Camila Cabello Teases New Music [Video]

Published: Saturday 31st Aug 2019 by Sam

Camila Cabello has something a’cooking.

The former Fifth Harmony star has been blazing a trail s a solo artist, nabbing two #1’s on the Billboard Hot 100 – namely ‘Havana’ and ‘Señorita,’ which topped the tally this week.

And despite only just reaching pole position alongside boyfriend Shawn Mendes, Cabello is now teasing something new.

Join us after the jump…

Moments ago, she shared the following preview clip christened ‘What Do I Know About Love?’:


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  1. Dc August 31, 2019

    Camila said normani who ???

    • Clarkson August 31, 2019

      LOL. She don’t give a F**k
      Normani is not a threat to her.
      Was latavia a threat to beyonce? NO

      • Meme August 31, 2019

        Not Latavia. Bish I’m screaming

        But for real, ppl need to stop comparing these to. Camilla already segmented her place in the in the industry. And weather y’all like it or not, she’s a solidified new superstar. Normani is still trying to find her placement and is not camila direct competition.

      • Beyhives August 31, 2019

        Gurl of course La Tavia no threat at all to Queen Bey
        Only to Michelle Williams lol

        Nomano is no threat to Camila, but she ks a threat to Tinashe and Nicki Minaj

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 31, 2019

      Camilla dont call the shots. The man she sucking off the record company runs her.

  2. Fancy BISH August 31, 2019

    Meme spoke her into existence! ? ? Camila is #1 right now…interesting preview clip!

  3. High Price August 31, 2019

    If she gets a solo number #1, then I think we can start talking umm seriously. But right now it just seems like “the right time” luck…

    • Clarkson August 31, 2019

      Hater spotted

      Jay z has only 4 number 1’s and all are features. He has no solo number, so Jay z is not a legend?

      When Camila eventually scored a solo number 1, u will shift the goal post again.

      Can she get a number 1 song were only her wrote and produced the song
      Can she get a number 1 song were she didnt incorporate her Latino roots
      Can she get a number 1 song that is a ballad

      Always shifting the goal post. Trying to discredit someone’s hard work. Hater

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 31, 2019

    Okay………. I still can’t watch her and get away from the feeling she is a little girl dressing up in her momma‘s clothes trying to be grown… she tries too hard to be s***. ??‍♂️

    Innoffensive enough spoken poetry and will be interesting to see how they plan to position her an artist for her new album. After VMA‘s i‘m humming the melody to Senorita and Motivation so from a Pop hook point of view both nailed it ✌?

    • Fancy BISH August 31, 2019

      ✅ I’ve definitely been humming Senorita…I haven’t done that in a LONG time for a new song…Camila & Shawnna had the best performance of the new generation at the VMA’s too…they sounded just like the record ? It gives me the FEELS of Smooth by Santana ??

      • Clarkson August 31, 2019

        “they sounded just like the record ”

        I thought yall said camela has poor vocals.
        I thought yall said Camila uses auto tune

        Camila and rosalia gave the best performance at the VMAs.

        Less is more. Normani did too damn much. Flips and kicks and slits mean nothing in today’s music climate

      • Fancy BISH August 31, 2019

        @Clarkson, chile what do you want NOW? ? I gave homegirl a compliment! I’m listening to Az Yet, don’t bother me with your foolishness…sunlight, red ROSES ? ? ?

  5. Romeo August 31, 2019

    She Is clearly just Shawn’s beard. Her and normani are two totally different artist. The comparisons are just dumb.

    • Clarkson August 31, 2019

      Yes Camila and normani are two different artists

      One is successful the other is a flop

      One has 2 number 1 songs, the other doesn’t

      One is currently number 1 right now as we speak the other is number 37 on the charts.

      So off cause they are totally different artists

      • Oh plz August 31, 2019

        STFU you pitiful, good for nothin trash. I just knew your unintelligent ass would be in here spewing hate. I’m

  6. Meme August 31, 2019

    Why Beyoncé feel the need to bring out music right when Kelly bringing out music?

    • Erica August 31, 2019

      Beyoncé has down that to Kelly maybe 3 times

  7. Faf August 31, 2019

    She looks like nelly furtado

    • Andrew August 31, 2019

      Finally a fresh comment, I like it

  8. I love big black c** August 31, 2019

    Still a 13 years old boy body with annoying chipmunk voice….. today’s music industry has no taste at all.

    • Jasmine Trump, MAGA August 31, 2019


  9. thanosoftitan August 31, 2019

    She is boring, and I find her music very uninteresting.

    But glad there are people out there who appreciate her music, and are excited for this.

    • Andrew August 31, 2019

      Of course she’s a good singer, but indeed artistically bring
      She’s the Millie bobby brown of music

  10. Antoinette August 31, 2019

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  11. HavanaONana August 31, 2019

    Queen Camila Cabello is slaying???
    5 #1 US Pop hits:
    I Know What U Did Last Summer
    Bad Things
    Never Be The Same

    2#1 Billboard Hot 100:

    1# 1 album: Camila

    Haters be gone ✝️

    • Andrew August 31, 2019

      Of course, she can sang

    • Girlbye September 2, 2019

      Yeah Ciara had all to.

      Just saying ?

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