Cardi B, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Kasai & Jorja Smith To Rock ‘Made In America’ This Weekend

Cardi B is set to storm the ‘Made in America’ festival this weekend!

Great news for live music lovers this weekend…

Cardi, Jorja Smith, Kasai, Jorja Smith, Travis Scott, Jacob Banks, Roddy Rich are just a few of the names who have been announced as performers as the two-day long event which is to kick off tomorrow!

Set to dominate the night? Rap’s fastest-rising star Megan Thee Stallion who is scheduled to perform on Sunday September 1st in support of her brand new single ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and the new body of work she has been building with the full support of her friend and mentor Jay-Z.

Be sure to tune in to TGJ tomorrow for your first look at the event’s electric performances!


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  1. Dc August 30, 2019

    Opening act meg she’s so fake friends with everyone

    • Suga August 30, 2019

      Opening act? You wish. Cardi is the one who is afraid to launch a solo tour because she knows the seats will be emptier than the bottles in an alcoholic’s cellar! Megan is the new girl and you will deal.

      • Dc August 30, 2019

        Cardi sold out 18,000 plus crowd meg can stick to flea market performances cause she has no hits and hot girl flop falling as we speak ?????

      • Tori August 30, 2019

        Cardie had one album, a few hit features and some mixtapes nobody has heard. She decided to wait till the her sophomore album to tour and there’s nothing wrong with that. Trust when she does tour it’ll be sold because as we can see from the few dates she does perform they big seller and she’s in demand.

      • FAF August 30, 2019

        Big ole freak is gold
        Hot girl summer is her first single she only has two mixtapes so how can she flop ???

    • Clocked In August 30, 2019

      Wow you hate Megan cause Cardi isn’t the only female rapper gettin steam? Loser

    • Antoinette August 31, 2019

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  2. I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** August 30, 2019

    Megan standing with Jay,. Oh okaaaaaay megie even though Nicki Minaj is my b****, and we don’t take business advice from Jay-Z anymore. … He knew his b**** could not hit the notes like Whitney Houston now she’s dead

  3. The Real Princess Jasmine August 30, 2019

    People actually pay to see a washed up Stripper who recites lyrics written for them ??‍♂️

    • biancacook August 30, 2019

      yup cuz the music slaps lol.

    • Dc August 30, 2019

      U mean pay to see a Grammy winning ascap writing award winning cardi b

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 30, 2019

      8.13.19 – The day Princess JasMAN got exposed by TGJ as a racist troll. NEVER FORGET.

  4. Only Facts August 30, 2019

    Am I blind, or is Lizzo’s name not listed anywhere in that lineup?

  5. Sweetie August 30, 2019

    Someone said Cardi decided to wait for her sophomore album before touring? Why is that? Everyone knows that makes no sense because you could make twice the money touring both albums. Just admit that even she knows she can’t fill seats every night which is why she does spot dates here and there. If only she could convert those streams into real fans.

    • FAF August 30, 2019

      Because they’re delusional and think festival tickets equate solo tour attendance

    • Dc August 30, 2019

      Solo tour artist has to pay security venue stage people she explained that you make more when you book festival cause those costs are paid by the festival organizers it’s smart she makes more this way to your research she actually spoke on this smh

      • Swim Good August 31, 2019

        Loooooool. “Solo artist has to pay for security.” “you make more with festivals.” So I guess Janet and Beyoncé have just been wasting all their time and money right? Touring their own shows when they could have just headlined festivals. ?????????????????????????????????????????. The BirdGang are just as intellectually challenged as their fav. #Footages

    • Tori August 30, 2019

      DID! I SAID WHAT I SAID AND DUMB ASS TRIED TO BE SHADY AND ENDED UP PROVING MY POINT! YES SHE WOULD MAKE TWICE AS MUCH TOURING BOTH ALBUM, HENCE SHE WAITED. It wouldn’t have been smart on her or her team to tour last year because her audience was fickle at the time. She took the time to build her fan base and now after a sophomore album she’d be in better shape to tour. And smart axx FASFA or whatever you call yourself, festival ticket sale definitely play a role in seeing if an artist can sell your tickets when the artists is the/one of the headliners. If you’re the head liner but can’t pull people into a festival date, why the hell would labels, tour companies or investors invest in a headlining tour? Cardi has build a tour artist and will be touring 2020, you want to go?

      • Dc August 31, 2019

        And she also said this they will look at the numbers she did and they can work out a better deal for her solo tour very smart she has the upper hand in negotiations because those numbers speak period.

    • Andrew Ekpiwhre August 31, 2019

      Are you delusional? she was meant to go on tour with Bruno mars & it was already sold out. but she just had a Baby and decided she would rather stay at home and be a mother than travel the world for money.. She ain’t broke and ain’t missing any meals.. Tell your Fave Nicki that had to cancel all her shows because she couldn’t fill the seatsZ

      • Sweetie August 31, 2019

        Fascinating. So she has the biggest album out, is winning Grammys and is picking number ones up left and right but won’t tour because she prefers festivals? Don’t make me holler. The reason she doesn’t want to do a solo tour is because she knows she wouldn’t be able to sell out. Simple as that. Touring solo brings in more money because all the money goes to the artist and the label (she’s on a 360) but Atlantic knows that it’s a lose lose if they put her on the road. She’s too big to do small venues but doesn’t have a big enough fan base to sell out arenas.
        Because she can only slay with free streams. That is the truth.

    • Tyty August 31, 2019

      Your points are irrelevant and stupid Rihanna was one of the biggest pop stars after GGGB and she struggled to sell out tours or have top gross. Until Loud and anti tour. Which tells you popularity, Grammys and number 1 hit don’t equate to successful tours. You have to build up a reputation for performing and loyal fan base people don’t just go to your tour because they like your song smh!!!

  6. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie August 31, 2019

    ??? As much as I want Megan to be signed on a record label, I don’t think Roc Nation would be it. Jay has some underhanded tactics when it comes to artists. I want her to continue slaying with only Mixtapes for now until she gets a major record deal. I want Columbia to get her.

    Shine Black Girl!!!!

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