Ciara Named New Brand Ambassador of IPSY

Published: Tuesday 10th Sep 2019 by Rashad

At this point we’re convinced Ciara just needs to teach a masterclass on what it means to ‘level up.’

When not collecting awards for everything from music to philanthropy (click here to watch her acceptance speech at this year’s Black Girls Rock!), the R&B diva’s stunning on red carpets, blazing stages, or hosting award shows and TV specials like Nickelodeon’s forthcoming ‘America’s Most Musical Family’ (click here to read more).

Now, not even a month after being announced as the face of Kohl’s latest campaign, Cici’s partnered with IPSY to act as the glam brand’s newest ambassador.

Details inside:

Taking to Instagram Monday (September 9), the Grammy winner announced:

“IPSY comes from, ipse, the Latin word for SELF. 
Through my personal journey of self discovery, I’ve learned that beauty really starts from within and using products only helps enhance your inner beauty. I love going to an event in full glam but I’ve also learned to love being natural with just moisturizer and lip balm. I’m excited to share that I’m partnering with @IPSY to share my journey and I invite you share yours too #DiscoverYourself #IPSYPartner”


Joining the subscription service-based brand for their inaugural IPSY Live – a two-day event chock full of panels, workshops, and displays of new glam products, subscribers and non-subscribers are invited to buy tickets to meet Ciara when she’s in the house to share her oft sought after beauty secrets and more.

Click here to buy tickets.

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  1. Nicky September 10, 2019

    Cici sold millions of albums and had numerous top 10 hits.

    These other girls can only dream. ?????????????????

    • CarpeDiem September 10, 2019

      Dream of what? 5 flop uncertified albums in a row?

    • Clarkson September 10, 2019

      Her only number 1 is a feature also. Dumb àss

      Her Grammy win was a feature. Dummy

      • Nicky September 10, 2019

        Go choke on a D Clarksdaughter


        Camicky will never have a Grammy. ???????????????

        Or sell millions


      • Clarkson September 10, 2019

        Havana is about to be certified diamond

        Never be the same is 3x platinum

        U said crying in the club was a flop but it is certified platinum

        Camila debut album is certified platinum

    • Joan D. Fisher September 10, 2019

      You have to work and use the computer and internet, and if you can do that and dedicate some time each day then you can do this with no problem.
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    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 10, 2019

      I am looking forward to meeting Ciara on 09/17. Its my first time seeing her perform.

  2. Tyty September 10, 2019

    She doesn’t need music anymore she should focus on these types of venture

    • YAS BIH September 10, 2019

      She don’t need it but why should she give it up if that’s what she love doing and she still has fans that love her music new as well as old she can do it all.

      • Faf September 10, 2019

        I mean her last 3 albums have platinum hits on them. So now that she’s over 30 it’s natural she’s not looking to compete with Normani and Camilla coming up

        She has a perfect balance of motherhood while being a lost married to one of the leagues highest paid qb doing charity and a fashion beauty brand

        I think she wants to be a Victoria Beckham eventually

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 10, 2019

      She wants to tour though. Usually new music comes with new tours. She is just diversifying her brand on top of music but she is still a music artist.

  3. Ag the don September 10, 2019

    I’m glad Ciara found her niche because music aint cutting it anymore. She stays booked with a check and endorsement.

  4. Truth September 10, 2019

    every month it seems like she just made another power move…she is not playing…

  5. I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 10, 2019

    On the Wheaties box. They couldn’t find a better picture of your husband for Wheaties..

  6. YAS BIH September 10, 2019

    Another day another bag i’m happy for her but I can’t wait for the Makeup line and the new song she working on.

  7. Clarkson September 10, 2019

    Selling out 101.
    She went from a musician to a personality over night. This is normani in the next ten years.

    Ciara never had any class from the start. Her uploading those pictures of herself attending college for 4 days was the last straw for me, lost all respect for her.

    • Are You Kidding Me? September 10, 2019

      You don’t like brown-skinned and dark-skinned woman and rep for a racist White passing Latina. You are the definition of sell-out if you’re Black.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 10, 2019

      And this is why no one will EVER invite you to consult them on BUSINESS – because great people diversify and have multiple INCOME STREAMS. Why do you want to put a successful black woman in a BOX just so you can force her into a stereotype and say she’s ‘selling out’. Maybe you should get yourself in the know and SELL OUT so you can get out from under that bridge you’re living under SMDH. Haterz stay made while others live their best lives ?

    • Tyty September 10, 2019

      Oh here you are again hating or should I say envying yet another black woman.. it’s so pathetic it’s down right hilarious you spend all day on this site… spewing absolute b*******. You was on a brandy post again repeating the same boring bs!! You don’t hate black woman you want to be a black woman so you can finally get all the bbc you crave without being a c** guzzling white t*****.

  8. Nicky September 10, 2019


    Clarksdaughter is not educated, lies, and contradicts all the time.

    But when you’re a bottom that can’t get any D, you take it out on the world.


    It knows nothing about music business or business for that matter.

    A sell out is getting with a gay man for a hit. Camicky cannot stand on her own two feet


  9. Not sold September 10, 2019

    Ciara is pushing for being yourself, beauty marks, and self esteem yet sleeps in European wigs, always in weave and lied on Ru’s show about her nose job? Make it make sense

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