Normani Lifts The Lid On Impressive ‘Motivation’ Secret

Published: Monday 19th Aug 2019 by David

Normani‘s spectacular ‘Motivation‘ video continues to be showered with praise

And now the the Pop princess has shared interesting insights into how she and her team ensured that the track didn’t fall into the hands on unscrupulous leakers before its release.

Details below…

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still can’t believe I did this in the middle of tour. i had 4hrs of sleep. two days of rehearsal. i legit had five espresso shots oh my goahhhh. oh and when we shot this scene we danced to the sound of @itsbankhead giving us counts. NO MUSIC. couldn’t risk the song leaking. wow so many sleepless nights working v hard on this one for my fans. I love you guys so much. I promise this is only the beginning

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Good thing she did.

For, the song’s fault-free rollout has seen it bag over 10 million streams on Apple Music and Spotify music and an additional 13 million spins from its official music video.

Yet to see it?

Press Play!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme August 19, 2019

    Go Antwon! He’s such a nice humble guy. Know him from Florida!

    • Meme August 19, 2019

      They changed the whole article. Stupid

  2. Bey Best August 19, 2019


  3. China August 19, 2019

    Ciara part 2. Great Dancer. Weak Vocalist.

    • Get it together August 19, 2019

      You seem real bitter. Let that hatred & saltiness go. She just coming out the gate her vocals can always improve.

    • #TheTruth August 19, 2019

      I watched some videos on YouTube with her best live vocals. She actually can sing. She has a rather large register, whistle notes as well. But she’s not showcasing any of that as a solo artist. Maybe she will with her album !?!

    • Erica August 19, 2019

      People call Janet & Britney weak vocalist look how far they got! Y’all like that’s what sell records the biggest vocalist are not the top sellers besides Mariah & Whitney the bigger sellers are females with vocals not that strong. Just give this girl a chance

      • Gworl Bye August 19, 2019

        I never heard anybody call Janet a weak vocalist.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 19, 2019

        Gorl Janet is the epitome of weak vocalist.
        Her range goes from mute to mute

      • The Truth August 19, 2019

        Um. You cannot be serious. EVERYBODY knows Janet is a weak vocalist. I love me some Janet, but we all know she whispers. Take “Dammn Baby” for example. You cant even tell what she’s whispering about…but I love the song and her.

        I have never heard anyone say that Janet is NOT a weak vocalist lol.

    • LUCKI August 19, 2019

      Normani sings circles around Ciara. Bad comparison.

    • Adele August 20, 2019

      Agreed. Great dancer and gives a good aesthetic but the vocals aren’t it. She gives me new age Ciara as well. Everyone is talking about how she looks good and danced her ass off in the video (which she did! She ate that choreo) not many are talking about the vocals because we know they are lacking.

  4. IAMME August 19, 2019

    Normani is an icon in making.

    • China August 19, 2019

      If you consider DISPOSABLE music and OVER-DANCING every video and waterweak elevator vocals. GIRL BYE. She does NOT have the VOCALS. She’s basically CIARA part 2.

      • IAMME August 19, 2019

        Number 1, her and Ciara are nothing alike, And ciara was not original. But i don’t do internet trolling, let see what she does on the VMAS.

      • Gworl Bye August 19, 2019

        Girl shut up about vocals, some of the biggest vocalists in the business are the ones that flop the hardest so sit down.

  5. and why no one talk about her trying the Aaliyah look August 19, 2019

    This is why the dance doesn’t sync with the music – it looks like someone took a random fast dancing rooting and mix it with random song – in that way only 14% of the time there is a sync.

    • Gworl Bye August 19, 2019

      Stop lying, it does not. You’re just hating under a different screen name lol ?.

  6. Keith August 19, 2019

    This is interesting. I feel like a lot of artists are doing this to prevent their music from leaking as they film pre-release videos. #motivationisahorriblesong

    • Kalorie August 19, 2019

      #IamwithKeith She needs something strong. I understand she wants to fulfill her black side but she is lacking soul. It sounds as if she is just read-singing the lyrics rather than feeling it. She is frozen waffle at its best.

  7. Xtina4life August 19, 2019

    Do we have any chart positions yet? I know the grape juice loves itunes charts. So where does it sit at the moment anyone know?

    • Erica August 19, 2019

      Sis still in the top 10

    • Gworl Bye August 19, 2019

      #9 main iTunes
      #6 iTunes pop songs

  8. Clarkson August 19, 2019

    It’s funny seeing black people hype this girl up after paying dust to tinashe, Ciara, amerie,terria mari

    What is she doing that hasn’t been done before? She has zero artistry, her dancing is too aggressive as hell, she’s not that pretty also, very average dark skin girl face and body.

    • Detruth August 19, 2019

      You dont have to be light skinned to be beautiful. Ciara had a really good run. The others you named did not have a “good run” let’s give her a chance and see what she can do. That lane is wide open.

    • Tyty August 19, 2019

      Why haven’t you been blocked from this site you are a racist or colorist degenerate. Don’t you have some dog to mate with?? You lice-infested twat!!

    • Meme August 19, 2019

      All of the ladies you named had their chances. Ciara and tinashe and Ameri had multiple chances, they just didn’t catch on. Normani deserves her chance as well!

    • The Truth August 19, 2019

      Zero artistry? She’s not pretty? Normani is STUNNING! This is only her FIRST solo single. Give her time to prove her artistry.

      Ciara and Tinashe ruined there own careers. Ciara needs to go back to the hood, goodies sound…but she wants to be a freaking pop star (career ruined). Tinashe had ONE hit with 2 on and then tried to go earthy and alternative (career ruined). Plus, we don’t know Tinashe’s personality. She doesn’t seem genuine.

      Normani has been nothing but genuine. She shows love to everyone who came before her. And she is a superstar. She is the complete package, and she’s darkskin.

      So please don’t compare Normani to Tinashe or Ciara…or anyone else, because she’s NORMANI!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan August 19, 2019

        Uhh Tinashe was already doing Alt-R&B in 2012 with her mixtapes before “2 On”.
        You know nothing lol.

    • The Truth August 19, 2019

      And Amerie and Teairra Mari are not complete packages. See everything Teairra Mari has done in the past 9 years. And Amerie could’ve been big but it’s like she didn’t have a good team. #dontmarryyourmanager

      • Clarkson August 19, 2019

        Amerie, not a complete package? Now that’s a lie. Amerie could sing, dance, she could write and produce and she was beautiful as hell. Her video were also lit as hell. one thing, touch, gotta work, heard all em these are fire music videos with stunning choreography
        She was beyonce’s competition back then.

        Sevy streeter, keke palmer, Justine Skye, natalie la rose, etc the list goes on, these were talented black girls who could dance but yall paid them dust, so why the hype for normani?

      • The Truth August 19, 2019

        @Clarkson Sevy streeter, keke palmer, Justine Skye, natalie la rose were not complete packages. Amerie was a record label puppet. If she was the complete package, she wouldn’t be releasing the terrible material she’s released since she was dropped by Def Jam. I loved Amerie, but she was a product of producers and labels.

        Normani is the full package. We are not comparing Normani to anyone. It’s like you’re mad that she’s getting attention.

        Everyone you’ve listed is talented, but there’s a difference between being talented and having the IT factor. It’s like, fast food is fast and convenient, but it doesn’t have the IT factor of a nice steak or something else – but it gets the job done.

      • Namo August 20, 2019

        Normani doesn’t have the IT factor, sorry but you’re too delusional.

  9. iamdiego August 19, 2019

    Im so proud of her.

  10. meeee August 19, 2019

    she definitely has star power.. as someone said some good producers will help her find her distinct sound. beyonce’s career depends on dancing just as much as janet, ciara. gp never really stanned her vocals but her overall presence

  11. JustIgnoreMe August 19, 2019

    The song has grown on me a lot. Hearing it in passing on the car made me like it more.

  12. High Price August 19, 2019

    I’m too amped!

  13. ~The Arcade~ August 19, 2019

    I really appreciate her work ethic, and just overall commitment. She needs to be on every major award show performing and not just seated. She has it!!!

  14. Keith August 19, 2019

    If Normani can get Dinah Jane’s songs and Dinah Jane can get Normani’s energy and “imma shake it so hard you HAVE to look at me”-ness, ONE OF THESE GIRLS might hold onto stardom…LOL. And for those commenters debating this earlier, EVERYONE knows that Tinashe, Amerie, and Sevyn Streeter are more organically talented than Normani. I’m rooting for Normani, but she is DEFINITELY following Beyonce’s chapter of the pop girl handbook (WORK HARD and GET THE MACHINE BEHIND YOU).

  15. Namo August 20, 2019

    “let me give you innovation” LMAO yeah… by copying other artists, that’s so innovative.

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