Katy Perry Extends Record As Act With Most Youtube Videos With Over 500M Views

Published: Monday 9th Sep 2019 by Rashad

The response to ‘Never Really Over’ and ‘Small Talk’ – the first two singles from Katy Perry‘s forthcoming, yet-titled sixth studio album – may be signals her career is on the up-and-up after the dismal ‘Witness’ era,  but with peaks of #15 and #81 respectively on the Hot 100 their respective streaming and digital sales performances remain modest at best.

Yet, while she is reportedly hard-at-work on ‘Talk’s follow-up, the Charlie Puth-penned ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ fans are the ones doing the most surfing – namely of the collage of hits from her heyday.

See what we mean inside:

Despite failing to secure a current smash to match their respective popularities, Perry’s previous hits continue to prove themselves lucrative on the streaming front and the enduring success of the video for Calvin Harris’ 2017 hit, ‘Feels’ (which features Perry and Pharrell Williams), serves as a testament to that.

Recently passing the 500M mark on Youtube, the visual became the latest clip of the Pop diva’s videography to amass half a billion views or more in its lifetime.  As a leading act the 34-year-old had already collected a whopping 14 videos over her career to accomplish the feat.  Now, with the inclusion of ‘Feels,’ she’s extended the record to 15.

Look below to see the list of her clips to meet the measure (as of time reported):

  • ‘Roar’ (2.9B)
  • ‘Dark Horse’ (2.6B)
  • ‘Firework’ (1.1B)
  • ‘Last Friday Night’ (1.1B)
  • ‘Hot N Cold’ (921M)
  • ‘Wide Awake’ (897M)
  • ‘Part of Me’ (770M)
  • ‘Bon Appetit’ (770M)
  • ‘This is How We Do’ (720M)
  • ‘The One That Got Away’ (707M)
  • ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ (601M)
  • ‘Swish Swish’ (561M)
  • ‘E.T.’ (532M)
  • ‘Unconditionally’ (514M)
  • Calvin Harris’ ‘Feels’ (featuring Katy Perry & Pharrell)


The singer’s streaming wins have not only helped her on Youtube, but with the Recording Industry Association of America as well.  As such, with an impressive mix of digital downloads and streams, she became the first artist (and only woman to date) to see 3 singles certified Diamond by the RIAA.

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  1. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 10, 2019

    But WHEN will Rih Schedule????

    • Wonder Woman September 10, 2019

      Doesn’t Beyonce have 2 (both released in 2009)???

    • Datredd23 September 10, 2019

      Rihanna is a multi billionaire and could buy your fav over again twice so please don’t ask those kinda questions fatty

    • ??? September 10, 2019

      lmaoooo when will FLOPyonce?

  2. Lana Bey Fan September 10, 2019

    Queen but I love how no one even talks about her sexual harassment allegations. If she was a guy or black, it would be a rap for her.

    • Daisy September 10, 2019

      Her accuser backtracked. She said she was mis quoted by the media.

      • Clarkson September 10, 2019

        What of the dude from the teenage dream music video

    • Daisy September 11, 2019

      @Clarkson He was outed as being obsessed with Katy

  3. Jay September 10, 2019

    Too bad her music is flopping

    • Daisy September 10, 2019

      Not as bad as Beyonces’

  4. Gee September 10, 2019

    Streaming has really been a God sent to a lot of today’s biggest pop stars because records are created and broken in no time nowadays which really sucks. I understand that the music has to keep up with the times but in my opinion streaming is really killing the industry. On another note I wanna say congratulations to Katy for her latest musical achievement.

    • Urg September 10, 2019

      Adding to that while more artist are getting exposed at the same time the quality of music had gone down the ?. These days is quanity or quality.

    • SMH September 10, 2019

      No, there’s no need to apologize, you are correct. Streaming has killed and buried the music industry. She has 5 videos with over 500m views, so what? It doesn’t matter if those views don’t translate into sales.

  5. Miles September 10, 2019


  6. Only Facts September 10, 2019


    Unless you start working with Dr. Luke again, your days of chart dominance (or hell, your days of even charting) are done.

    Your black wig from the first 3 albums

  7. Clarkson September 10, 2019

    She deserves at least 1 Grammy. She changed the game.

    It was have been cool for her to win a Grammy for California girls, snoop has never won a Grammy also, so both of them winning their first Grammy together would have been awesome.

    • Only Facts September 10, 2019

      How the f**k did Katy Perry change the game??? I’ll wait. She is no icon. She is not relevant without Dr. Luke producing her songs.

      • Clarkson September 10, 2019

        5 number 1’s from one album is pretty game changing to me. Your faves could never.

      • Only Facts September 10, 2019

        5 #1’s from one album where she did about 6-7 remixes to get those songs to #1? That’s game-changing? Tell me something innovative that Katy Perry has done. I’ll wait. Dr. Luke is the mastermind behind her hits. Musically, she’s nothing without Dr. Luke. Even Max Martin can’t help Katy…(see witness)

      • SMH September 10, 2019

        Um sorry dear, Michael Jackson scored 5 #1s from one WITHOUT remixing, streaming, and re-releasing it 3 times unlike this chick. THAT’S what you call game changing.

    • I Told You September 10, 2019

      how did she change the game?

      • gina September 10, 2019

        she didnt. clarkson is trolling for attention with her unemployed ass.

  8. gina September 10, 2019

    500m youtube views dont mean sh1t if your album sales are flopping.

  9. Joan D. Fisher September 10, 2019

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