Jackson. They just do too much.

  20. Dc June 7, 2019

    Bunch of messy Lil F$gs

  21. June 7, 2019

    So disgusting,fckers needs to get a life.

  22. Tyler June 8, 2019

    Wait! Can we just sit back and admire how damn good Beyonce looks? I love her makeup. That highlight is poppin ?

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