Daniel Caesar’s ‘Case Study 01’ Sold 1,000 Copies / Slides Out Of iTunes Top 100

Published: Saturday 6th Jul 2019 by David

Earlier this week industry insiders predicted that Daniel Caesar‘s studio set ‘Case Study 01‘ would move under 3,000 copies in pure sales (and around 20,000 units with streams) in its opening week.

Now, his final numbers are in and showcase the full extent of the damage his decision to condemn African-Americans (who made up the lion’s share of his fan base) has caused.

Full story below…

Caesar’s brand took a hit when he recorded a video slamming African-Americans for their, as far as he saw it, inability to move on from racism and failure to get with the “winning team.”

White people have been mean to us in the past. What are you gonna do about that? Tell me what you’re gonna do about that. Are we winning right now as a culture? Are we popular in society? We’re not. And you can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy. You have to acknowledge their strategy and build a strategy on top of that. There’s no answer other than creating understanding and keeping it moving. That’s some biblical  ****. You have to bridge the gap.

His remarks were in response to criticism his friend YesJulz was facing from the powerfully influential community after she made offensive and inaccurate remarks about it and its relation to crime and her supposed use and abuse of its culture.

The ‘Get You’ star apologised shortly after.

I was talking down to you guys. I apologize for how I expressed my idea, There was no one there to challenge my ideas. That’s also dangerous. That’s why it’s tyrannical… that is where I went wrong. I believe in what I said. A real man can admit when he’s wrong. I can admit when I’m wrong.

Unfortunately, it now seems the damage he caused is irreparable.

For, after watching them carry his debut album ‘Freudian’ to Grammy glory following its release on August 25th 2017, Daniel and his camp have learned that his new album ‘Case Study 01’ has been rejected by the community.

The sum of his mistake? 1,635 copies.

In its launch week, ‘Case’ moved a total of 22,000 units (a figure powered by 20,465 units generated on the likes of Apple Music, TIDAL, Spotify and Deezer) but only sold 1,635 copies….one of the lowest opening figures Billboard has ever seen.

As a result, it will spend its first week at #14 in the US after opening at #89 in the United Kingdom and #186 in Belgium.




It is currently sitting at #104 on the iTunes albums tally.

Give it a spin here.

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  1. wwwd July 6, 2019

    black men and boys can you stop with the blonde hair…

    • Ugggh July 6, 2019

      Can you stop telling people what to do with their bodies?

    • macfac2019 July 6, 2019


    • macfac2019 July 6, 2019

      should black women and girls do the same thing?

    • Jasmine July 6, 2019

      Blonde hair looks nice on black men that are cute like Chris Brown, Odell Beckham, Sisqo,and Jaden Smith. Now this ugly ninja Daniel is too ugly to rock blonde hair.

      • Danny Bey July 6, 2019

        So only light skinned men…..

      • Jasmine July 7, 2019

        Yeah blonde does not work with dark skinned people. It looks ridiculous

      • Danny Bey July 7, 2019

        You’re trash

  2. Sweetnothings78 July 6, 2019

    Oh wow what a fool. As if you’d be so stupid as to alienate any race at all ever especially your own at any point regardless of an album or not.

    As they say ‘everyday is a school day’, well for him especially!

    • Jasmine July 6, 2019

      Uncle Toms who coooon for massa hurt their careers.

  3. Lmfao_Hoe July 6, 2019

    This is a clear example of don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You attack your main demographic for some damn culture vulture that careless about your ass. Him and Kanye need to be Re-educated.

  4. AJ July 6, 2019

    It has nothing to do with that. Ciara didn’t sell much more. No one knew about the album. No lead single

    • Meme July 6, 2019

      It has everything to do with that. His core fans were black, and they no longer checking for him. Plenty of artist drop albums with no singles or promo and do just fine. Daniel should have and could have been on Khalid and HER level but he will never now.

      • Lmfao_Hoe July 6, 2019

        @Meme AJ is delusional asf

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 6, 2019

      AJ please iight let’s not. Everyone loves to make an excuse rather than go by the FACTS. For starters Ciara had performances and hell of views on Youtube to indicate she was doing promo. Level up alone is at 180 million views and thinking about you is bout 18 millions, the Kelly track is most talked bout making it a video so save the excuses. Ciara ain’t much demanding at this point or time. Daniel f***** up PERIOD ? – surprise release or not he’s done. Twitter yet importantly his sells are evident of this. The backlash he received did negatively impact this rollout as nobody clearly gives a damn after its release. How you go from Urban hot Get You to this? He talented yet was a fool to support some women caught using her privilege only to take his own people. You reap what you sow ?

      • AJ July 6, 2019

        Y’all don’t know wtf you talking bout. All that promo did and Ciara flopped harder than ever. Daniel doesn’t even have the clout or Notoriety to drop a surprise album like that. So stfu

    • Tyty July 6, 2019

      A bunch of excuses if he didn’t have the clout then the last thing he would have done is drop his album the way he did. Just face facts he was cancelled by his core fanbase. You seem to forget back people drive the culture once you’re no longer relevant to us you can kiss any other audience goodbye. Even Kanye dumbass can’t recover from alienating his core audience and his a bigger star.

      • Lmfao_Hoe July 6, 2019

        @tyty ??

      • Interac July 6, 2019

        People are still buying yeezy’s though, Smh.

      • Tyty July 6, 2019

        Yeezy’s was a fashion staple that’s not even that trendy anymore… Watch Beyonce Adidas deal do better. It’s not like he’s taking the fashion world by storm like Fenty. Anything else he does is pretty much a flop. He was supposed to drop a new album but that got scrapped.

    • MUSICHEAD July 6, 2019

      @AJ I agree. A lot of people on this blog lack critical thinking skills. Daniel is and always has been an independent artist who got lucky to have a couple of hit singles. He has never been a big album seller.

  5. Brent Christopher July 6, 2019

    I LOVE THE POWER OF MY BLACK COMMUNITY when we unite to uplift, empower, or end someone else’s career.

    Though the music that comprises this sophomore set is a quality, cross genre creation, Ceasar’s white washed attitude, presentation & overall look has STALLED the little success that he was beginning to enjoy.

    I do not feel bad for him, however. A black man who chooses the side of a white woman over the struggles of his natural sisters & ultimate protectors, deserves the burden of failure.

    He blatantly stated that he did not want or need the support of black people & our community banded together to show his snow kween behinds OTHERWISE.


    it’s hilarious.

    hoping Brandy can translate the tone and energy of her stunning collaboration with him, over to her next eagerly anticipated, studio lp.

    • Interac July 6, 2019

      I bet brandy will pay this song dust and distance herself by the time her album drops.

    • thanosoftitan July 7, 2019

      I’m disappointed Brandy collaborated with him in the first place.

      Even if the track was created before his cancelation, she should have removed herself from the track.

  6. olusheyi banjo July 6, 2019

    He learned that you can’t just say anything that you want and folks will still support you. That’s what this Uncle Tom gets. Next time Daniel THINK before you speak

  7. Monica’s Dove July 6, 2019

    Let’s be real here, he was gonna flop anyway. Nobody who canceled him bought his music in the first place.

  8. Caleb July 6, 2019

    Most people probably don’t even know about those dumb comments he made. He is not a household name and 22,000 copies for an R&b act in 2019 is standard. It’s debuting at #14. He’s pulling better numbers than Ciara who did 6,000 and debuted at #87.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 6, 2019

      @Caleb – Thank you for your comment. I didn’t know anything about this kid or any comments he made until I read them in this article. With all that said it makes me want to know about his music more. So I’m going to check it out.

      I’m glad he is doing well. Thanks for the information about his standing. There are far too many “perfect” people (who are really just hateful) posting on this site about this man.

      • Caleb July 6, 2019

        I mean his comments were really ridiculous and he made himself sound foolish but people are now acting like he was a household name who got cancelled.

  9. Fiona Goode July 6, 2019

    welp. the song with brandy was the only one i cared about anyway. but since he’s “cancelled” get into THIS GUY!!!! https://youtu.be/oMp58oVociw

  10. Openideas123 July 6, 2019

    Good he is an absolute idiot
    Y couldn’t he reference Nigerians
    The most successful immigrants in America why is he so obsessed with white peoples who cannot bother to buy his music theres nothing inspirational about white americans
    Theres so many other ethnic groups to draw inspiration from he is a fool and he is done

  11. tina July 7, 2019

    Wow sad part is look how his own people treat him.
    mybe he made a mistake, he is human and we all can learn.

    but this hate and negative energy towards a young blk man by his own people is sad and why us blk people are limited!
    we hold each other down more then anyother race!

    give the brother a chance he did ssay sorry
    im disapointed in my people yet again!

    • Jasmine July 7, 2019

      He said what he said and now he will deal with the consequences.

  12. thanosoftitan July 7, 2019

    I only purchased the one song featuring Brandy, and that was because of my love for Brandy.

    He has only himself to blame for his predicament.

    I’m very satisfied that his current cancelation is very much fully operational.

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