Blueface Reveals Why He Tossed His Mom & Sister Out Of His House & Onto The Street

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jul 2019 by Sam

‘Thotiana’ rapper Blueface made headlines this week when a clip of him throwing his mom and sister out of his house went viral.

At the time, and based on the content of the vid, the take-away was that the rising star tossed his family out in favor of a girlfriend. And her caught a lot of flack from fans because of it.

Now, he’s defending himself with an alternate take on what transpired. His words below…

“Sense they wanna go viral so bad this the real story my mom got tired of my broke ass sister free loading at her house so she brought her to mine an I wasn’t going for it I already got her an apartment guess that wasn’t enough she want my car she want me to buy her a car off the lot an some more stuff I was homeless in my own car for years ain’t nobody wanna let me stay at they house I had to thug it out ??‍♂️ but I C my fans ain’t real fans y’all turn like corners f*cc all you fake ass fans that’s y I’m in it just for the money?”

With McMusic at an all time high and microwave acts arriving in record numbers, it’s little surprise Blueface hasn’t mastered the art of media training.

Because, even if he is being truthful about the situation, there’s something extremely irksome about him saying “f*cc” the few legit fans he actually has and that he’s “in it just for the money.” The latter is hardly surprising, but it’s not the smartest move to announce it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MessyBoots July 3, 2019

    Why is he even featured here?!

    Someone on TGJ staff must have a crush.

  2. Lmfao_Hoe July 3, 2019

    “ in I t for the money “ precisely why people like him I don’t call ARTIST it’s a straight disrespect to those that truly are about their craft putting every blood, sweat, and tear into their music. No surprising he’s a awful rapper, can’t stay on beat and has no theme or direction than self destructing promiscuous bs we hear on the airwaves. He’s definitely gonna fade sooner than he had hope for.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 3, 2019


    • ERIC July 3, 2019

      Well said!

  3. Urg July 3, 2019

    When that song dies and the money stop coming in betcha he going back to live with his mama or do a reality show to pay that child support

    • Clarkson July 3, 2019

      Wait a minute, he has a kid? How old is he?
      Black men can never keep it in their pants.

  4. Clarkson July 3, 2019

    He is cute. He will probably OD in some few years.

  5. get it Kid July 3, 2019

    She wasn’t even getting to smell the front door. I would have put both their assess out too. My sweat, my sacrifice, my hustle, my glory, peace, here’s ten dollars, bus fare and a happy meal.

  6. Xoxu July 3, 2019

    Don’t they still teach Spelling in school?

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