Jermaine Dupri Confirms Jay-Z NFL Story

Published: Monday 19th Aug 2019 by David

Jay-Z’s decision to partner with the NFL saw him face a tidal wave of criticism from critics who day he is using the company’s unfair treatment of Colin Kaepernick to fill his pockets.

Days later, the legendary creative Bryan Michael Cox claimed that Jay encouraged Jermaine Dupri not to sign a similar deal…only to go behind his back and sign the same thing.

Today, Jermaine has confirmed the story. Funk Flex revealed that Jermaine confirmed the startling story in a telephone conversation they had just a few hours who.

Jay is yet to respond.


Do you think he should?

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  1. Bey Best August 19, 2019

    The people who are on top of business and industries often play dirty, including stabbing allies in the back. The problem is that Jay figuratively sold Black American bodies to be the good ole Black boy mascot for another part of corporate America after Uber, Barclays Center, etc

    • Jasmine August 19, 2019

      The best moves are done in silence. Jay plays the role of a hypocrite always talking about blacks should do this and that and then doing the very same thing he preaching not to do. Nobody would have issue with this deal if he had just kept his mouth shut regarding Colin, Travis Barker, etc

      • The Truth August 19, 2019

        I agree with this comment 100%. I truly want to know more about Bey and Jay’s marriage. As much as I love Bey, I don’t think she’s truly happy. Jay seems really sketchy, and we already know he’s a cheater and has a history of other things. I’m kinda concerned for Bey. He’s pretty much controlling her career, but I think she’s scared to leave because he’s always been there since she’s been a solo star. He’s like a security blanket. I think the same can be true for Cardi and Offset – I think she’s afraid to leave him because he’s been there since she became a true star.


    • eric August 19, 2019

      @The Truth. Beyonce is not a weak minded individual. If she can move out from under her father, she can easily do the same with Jay if she so desires. Something must be working well enough for her that she’s not willing to let it go.

  2. The Truth August 19, 2019

    JAY-Z is canceled! Bye gurl!

    Bey, leave him please. You’re better off without this roach.

    • Bey Best August 19, 2019

      Jay won’t be canceled because of the black feminist, q**** and media obsessions of Beyoncé. Jay knows that.

      • The Truth August 19, 2019

        Sigh. I don’t think this is a good look for Bey. I love Bey and think she’s better off without this roach queen.

      • Bey Bey Sting August 19, 2019

        The black feminists have already turned on him
        And aren’t so blinded by her talent that they can’t turn on her too. This is really bad and is undoing all of the work they put in to clean his image up after we found out he was a disgusting cheater.

    • Jasmine August 19, 2019

      If they didn’t cancel him for making two whole albums with R. Kelly then he ain’t going to be canceled

      • The Truth August 19, 2019

        When was this?

      • Bey Best August 19, 2019

        Jasmine, that was a mic drop fact.

  3. Bey Best August 19, 2019

    Bey-Z has a long history of stopping bags of fellow Black celebrities so they can get all the opportunities. Why are we surprised by this? Y’all finally woke up or something?

  4. The Truth August 19, 2019

    Rita Ora’s wack a** tried to tell us about Jay-Z years ago when she tried to get rid of her contract with him. Now look at her career (not that it was going anywhere, but still…).

    Jay is sketchy. And I believe 100% that he and Bey inflated their streaming numbers. And I honestly think that’s why it’s taking so long for Beyoncé to come back with a solo album. She doesn’t know how it’ll do without the numbers being inflated by tidal, and the unfortunate lack of pop radio support she’ll get (no shade, I love Bey, but lets be honest, pop radio hasn’t been fond of her in awhile).

    Rihanna left Tidal. Time for you to leave Jay entirely Bey. This isn’t a good look, and I love you Queen B.

    • LUCKI August 19, 2019

      Beyoncé will never leave Jay. They are intertwined. It’s cheaper to keep her, and HIM in this case.

  5. The Truth August 19, 2019

    Side note: TGJ, please hire me to proofread your articles before they are posted. The grammatical errors that are constantly running throughout each post are embarrassing.

  6. Karter August 19, 2019

    It seems as if everyone has conveniently forgotten that Colin recieved his settlement from the NFL and hasn’t said a word about protesting police brutality since his settlement. Not to mention the fact he signed a deal with Nike who is a MAJOR sponsor of the NFL AFTER he first kneeled but wanted everyone else to boycott the NFL… huh?! Also, wasn’t he offered a couple of contracts but turned them down because he felt as if it wasn’t enough money?? Please. Colin is no MLK or Malcolm X, he got his check and ran so miss me with that foolishness. Now, Jermaine Dupri… who in their right mind was actually going to sign him a contract to manage the entertainment portion of the NFL?!… I mean, who is he gonna book, Ciara? Da Brat? Lil Bow Wow, T.I?! Come on now, this ain’t 2003, it’s 2019 and Jermaine Dupri nor his label is popping like it used to. Get real. JAY-Z is in talks to be a minority owner of a Pro football team (first black man to do so), Dupri ain’t even got the bank nor the business savvy to do such a thing. It’s funny how Jay is catching heat for this but everyone was rooting for Diddy when he tried to do the EXACT same thing with the Carolina Panthers. ?

    • The Truth August 19, 2019

      Respectfully, you sound ridiculous. So because Jermaine doesn’t have an artist on his own label that’s popping, he wouldn’t be given such a deal? Girl, look at what Jermaine has done in the music industry, he is a legend.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @ The Truth. In order to make an investment, you have to put something in, in order to get something out. He is definitely a legend, who said he wasn’t?? However, like I said, he doesn’t have the bank nor the business savvy to acquire such a deal. Keep up. JAY-Z’s little 5% stake that he’s negotiating will cost anywhere between 100-200 MILLION dollars… Dupri is only worth $2,000,000. Now, what exactly about my statement was ridiculous??

    • Bey Bey Sting August 19, 2019

      He received a settlement because he had proof that it conspired to blacklist him. It wasn’t dirty money it was money he was owed because THEY stopped him from working.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @Bey Bey Sting. I know that. The point is, before his settlement (which by the way, the case didn’t even make it to a trial, he SETTLED for the money) he was proactive in his protest against police brutality (I’m all for that). However, since the settlement, he has been very much inactive in shedding light on police brutality. I could understand it more if black men weren’t STILL being shot up by police but that’s not the case. Where is the activist at now? What is he doing NOW for the community that supported his cause? Exactly. He got his check and went silent.

      • I Ain’t Sorry August 19, 2019

        You are confused. He didn’t “settle” in the sense that he took the Money and ran. He “settled” in the sense that he had proof that they wronged him and they HAD to pay him to compensate him for his lack of earnings. If they didn’t he would have dragged them through the courts. It is such a shame that Jay has given people the confidence to question Colin’s pure motives just so they can justify why he is such a snake.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @I Ain’t Sorry. No, you’re the one who is confused. I’m not questioning his motives because he settled for the money, I’m questioning his motives because HE HAS BEEN SILENT SINCE RECEIVING THE MONEY. Understand? I’ve fully supported his cause, I was rooting for him. He was doing interviews left and right to support his efforts in bringing police brutality to the forefront, but where is he now is my question? How much of his settlement did HE invest into the movement?? What street has he marched on since then? Plenty of black men have been unjustly shot down by police since he received his settlement but there haven’t been any activism from camp Kaep tho… THAT’S why I’m questioning his motives. No confusion over here. Now, in all seriousness, correct me if I’m wrong…

      • Jean August 19, 2019

        he extorted the league on racial politics, they shouldn’t of gave him nothing. Also, how is everyone forgetting the 200 + black millionaires still playing for the NFL, why don’t they strike? Why can the black players still entertain but Jay can’t rap. Colin knows nothing of struggle nor does he know about any real issues facing black America, police brutality is # 101 on the top things plaguing black people but know one will tell them the truth to their face, me included and Im black but I am not saying as I would be most likely attacked verbally and possibly physically,

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @Jean I totally agree except the fact that he definitely deserved the settlement because he was most definitely being blackballed (at first). Afterwards, the only reason he didn’t play is because he felt as if the offers he received were “beneath his pay grade”. He’s no longer being blackballed as these folk seem to believe, he’s definitely been offered contractS. I’m not against him tho, I just don’t see how these people can call Jay-Z a sellout for trying to make money when EVERYONE IN THE LEAGUE INCLUDING KAEP are doing the EXACT same thing, trying to make money! These people don’t TRULY give a damn about police brutality, they’re just trying to earn a check. That’s why the majority of the league, which is 69% black, did nothing and are still on the field making that cash. ??‍♂️

      • I Ain’t Sorry August 19, 2019

        Exactly. Most of these people get their news from Instagram so are poorly informed. The plight of the lowly.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @pon_De and @I Ain’t Sorry. Did you even READ the article? Kaep is talking about getting his job back and being blackballed from playing, NOT POLICE BRUTALITY!! Reading is fundamental. The only social justice reform they mentioned was talking about the efforts made by JAY-Z. Nothing Kaep said in that article was about social justice. Talking about poorly informed, please.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        From the article YOU linked: “First came the video drops from Kaepernick reminding everyone that he’s “still ready” and has been “denied work” by the NFL.” “And finally, in a moment that should have been a crowning public relations moment for the NFL, the ambiguous music/social justice partnership with Jay-Z spawned an ongoing conversation about whether a highly visible Kaepernick supporter had “sold out” to the league’s powerful and deep checkbook.” “First, it’s crystal clear that Kaepernick never agreed to cease seeking employment in the settlement terms reached with the league. Any doubt about that was put to bed by a handful of videos posted to the social media accounts of Kaepernick and Reid – all remarking that Kaepernick is “still ready” and still being “denied work” in his job pursuit”.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @pon_De. You only further proved my point with that link so again I’ll ask: What has he done to support the fight against police brutality since receiving his settlement? From the looks of things, his main concern has been to play pro football on anyone’s team. Him taking a knee to bring awareness to the situation was excellent on his behalf but since receiving that check, it seems as if his main priority has been to get his job back, not continuing the fight against police brutality. That is the only point I’ve been trying to make. Again, correct me if I’m wrong.

      • pon_De August 20, 2019

        @Karter What has he been doing?? Just admit that you are out of the loop and will try to do better. Clearly you’re unaware of the Know Your Rights camps. They’re getting press to continue to bring attention to the issue and move the conversation forward. PAPER Magazine is about to drop an expose. This is multifaceted movement. On one end you have people lobbying for policy change, and we see the results of that with the ‘use of force’ bill that was just passed in Cali. On another end you have people like Kap who are working on educating the community about their civil rights, building tools for organizing/protesting, etc. He can do that and still want to play professional football like he trained his entire life to do.

    • eric August 19, 2019

      @Karter. Just because he isn’t kneeling doesn’t mean he isn’t talking. Colin partnering with Nike speaks louder than words. Nike took a huge risk in their campaign “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” People responded by burning their Nikes on live social media while everyone predicted the end of Nike. Instead, their stock skyrocketed, because people heard Colin loud and clear. I fell in love with Nike for taking the risk. I had maybe two Nike products before the campaign. After, I now have more like 22. You don’t have to be standing in the pulpit or kneeling in the game to make change and inspire people to think. We ALL have that power, but not all of us are brave enough to use it, hence the campaign, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

    • Brenda August 20, 2019

      I agree 100% with every thing you said. Especially the difference in the bank rolls. Everyone is being hard on Jay, but mark my words, you will all be apologising in the end. Love you Jay for what you are about to do!!

  7. Clarkson August 19, 2019

    Damn Jay z ugly inside and out.

    Solange should beat his àss again for this.

    • Bey Bey Sting August 19, 2019

      This time with audio chile.

  8. menudi August 19, 2019

    Ya’ll are never gonna set a fire to Jay Z’s feet and hold him accountable because hes married to Beyonce.

    He knows that and all of you know that.

  9. C.N August 19, 2019

    -BEY gonna leave him
    -he dont care about blacks
    -i knew he was this and that
    -jay z is the devil

    • I Ain’t Sorry August 19, 2019

      Did you say God’s children? My dear, nothing that soon to be pensioner does is of God. And we are not hating on him because we are haters , we are hating on the fact that time and time again he has proven himself to be a serpent who exploits his own people for financial gain. Lest we forget that he forced Bey to do a joint tour one year after she had the twins because he couldn’t fulfil his agreement with Live Nation alone because his solo tours’ numbers were lower than Evelyn Lozada’s self esteem after All Star Weekend. Bey needs to leave him.

    • Karter August 19, 2019

      @C.N. You must be new to TGJ comment section? Lol, the lot of them don’t even truly care about the facts nor will they open their eyes to see the bigger picture. They love to see celebrities downfall, they wish and hope for it to happen and will then laugh and celebrate if it actually happens… especially if it’s a black celebrity. Jay-Z was on the front line marching for #JusticeForTrayvon, bailing out the Ferguson protesters left and right, sending hundreds of millions of dollars to aide the BLM movement and now all of a sudden they call him a sellout and trying to cancel him. Don’t know and don’t care about the facts, yet, the men they come in here defending haven’t even done half of that. Where was Mr. Dupri during all of this?? Where is Mr. Kaep now that he got his NFL settlement, his $100,000,000 (correct me if I’m wrong) Nike deal? Dude took a knee, got paid, then went silent. Chile. Black people are black people’s own worst enemy, always have been.

      • I Ain’t Sorry August 19, 2019

        Shut up you foul swine. What is the “bigger picture. “ He wanted to own a team so partnered with the same people he told everyone else not to work with and tacked a social justice message on top just so he could fool people like you into thinking it was done with good intentions. Why are black people always been asked to work with people who degrade, disgust and dehumanise all for the “greater good”? How “good” can it be if you have to exploit others to do it? Keep on selling yourself short in the name of the “greater good” and tell me how far it gets you in the real world. I had a job once where I was the only black person in the company and I accepted a salary far less than my worth because I thought I could use my position to help others like me get access to the resources the company had by hiring them and pushing for them to get contracts when we outsourced staff. Do you think my bosses saw it the same way or saw the “bigger picture”? No, they saw a black person who sold themselves short just to have a job and they disrespected me all throughout my time there because they knew they were exploiting me. They made me redundant and replaced me with a white woman who used all of my ideas (I was naive enough to give her a good handover when they fired me) and got a promotion within a year. So carry on, but you’ll soon see that what you see as the “greater good” is what THEY see as weakness.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @I Ain’t Sorry. “Shut up you foul swine” ??? I stopped reading after that. If you can’t debate with someone or have a decent rebuttal without having to resort to DESPERATELY TRYING to insult someone you don’t know, then your thoughts and opinions aren’t even worth reading. You and I aren’t even in the same league. Be better and be blessed! ?

      • I Ain’t Sorry August 19, 2019

        You don’t want to reply because I gave you a clear example of why the “greater good “ approach does not work for black people and even told you how that having that mindset cost me. You say we are not in the league and I agree. Because You are far beneath my ranking and certainly no match for me. Find your nearest doctor and asked him to recommend something that will cure you of your stupidity. Good day.

      • Karter August 19, 2019

        @I Ain’t Sorry. Sure, sis. Whatever you say. At least you tried your best.

  10. Tyty August 19, 2019

    Neither Jermaine or Kap have spoken directly about this yet everyone else is having meltdowns ???. Evidently they don’t care as much as y’all do.

    • Tyty August 19, 2019

      Kap collecting them Nike checks and could careless … his still hoping to play. For the right price he will happily play in the NFL again whilst y’all cry about jay being a sellout.

      • I Ain’t Sorry August 19, 2019

        Dunce. The issue is not Colin playing. We all want him to play. The issue is that he was stopped from playing because he protested against police brutality. Not the same as being a 50 year old serpent who couldn’t sell out an arena date for all the inflated streams in the world.

    • Tyty August 19, 2019

      He got offered two contracts by two separate teams after his so called black balling and turned them down because the money wasn’t enough…. so miss me with the sob story. He willing turned down jobs… blackballed my ass. FOH!!! Kap don’t give a f*** about y’all. His sure been silent on kneeling and social justice since he got that settlement though. Keep whining that’s all you are any good for.

  11. Grape August 19, 2019

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  12. High Price August 19, 2019

    Well it’s not likely that Jermaine or Kaepernick will go public about it because it wouldn’t be a good move, especially look wise…. The business was bad but I don’t think they dislike Jay for it. With that, I think it’s just the principle.

    But on another note, smh Jay shouldn’t of done this deal. Come to find out, the deal was in the works a year ago all while Jay was still protesting and still conversing with Kaepernick but never said a word… WHY? Why didn’t he say anything?. And why should we stop kneeling as Jay said we should? Smh. The whole sh!t is in shambles tbh..

    • Karter August 19, 2019

      @High Price. That’s not the point Jay-Z was trying to make. Since kneeling, more and more black men have been unjustly killed by the police so what exactly is more kneeling going to do? It’s time to take action. Kneeling was a great way to bring awareness to the issue but now something must actually be done to fight the issue and it certainly can’t be done from the outside looking in, the system must be infiltrated. He definitely could’ve said it better but the point remains the same. I can admit that the way he went about making the deal happen was EXTREMELY shady but what successful billionaire has made their way to the top without being shady? Like you said, I doubt they dislike him for it. I’m just waiting on the final verdict, to see exactly where he’s going with this, before trying to cancel the man over making the deal.

      • High Price August 19, 2019

        Lol! Mmmmm….. he may have recently become a billionaire but an established business man? He’s definitely BEEN seasoned in that department. So to be shady and contradictory in this stance and across all boards just to have a “seat at the table” as someone else on here stated JUST doesn’t look good. At no angle at all. I too am waiting for some official rebuttled word from him mainly because just like I stated about the “kneeing”, he stated it the same way in that video lol. Sounded crazy to me. But hey, he said what he said. I did see where he tried to clarify though. He probably shouldn’t be canceled but when speaking up in political rights, minorities, unjustly causes, etc… He probably should just remain silent. I think people put a lot of weight on him because he is a very pivotal African American figure in the community. His word can hold a lot of weight.. we’ve seen it. So idk… time will tell because stuff is steady coming out….

  13. Keith August 19, 2019

    And Jermaine should be THANKING Jay-Z for that phone call after seeing all this conflama…And no, Jay-Z will not be canceled (thanks to his wife). All Beyonce needs is a new solo visual album (or a DC record) to wipe this all away (silly fans). IN FACT, this drama is PERFECT as the seeds for a new record…LMAO

  14. Truth August 19, 2019

    Lies!!!! Why on earth would you give up a million dollar deal.. jermaine is doing this for clout… who cares if he confirms… I would like to hear the nfl commissioner confirm .. I’ll wait.. sips tea..

  15. Ropeburn August 19, 2019

    This man is a ?!

  16. #TheTruth August 19, 2019

    I have mixed feelings…
    I don’t understand why he went through with this deal, it’s not like he needs more money, especially if he stabbed JD in the back like that.
    He knew it would backfire.
    Lately both him and Bee got way more political than they would ever dare before.
    This goes against what he seemed to stand for.

    Unless people are speaking too fast and that he will bring change to the table.
    Is he the only black guy part of the team now ?
    People are complaining about the NFL but at some point, if you expect any sort of change, new people need to join in.

    It’s tricky in terms of PR. It’s not like he could release a statement saying the NFL is evil and he’s joining for more equality, they would have fired his a$$ in a heartbeat.

    Or maybe he doesn’t care about any of that and wants more $$$ just when he didn’t have enough.

  17. MozArtMedia August 21, 2019

    Yes I absolutely think he should follow through, that is my unbiased opinion. If only we could look at all this in the positive and not focus so much at trying to condemn Jay for looking at the real issues at hand, we could eventually move forward.

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