Aubrey O’Day Names President Obama As Dream Sperm Donor

Published: Sunday 21st Jul 2019 by David

Aubrey O’Day of the group Danity Kane has revealed that she would like President Barack Obama to father her child via sperm donation.

Her admission below…

O’Day was once romantically linked to one of Donald Trump’s son but now says she has her eye on another political member in a conversation with Page Six.

I would like to do a show about inseminating me with some brilliant man’s sperm so I can have a child.


Her dream donor?

Mr. Obama. Why? His admirable achievements and compassionate personality.

He’s  brilliant, classy, kind, compassionate, witty, gorgeous. Everything that a great woman deserves, and that’s why he’s got a great woman.



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What do you make of Aubrey’s comments?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Lil nas tee aws July 21, 2019

    Girl dont want them problems from our First Lady.

    • Jasmine July 21, 2019

      Who is this old looking white trash and why is she coming for Michelle like that? The only thing that will knock her up is her fellow hillbilly white trash or a simpleton black dude (with no education). An educated black man with a Juris Doctorate degree and years of leadership experience is FAR out of your league. U could not even be Obama’s maid!

    • Lina July 21, 2019

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  2. J July 21, 2019

    I mean it’s not very tasteful but he’s probably the best choice lol

  3. Erica July 21, 2019

    She use to be my favorite DK member

  4. Just Saying July 21, 2019

    We are a specimen to them! That’s why they can sleep with you but NOT march with you on the Black Lives Matter movement!

    • ? Suga Lopez July 21, 2019

      Wow. I didn’t see it that way but now I do. It’s true.

    • TallB July 21, 2019

      No please do not generalise this…
      Not everyone’s feeling this way.
      Her comment was disrespectful in my eyes.

  5. MessyBoots July 21, 2019

    She and Kylie Jenner must have the same plastic surgeon. ??

  6. I love big black c** July 21, 2019

    Gross! Sorry but Michelle won’t give away her daily protein shake.

  7. 2bad2bme July 21, 2019

    She ruined DK’s brand.

  8. Jamie July 21, 2019

    I think her comments are disrespectful to his wife and distasteful as a woman. His sp3rm wouldn’t last a second in her nasty, plastic body. PERIOD!

  9. Lisa July 21, 2019

    Why are you giving this wanna be any attention?

  10. goldie jawn July 22, 2019

    to even give this woman a platform to promote herself by making that statement is complete disrespect to President Obama, Michelle Obama, and the rest of America.

  11. kevo July 22, 2019

    Why is this a story TGJ????
    Like for real? Why did someone really waste their time reporting this?
    Who cares who she wants to be her baby daddy!
    My sister probably wants the same, will you guys do an article on her?
    …like really….

  12. Maxx July 23, 2019

    That’s my President! I have to say she summed him up nicely. Love me some Obamas

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