Beyonce Hailed By Marketeers As Key Ingredient Of ‘The Lion King’s Success

Published: Sunday 21st Jul 2019 by Sam

With ‘The Lion King’ proving to a roaring success at the box office, analysts are beginning to dial-in to the catalysts for its potent performance.

And Beyonce is being cited as one of the prominent reasons.

Details below…

Via Deadline:

“Beyonce is a social media linchpin for Lion King, her near 206M social media followers (across Twitter, FB, and Instagram) repping 22% of the film’s entire SMU reach. She’s been active in promoting the film online since the first trailer drop at Thanksgiving. Seth Rogen is second in social media draw with 19M.”
 The report continued:
“Beyonce is the social media star of The Lion King, but she brings something more than her social pages to this highly anticipated movie. In addition to her followers, the campaign coordinated with the pop/R&B singer to drop the ‘Spirit’ clip to her official YouTube Channel last Tuesday – just in time for the red carpet premiere in Hollywood. As the link below reveals, this isn’t even a music video, it’s simply the lyrics to ‘Spirit’ along with Beyonce’s image alongside her Lion King character, Nala.”
With the movie receiving CinemaScore of ‘A’ from theater-goers and ample buzz surrounding Bey’s ‘Lion King: The Gift’ companion project, it appears Disney’s pairing with the Queen is delivering on all fronts.
The CEO of the company, Rob Iger, concurs. He said:

Exciting times!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Datredd23 July 21, 2019

    Omg the spin from this site to make certain artists greater is ridiculous! Wow very blunt biased journalism…..

    • Jasmine July 21, 2019

      AMEN. I love my girl Bey but she does NOT need ridiculous spins and click-bait to be relevant. Her popularity and talent is more than enough. Instead of nonsense articles like this why not write about her music talent by making a TGJ playlist of TGJ favorite Bey songs?

  2. Will_xo July 21, 2019

    I knew Sam or David will come up with something positive though, lol at this point y’all obsessed with queen bey ( I low key like it though ) but say what you want she’s winning on all fronts and Disney knows this

    • Skim July 21, 2019

      This right here heard the movie is swinging out the gate numbers !!! Queen bey ❤️

    • Clayne July 21, 2019

      Disney cast her for a reason. They know her draw. If it’s GOOD ENOUGH FOR DISNEY, everyone HUSH.

  3. Slimi July 21, 2019

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  4. IG : mixedboy July 21, 2019

    Another fluff piece. ?

  5. 2bad2bme July 21, 2019

    If y’all don’t like her so much why comment under everything they post about her? I don’t care for Ciara and Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj much but I’m not writing reasons why they are flops and overrated. Y’all just some messy g@ys with no life

    • Faf July 21, 2019

      Bc they all sold more than 17k pure so surely they aren’t flops anymore ?

      • MissGuided July 21, 2019

        Watch it f**. Ciara sold less than 5K first week, Megatron is on its way out of the charts after three weeks and Rita Ora…. well, she’s a nobody.

      • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 21, 2019

        Didn’t Ciara’s past album sell like 5000 copies? I could’ve sworn it did lol

      • Caleb July 22, 2019

        Lies. Ciara would love to have sold that much and keep in mind Bey is #1 on the album chart while Ci was #87. There is no comparison.

  6. OurP July 21, 2019

    A reason I wont be rushing she has about 3 lines no music is iconic as Elton ??

  7. RiriNavy July 21, 2019

    Lol the lies

    How much does she pay you?

  8. Xtina4life July 21, 2019

    Um no the movie wasn’t because of fakeyonce. It was based on the lion king alone. The cartoon thank you very much. This site is ridiculous at times. Well at least the cartoon doesn’t have 55% rottentomatoes lol.

    • Clayne July 21, 2019

      Girl. Disney cast her for a reason. Shut the $&&$! up.

  9. Oliver July 21, 2019

    Thé pay check says otherwise hater.. 25,000,000 dollars for an actress you claim can’t play movie . Can u imagine some one got paid 25millions for such a small part and your fav can’t even get 10 millions for their own movie . It’s called power . Haters you wish

    • RiriNavy July 21, 2019

      Wow very arrogant. You are one of the reason of beyonce’s downfall of her career. More downfall to come

  10. Mavis July 21, 2019

    That’s not true first of all lion king was a film and a play before she graced the film. And she is only in it for a little bit and her reading was not up to par.

  11. Tyty July 21, 2019

    Well, they did pay 25 million ?‍♀️? anyway these posts are just ridiculous im a massive beyonce fan but some of these articles are pointless. You guys come across obsessed. If I wanted to visit a beyonce fan page I would. Blog about some other s***!!! The film was going to be a success regardless beyonce was a bonus.

  12. olusheyi banjo July 21, 2019

    Come on now. They are reaching. The movie is a success because people liked the original movie. Not because of Beyonce. It probably would’ve been a success without Beyonce

  13. Keith July 21, 2019

    This is the over-exaggeration that makes casual fans annoyed. The movie was going to be a hit regardless. What I appreciate is that Beyonce can leverage her power to make way for other artists. I think she was low-key involved with sealing the deal for Halle Bailey in “The Little Mermaid” remake…IJS…

  14. Jamon_84 July 21, 2019

    Beauty and the beast grossed over a billion, Alice in wonderland grossed over a billion. Aladdin and The jungle book grossed barely shy of a billion. These are Remakes, of classics. They’re going to do well at the box office. No name stuck to it has anything to do with the success. No hate against Beyonce, because y’all are the one’s obsessing over her, as usual. Honestly it’s completely disrespectful to all the other actors and actresses attached to this project. Simba is the lead. Nala is a supporting character, who has a small role. Again, Disney movies will do great. Will Smith got a lot of backlash for playing the genie, however people still went to see it because it was Aladdin.

  15. MessyBoots July 21, 2019

    The A cinemascore is perhaps the best news outside of the box office sales b/c that indicates audiences enjoyed the film more than film critics, which hopefully translates into sustainability over the course of it’s theatrical run.

    That said, I wouldn’t contribute even half of this films success to Beyonce. She may have generated more headlines for it due to her star power but this property was going to do gigantic numbers regardless of who is attached. The orginal is an enduring classic, a huge brand backed by an ever bigger marketing force in Disney. If anything the fact it didnt underperform is a miracle considering the amount of hate film critics and Bey haters tried to fuel during release week.

    • SMH July 21, 2019

      This movie was never going to underperform, regardless of the critics reviews or the oversaturation of smoke and mirrors from team beyonce. It’s an established franchise with a historic background.

  16. SMH July 21, 2019

    LMAO. Beyonce fans never run out spin. I’ve never in my lifetime seen an artist that’s been so overhyped and overexxagerated by their fanbase, Madonna is the closest one that comes to memory, but eventually the media got tired of blowing smoke up her ass to keep her on this imaginary pedestal for her fans and their insecurities. Where is Beyonce’s so called power on the music charts when she can’t even bring in 15k albums, since she’s supposed to be the “queen of music” according to her cult following?

    • MessyBoots July 21, 2019

      YOU dont think she is a Queen but her fans and the media call her that. Why are YOU so bothered her fans, peers, and the media consider a Queen in her field?

      THAT is the real question b/c YOU know Beyonce has achieved mega success THROUGHOUT her entire career. Stats dont lie. Has everything shes done been phenomenally successful? Of course not. Every major artist including Madonna, MJ, Prince, Mariah, Celine, etc have all had flops.

      Doesnt take away her status among fans/admirers nor does it matter when non-Beyonce fans declare her ‘overhyped/rated’ or a ‘flop’ each time she releases a new project. ??‍♀️

    • Dc July 21, 2019

      Exactly she should be doing Adele numbers she’s very overrated

      • Jasmine July 21, 2019

        I disagree with that! Bey does Adele numbers! Adele sells quality over quantity! Bey sells quantity over quality! At the end of the day they both pull the same numbers!

  17. Jasmine The Real Princess July 21, 2019

    If only that success also translated into higher first week pure sales tho. 18k lmao. Tragic.

  18. ??? July 21, 2019


    so let me get this straight, roach is responsible for the success of an already legendary movie franchise from Disney, but still managed to FLOP a THIRD time, selling even less than she FLOPPED with on her last album.

    LMFAOOOOO ?? ?? ??
    seek help, roaches lmfaooooo ? ?????‍♂️??‍♂️

    • MessyBoots July 21, 2019

      Homecoming was a live album consisting of previously released material performed a year prior w/ one new song Before I Let Go. Everything Is Love is a collaboration album with JAY Z under the name THE CARTERS and The Lion King: The Gift is another collaboration album featuring SEVERAL various artists w/ Beyonce not even featured on some of the tracks. I repeat.. The Lion King: The Gift is NOT a Beyonce solo album.

      • PinotNoir July 21, 2019

        It not being a Bey solo album is why it has a bigger chance to chart high and sell big.

    • Clayne July 21, 2019

      I mean if she’s a roach, what are you? Lol. Get a life.

  19. #TheTruth July 21, 2019

    I really like Beyoncé but let’s be honest, the movie was set to be a success. It is a Classic.
    The Book of Jungle didn’t have any A list star yet it was a huge
    BUT no one can deny she hasn’t brought more attention, appeal and certainly more ticket sales on the table.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 21, 2019

      @TheTruth – She didn’t bring any more bodies to THE LION KING. You are truly delusional to freakin’ think that. Most of the movie goers, I’m sure, were people who saw the ORIGINAL and were curious as to what they did with the remake.
      #You Are Insane

      • Clayne July 21, 2019

        Disney ?? cast ?? her ?? for ?? a ?? reason.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 22, 2019

        Because ? they ? wanted ? Nala ? to ? sound ? illiterate ?

  20. Ms. Candy Ferocity July 21, 2019

    the movie was gonna succeed either way…its the lion king! Queen Bey was the icing on the cake!!!

  21. Alex July 21, 2019

    Y’all so damn pressed!! The CEO of Disney said this!! Not David and Sam. Can y’all not read?? Yes the movie would’ve been successful without her but not AS successful. I swear y’all should have not dropped out of middle school with your dumb asses!

    • High Price July 21, 2019

      Welp, the sales of her album, and single do not equate even CLOSE to or even a FRACTION to the success of the movie so far. And there’s plenty of soundtracks that been successful following the movies release. Kendrick Lamar’s black panther album is a RECENTLY GREAT example of that.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 21, 2019

      @Alex- He’s blowing smoke. The movie would have done just as well WITHOUT HER ILLITERATE @$$.

  22. Jamon_84 July 21, 2019

    Movie tickets are around $13-$15, depending on where you are. If her star power brought in a bulk of the success, then why aren’t those millions of people purchasing her albums. This is a serious questions. Shouldn’t she be doing Adele and Taylor’s numbers? I really don’t see her being up there with Mariah or Madonna. In 15 year’s, Mariah sold over 60 albums in the U.S. alone. Does her fans only really support her tours, or do they not care for her music. She has more hits then Adele, but with 2 albums, Adele has outsold her. I really just always wondered why. Her fans mainly sit back and attack people, without supporting her music as much as you would think. Only 2 solo top 10 hits this decade, while Rihanna gets backlash, but shoots to number 1, with way less followers. I guess the same could be said about Nicki. #venting

    • Dc July 21, 2019


  23. Clarkson July 21, 2019

    So why is spirit predicted to debut at number 96 on the chart.

  24. biancacook July 21, 2019

    not a conspiracy theorist but im starting to think that one of beyonce’s terms for anything that she does is to be praised. im sorry, for a role soooo small in a franchise sooooo big they wanna credit beyonce? just like the album she put out, since her role is so small she just had to put out an album? i understand her as an artist but everytime her name is linked with something its this big spectacular event and the stuff be soooo mediocre. her hype def surpasses everything else.just like the whole homecoming documentary, what did she do in this documentary that she hasn’t in anyother one? had some babies? wow she’s the first artist to go back to the stage after giving birth, not!! when ppl ask whats overhyped about beyonce, this whole project is the perfect example. her acting has always sucked her speaking voice is cringy and her songs are mediocre, but her daddy taught her how to market anything she touches and THAT is where the hype comes in.

    • Jamon_84 July 21, 2019

      No lies told

      • biancacook July 21, 2019

        like the life is but a dream docu, she had a whole premiere and a sit down with oprah. like really, was this something that needed a special, about what?????

    • PinotNoir July 21, 2019

      Netflix docus are her attempt to win an Emmy. She wants to be an EGOT so bad. Expect a play on Broadway sometime.

    • Jeans July 24, 2019

      That is ALL truth! Omg you said everything I was thinking. All hype and mediocre output aside from the stage.

  25. Arjun July 21, 2019

    The joke the joke the joke on kandi voice
    We guess thats why her other film cross a 100M tooo
    One thing for sure if people go see the lion king its not for fakeyonce cringe voice
    Her camp sell shame to say thing like that

  26. Dc July 21, 2019

    Yet her album selling so low couldn’t help that huh overrated ass ?????

  27. Theman July 21, 2019

    This movie was gonna do major numbers without Beyoncé. She has little to do with this movies success. Her pr machine be on it.

  28. High Price July 21, 2019

    The Lion King is a brand within its self that hold great nostalgic meaning. People were going to see it based off that alone. And that’s minius ANY of the new characters.

  29. Unnatural July 21, 2019

    Funny how yall were quick to say Taylor Swift copied her on the award show but now Queen Theifonce has yet copied another person’s work and all of a sudden the beehive attacks and feel some type of way! Y’all just can’t accept y’all king not original.

  30. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 21, 2019


  31. Clayne July 21, 2019

    Oh god… here come the haters. Get off your keyboards, support someone AND GET A LIFE

  32. Clayne July 21, 2019

    I’m so confused why people are so pressed and so upset that y’all have to take time out of “your super important lives” to comment on a woman who (whether you like it or not) is doin her thing, making cash and living the dream she wants, and only YOU WISH you could have. Let the woman breathe, this isn’t written by her, this isn’t said by the writers here, it’s said by WHO? You tell me, read the article again and respond. Peace.

  33. Bravo!!! July 22, 2019

    Beyoncé pregnant again!

  34. Jay Thats Me July 22, 2019

    Very true to bad the movie sucked big time….

    • Jeans July 24, 2019

      3 flop albums in a row. Smh. The Reign is over.

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