Exclusive: Stars Talk Missy Elliott’s Impact At The MTV VMAs 2019

Published: Sunday 1st Sep 2019 by Sam

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This week saw Missy Elliott honored at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards!

The industry visionary was this year’s recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Moonman for her immeasurable impact visually and sonically.

That Grape Juice was on-hand on the red carpet and spoke with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Kash Doll, Mona Scott-Young, and more about her colossal contributions to music and culture.

Check out all the action from the Prudential Center above.

What are some your favorite Missy videos?

Your thoughts?

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  1. #Formulation September 1, 2019

    Did nt even recognise over half of them celebs…

    • Purnell September 3, 2019

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  2. Phillip September 1, 2019

    MTV needs to honor Brandy for her contributions to music, television, cinema and the rest of her endeavors. Brandy has contributed not only her singing skills to the industry but also her songwriting skills. She is a talent that deserves to be recognized for the decades of hits and success she has experienced.

    • Queen ?? Missy September 1, 2019

      Brandy has had an amazing career.

      • HavanaONana September 2, 2019

        I thought she was Tweet
        Oh she’s Brandy the Cinderella

    • Clarkson September 1, 2019

      Only black people who watch BET know who brandy is.
      how many number 1’s does she have
      How many iconic videos does she have
      What has she done for pop culture
      She was exposed as a liar and a fraud.

      Flop album after flop album after having 100 producers and songwriters on the album. A disgrace

      Even ray j is more iconic than brandy. Atleast ray j gave us the Kardashians.

      • Oh plz September 2, 2019

        STFU you disgusting trash. Nobody wants your racist, hate-filled garbage comments here.

      • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. September 2, 2019

        Oh Plz we know you are really that Jasmine the troll thing you ain’t fooling anybody, a racist calling someone else racist is a joke like your t***** life. At least you have now stopped using my name.

      • Bravo!! September 2, 2019

        Brandy video has been in the top ten and has had a number one video on “TRL” The original TRL show with “Carson.” Brandy has two number ones! Brandy has been around since 1994. This is a young living legend! Your comment proves you’re young and full of c** knowledge!!

      • Bravo!! September 2, 2019


      • Clarkson September 2, 2019


        U are dumb. Just because someone has been around for a long time doesnt mean they are a legend or deserve an award.

        Number one on TRL? U must be an epic fool
        brandy has only one memorable hit, the boy is mine, she deserves nothing.
        Moesha was trash, how many Emmys did it win?
        How many successful movies has brandy starred in?

      • Bravo!! September 2, 2019

        @Clarkson *check her record sells and billboards charting, on singles and album. Brandy push right through the R&bs chart and Top ten on the “Pop” charts numerous time. I’ll be here all day but I can’t cumm knowledge!

      • Oh plz September 2, 2019

        @Black Jasmine…the irony. Some fool with “Jasmine” in its name telling me that I’m Jasmine. Lord some of you clowns really need to go back to school. Here’s my simple response to your dumb AF accusation….I’m not Jasmine.

    • Martaevia La’Wayne September 2, 2019

      Yes Brandy!❤️. I get to see her next month for my birthday. Front row!????

  3. Queen ?? Missy September 1, 2019

    That’s my MF Queen!

    • EveStan September 2, 2019

      Queen Eve is the best female rapper of all time

      • Queen ?? Missy September 2, 2019


  4. Are You Kidding Me? September 1, 2019

    Favorite music video is tied with Lose Control and Pass that Dutch.

  5. HavanaONana September 2, 2019

    I love Miss Elliot’s “Lose Control” and 1,2 Step with the legendary “Ciara”

    • EveStan September 2, 2019

      Let Me Blow Your Mind and Tambourine are bigger and more iconic hits biatch

  6. EveStan September 2, 2019

    Missy is a flop
    No hots since 2006

    Eve is the greatest female rapper of all time only next to Iggy Azalea

    • Beyhives September 2, 2019

      Lol are u high?

  7. EveStan September 2, 2019

    Missy is a flop
    No hits since 2006

    Eve is the greatest female rapper of all time
    Eve is winning
    Eve has a too rating show

  8. Martaevia La’Wayne September 2, 2019

    Missy is everything!

    • EveStan September 2, 2019

      Eve is a better rapper

  9. GagasPokerFace September 2, 2019

    Missy i like your music that has sense of humor

    “Work It” and 1,2 Step are my favorite song of yours

  10. ? Jasmine’s Orange Juice ? September 2, 2019

    Missy’s music is whack
    We all dance with it

  11. Toni Lopez September 2, 2019

    I love the missy Elliott video throw it back.it’s off the change. Missy is finally back in the game again.i missed her so much.and truly hope she does something in memory of our girl alliyah.

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