R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager Quits, Regrets Saying He Would NOT Leave Singer Alone with His Daughter

Published: Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019 by Rashad

Not long after running across headlines for saying he would not leave his daughter alone with ‘anybody that’s accused of pedophilia,’ singer R. Kelly‘s crisis manager – Darrell Johnson – had a change of heart.

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Kelly, currently being held without bail for even more charges connected to accusations of child pornography and sexual abuse (click here to read more on that), was probably disappointed to learn his own crisis manager (Darrell Johnson) openly stated he would not leave his 20-year-old daughter alone around the singer.

Johnson – who took to CBS ‘This Morning’ in an attempt to continue proclaiming the Grammy winner’s innocence – resigned suddenly after his quote made headlines.  Taking to TMZ, he said:


 “I had some personal issues back at my hometown,” he said. “I decided at this particular time it was best to step away. One of my family members is on their deathbed right now and I’m going to go attend to that.”

In addition to offering his full confidence that Kelly would be acquitted of the slew of new charges, Johnson also had a few words for CBS that implied he believed his interview was taken out of context.

“It wasn’t live. I have nothing against Gayle, CBS, nothing at all,” he said. “I just think that when you do a taped interview that can be chopped up, and my words [are] my words…I’d pull back if I had to do it again. I would one thousand percent leave my daughter—which this is not what this is about—with Mr. Kelly if I had to leave.”

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