Ex-NFL Star Larry Johnson CONTINUES To Taunt Megan Thee Stallion After Their Heated Twitter Exchange

Published: Monday 23rd Sep 2019 by Rashad

It’s been over a week since former NFL running back Larry Johnson first saw his name running atop headlines for slamming Megan Thee Stallion, but that hasn’t stopped the 39-year-old from continuing his attempts to garner press from the conflict.

As fans know, Johnson randomly took to Twitter earlier this month to suggest the rapper’s (born Megan Pete) rising fame was somehow linked to the death of her mother.  Once his accusations reached her desk, the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ hitmaker lent a fiery clap back – a move that prompted further exchange between the two.

Now, while most of us thought the beef had cooled, the ex-pro baller – presumably due to ongoing online attack from Pete’s fans – took to Twitter earlier today to lend even more commentary.  See his distasteful remarks inside:

After learning Stallion had signed to Roc Nation (as we reported here), Johnson tweeted:


The comment earned a clap back from the rapstress:


Johnson replied:




Although Meg’s made no mention of the exchange since it happened, Johnson randomly took to Twitter today (September 22) to say:


As of time reported, none of the ladies involved – including Stallion – have responded to his comment.

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  1. Taz September 23, 2019

    Clearly he isn’t right in the head. Weirdo.

    • china September 23, 2019

      Dear Larry Johnson, you have tried all these WOMEN, and hating on a New and Upcoming female rapper…….AND since you read the bible — Judging much? MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY MEN????? …………or maybe you already have?

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 23, 2019

      Larry nothing is wrong with having those thoughts BUT you should not post them publicly on twitter because of the possible backlash. Megan is not your problem or concern. When you sincerely want to warn someone of something you do it privately like in a letter or phone call. You bashed her publicly so your message is now perceived as paranoia

      BTW He is fine in Fantasia’s When I See U video.

  2. King of Kingz September 23, 2019

    ?Bitter ass just mad he not managed by RocNation no more smh & she’s clearly throwing up the the TX sign ??‍♂️

    • SON_OF_DAD September 23, 2019

      Here’s the thing, why is she throwing up the goat head Satanism sign? Answer that, fan.

      • MCalling you h*** out September 23, 2019

        That’s the Houston hand sign…. swear y’all black but don’t know nothing About black symbols

      • JuSaidIt September 23, 2019

        It’s an H for Houston lol I’m from Houston and it’s pretty common for us to do that here. Some people do it with their thumb sticking out so as to differentiate it from the Texas Longhorns symbol. But go awf lol

    • Dee Joyce September 23, 2019

      Larry Johnson is the guy that put his hands on women. He has domestic violence arrests but is bragging on the females that got away…I guess! The girl only signed a damn management deal with ROC NATION like thousands before of entertainers. She is still the the first Lady of 300 Entertainmen. Plus there are only black folks in the devil worshipers club.?! B*******. They’ll give Black folks money but no damn power. Especially under the command of current POTUS who is a White Nationalist Puppet! But this idiot worried about J Hud who hasnt had mainstream success. Meg had a great year but she grinded her ass off since 2015! She didn’t come out of nowhere winning Grammys and topping charts.??‍♀️

  3. Tyty September 23, 2019

    At his big age he can’t express when his clearly sexually attracted to her instead decides to attack what kind of high school mentality is that ??. There really need to be something done about NFL players and their inevitable mental health issues…. these guys are loose canons when not on the field.

    • SON_OF_DAD September 23, 2019

      You know what’s sad? How it’s seemingly impossible to question a celebrity without facing attacks from Stans, like yourself.

      Megan (just like Jennifer Hudson, Kanye, etc) immediately excelled the moment her mother suddenly died. At this point one can easily surmise that there is some coincidence in the timing. Why have these stars risen so high after the death/killing (the later in Hudson’s case) of the people who had control over their career?

      • Tyty September 23, 2019

        Her mother was already dying before she become famous… don’t presume to lecture me on rituals that go on in Hollywood. I’m very well versed with what happens more so than you. But stop acting like Megan has suddenly become a massive superstar… and her star rising is bizarre when it’s not. For crying out loud city girl probably have more hits than her. I’m not a Stan of anyone. I pointed out very obvious facts. 1. He does find her sexually attractive 2. Judging by his twitter handle and mental health issues associated with nfl players nothing I said is out of the realm of possibility … but you would rather me believe she killed her mum for what??? She is hardly hitting top 10 on billboard or performing in arenas smh!!!

  4. KODAK-RED September 23, 2019

    Isn’t he mentally ill from some sort of brain damage?

    • High Price September 23, 2019

      GOTTA BE!

  5. Mother September 23, 2019

    Weirdo. Meg the pony tho ?

  6. Meme September 23, 2019

    Dude missing screws.

  7. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie September 23, 2019

    Meg is not worried about this clown so why would she respond. Meg on The Lengendary Tour building a fan base. She will not associate with failure. This weirdo needs to try again.

  8. Smoove Jones September 23, 2019

    Can y’all post about Mya’s new video Hands-free???

  9. AJ September 23, 2019

    Is there a back story as to why he started with her? I’m lost. He’s a WHOLE football player, coming for a female rapper

    • SMH September 23, 2019

      That’s what I’d like to know, I don’t think he randomly chose her to pick with, there’s definitely a back story with these two that we don’t know about.

      • Swirly September 23, 2019

        Trust me. There’s no backstory. He’s a twitter troll. This is what he does. It’s sad that Meg even indulged. I’m sure that had to hurt as she’s still grieving her moms death.

  10. Are You Kidding Me? September 23, 2019

    Beyond creepy and absolutely disrespectful and callous. She needs to get a restraining order, just in case. Wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up at one of her shows with a Bible acting as delusional as his tweets.

  11. Hollow Zero September 23, 2019

    She looks like she stinks anyway… And u can tell that before she got her deal, her mattress was in the floor and she had a pile of crusty underwear in the corner

  12. Stevone l Jackson September 23, 2019

    sad to say but he is right and you people that write these blogs know he is right you just can’t say and afraid to say cuz y’all work all in the same industry he got punched her ass with them pictures of her throwing up those symbolisms.

    • SMH September 23, 2019

      How do you know? Or are you just following the illuminati conspiracy crowd?

  13. George September 23, 2019

    >Says he’s a Christian

    >Brags about famous women he’s slept with

  14. Queef September 23, 2019

    He must’ve been knocked in the head a few times too many playing football. It’s clearly disrespectful, distasteful and down right heartless. All I’m saying is, if she isn’t responding now, it’s because money bag said he gone handle it, and if you’ve heard money bag music he ain’t pulling no stops.

  15. only facts September 23, 2019

    This guy is a lunatic. Brain damage in the NFL is a serious problem. Like seriously, how would the death of her mother be linked to her success as a rapper? WTF?

    Sidenote: I love Meg, but the first pic on this post is not cute…

  16. Adonis September 23, 2019

    I remember when Nicki Minaj cousin was shot and killed around same time she got big….. coincidence? ?

  17. King Khia September 23, 2019

    Why didn’t he mention Jay-Z as one of his exes? That has been the tea for more than a decade.

  18. SON_OF_DAD September 23, 2019

    Most of these comments come across as sycophants of a rapper none of you even heard of prior to this year. Does no one else find it bizarre and a bit alarming how mother’s, spouses, managers, etc suddenly die/killed and the artist in question skyrockets?

    Jennifer Hudson’s entire family was wiped out and she won and Oscar seemingly in the same breath. Kanye’s mother mysteriously dies during a routine plastic surgery and he becomes a cult leader. Jam Master Jay is killed by a mystery gunman and fhe next week 50 Cent becomes a Megastar. Now, I’m not one that believes the “Illuminati” is still active and these arr not necessarily the actions of a secret society at all, but there is most certainly evidence that there are higher ups in the music industry that will stop at nothing to control artists and their work. Music as powerful and vital as Hop Hop are not simply allowed to run rampant. Neither are artists such as Prince, MJ and others who were mysteriously killed by doctors who conveniently prescribed them lethal doses of medication at or around either a comeback, rebelling against a huge exec and/or an acquisition of great power. Prince suddenly “dies” in an elevator within Paisley Park after scaring his long fought after masters? Whitney House old album sales go insane after she dies/is killed in a tub just a few floors from industry devil Clive Davis huge Grammys party. Michael Jackson, who famously called industry juggernaut Tommy Mottola “the devil”, was paraded as a child m******* directly following labeling the industry monster Satan himself, driven into obscurity and t moment he decides to come back, he is stricken down by his doctor Conrad Murray to keep him quiet? Who knows.

    Stop being so beholden to these human beings. No one is saying Megan, Kanye or Jennifer said “Okay, you can have my mother” before signing in blood ink, but cutting off of ones loved ones is nothing new to the likes of a controlling lover. Because that is what the music industry is.

    • Paulo September 23, 2019

      J-Hud’s family died after her Oscar win. You’re a sad idiot who needs to pray to God for an education and some empathy.

  19. juicedrinker87 September 23, 2019

    Darya is not in the league of the first three but you are treading on thin ice Megan been popping before March

    • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) September 23, 2019

      He only likes mixed race women. That’s why he’s putting Meg down.

  20. Dessiikayy September 23, 2019

    Wouldn’t a person that worships the devil be proud?

  21. TtTt September 23, 2019

    That last tweet said it all

  22. Shell September 23, 2019

    Only b*tch *ss n!66@$ put the women they’ve slept with on display for whole world to see. Smh. That was totally uncalled for!!!!

  23. arjun September 23, 2019

    He sais what he said,and he clearly loose is time,only people who really pray,and commintment there life to god know that illumati exist,and all these celebrities give there life to satan to have succes,and they need to sacrifice someone
    But satan got people on make believe its just art,its tradition,mode,but they dont understand satan use everything as arts,music,movies,fashion,even toys to lure people,but when someone say this truth his called fool,crazy,
    The judgement day his coming,
    U people never question urself:why they singers and celebrities always use demonic image,why always satan image,why always choose a culture to satan
    Ask urself

  24. 4U2SEE! September 23, 2019

    If he won’t leave that stallion beast alone. I came across speaking on kevin dart a** and people though otherwise. LOL Shoot!! Let it “willingly” GO~~~~!!!!!!!

  25. Dee Joyce September 23, 2019

    Larry Johnson is the guy that put his hands on women. He has domestic violence arrests but is bragging on the ones that got away…I guess. The girl

  26. Daniel September 23, 2019

    I don’t know why Google all a sudden recommended me this but I’ll give my take.
    I don’t know why everyone’s acting so indignant. We all should know by now that mainstream rap at least has elements of Satanism and that Megan is just another in a line of formulaic Hottentot tramps.
    Larry is probably under mkultra and the only reason he made the comments and they blew it up is so they could pre-emptively shut down anyone questioning Megan’s heathenish ways.

  27. Dorian stokes September 24, 2019

    That mf seems mad about something

  28. Nadi B September 24, 2019

    Wawa if she want to sell her soul or do whatever that’s on her business so I want to know what the meaning of says so people always talking about things like that what the meaning of people have talent they don’t have to be his soul to be a celebrity RB noticing is weird and if she want to do it that’s shoulder she’s going to God with herself nobody else

  29. Halo September 24, 2019

    Oh my word! He has issues not even Satan want to address. Unbelievable. The nerve to call someone a “weirdo.”

  30. Yeah I said it September 26, 2019

    Jayz is gonna make her his mistress so he had to make sure she keeps the secret shhhhhhhhh

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