Mary J. Blige Blasts Heckler at Nashville Concert: ‘B*tch, Shut the F*ck Up’ [Video]

Published: Friday 19th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige may have already decreed that there shalt be no hateration or holleration in the dancery, but a certain attendee at the Nashville stop of the singer’s critically acclaimed, joint headlining ‘Royalty’ tour with Nas was served a royal reminder last night (July 18).

Anyone who has ever been to a Blige show knows it’s not uncommon for the Grammy winner to wield words of encouragement to concertgoers as she tells the stories behind the making of some of her biggest hits or shares about ongoing dramas in her life.  This time, however, her fiery speech ended with a expletive-laden clap back to an audience member (or members) who may have wanted her to just stick to singing.

Hear her fiery words inside:


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#MaryJBlige is a Queen and she will be respected as such at all times. . The Queen came off of her throne last night to get some straightenin when a heckler got out of pocket during her performance at the #BridgestoneArena in #Nashville. ????

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  1. Shayla Queen July 19, 2019

    Queen ?

    As is Shayla

  2. AJ July 19, 2019


  3. Jasper July 19, 2019

    You can take the rat out the hood but you can never take the hood out the rat!

    She’s mad her music game peaked more than 10 years ago. It’s okay Mary your classics are better than anything any of the current pop, rnb, rap, hip hop or any other girls can put out now!

    No need to be salty! Heads high! Kill em w kindness!

    • Dc July 19, 2019

      Don’t forget she’s actually gone into acting getting acting and song Oscar nominations breaking records for being the first to ever be nominated for acting and song award you mad Beyoncé can’t get that record first non acting a$$ hater fall back or go watch one of Mary’s new shows under her multi million deal she signed with Lionsgate ??????????????????????

      • BYISI July 19, 2019

        Yet Beyonce is way richer than Mary’s non singing self. Kendu and his mistress almost took Mary to the cleaners, or have you not paid any attention? Beyonce cant act I’ll give you that but that’s it. Beyonce still has been a bigger draw to the box office than Mary has ever been. Let’s also not act like since Growing Pains, ever single one of mary’s albums haven’t been just terrible, besides the Christmas one and the think like a man soundtrack.

      • Trelly July 19, 2019

        B**** Beyonce wishes she had a catalogue as LEGENDARY as MJB’s. Tread lightly because Mary has almost 30 years under her belt &
        Hasn’t slowed down yet.

    • Jay Blige July 19, 2019

      As you guys talk about the queen she still getting the bag… take what she said as a f****** lesson and shut the f*** up!

    • Dc July 19, 2019

      Mary has 8 multi platinum albums without selling s** or selling out selling s** or lookin white for white dollars now that bey mother Africa y’all forget her early whitewash image

    • MsBrazil July 19, 2019

      Shut your f****** ass up She good
      Too many pales and demon in Nashville So she had to tell them what’s up
      Foh her music been popping for more than 20 years

    • SNF July 19, 2019

      You weak AF. ?

      • Baad July 20, 2019

        Beyonce this Mary that… Oh, wtf is your problem girls ? Ridiculous.

  4. ~The Arcade~ July 19, 2019

    That’s right Mary lol. Glad to know that the old Mary still exists ???

  5. Fancy BISH July 19, 2019

    Queen. ? Mary took it back to Yonkers on that BISH ?

  6. MessyBoots July 19, 2019

    I’m not mad at Mary! Sometimes you have to let a b**** know ‘if you dont like it you can GTFO! lol ?

  7. Juanita Daniels July 19, 2019

    You deserve much respect. You go girl!

  8. I love big black c** July 19, 2019

    I can see the ghetto side of her, beat up her husband, did the Burger King chicken commercial…. her career went down hill after just fine….

    • Dc July 19, 2019

      Then came back up with that Oscar nomination huh and in 2019 signed on at Lionsgate to produce movies and shows for them make sure u add that after just fine ????

  9. Erin July 19, 2019

    That’s s Right way to go Mary!!!

  10. Maxx July 19, 2019

    Please don’t EVER compare MJ to BK….Mary J Blige came during a time where it was much harder to be a female in the industry & she didn’t & still doesn’t have to have ‘The machine’ around her to bring in a good performance. She has always been a one act performer & has maintained popularity as such & she has a loyal fan base of actual grown ass people, not the crazy beehives which consist of a lot of the younger generation which has declined in so many ways. Please please there just isn’t any comparison whatsoever. They have their own lanes

  11. Ace July 19, 2019

    I agree.mjb is a class act.shes in a lane of her own.she aint never shook her b*** on stage or need 500 dancers to rock the stage.50 and still killing it she got classic hits.

  12. KB-Toya July 19, 2019

    That was funny af ?. I do see alot of empty seats, but that’s none of my business.

    • Dc July 20, 2019

      Umm it was sold out actually and the seats to left of stage always blocked off wtf u talking bout

  13. Grape Juice Fan July 20, 2019

    She’s a cap we’re cool until provoked

  14. 7E July 20, 2019

    sometimes it’s just so much you can take, nuff respect to her for putting that person in place.

  15. WWWD WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO July 21, 2019

    How come you didn’t do all that when I went to go see you in Jersey mary

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