Rihanna To Normani: “Why Can’t I Be You?!”

Published: Monday 23rd Sep 2019 by Sam

Rihanna continues to shower praise on rising star Normani.

Indeed, despite herself being one of the most renown names in Pop, Ms. Fenty has no qualms giving props to those on the come-up. And the 23-year-old former Fifth Harmony member has emerged as a favorite of the Bajan belle.

As reported, after filming the Savage X Fenty fashion show, Rih took to social media to salute ‘Mani – who rocked the house.

Now, with the Amazon Prime special having aired, the love-fest continues.

See what we mean below…

We’re loving the love!

It’s so refreshing to see how the climate we’re in (one where winning is both relative and wide-spread) has made it more commonplace to see acts support one another rather than compete.

Indeed, it’s so warming to see budding veterans like Rih embrace newcomers rather than deeming them a threat. Because there are more than enough lanes for everyone to co-exist and win within.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kevon September 23, 2019

    Really rihanna !! Girl stop talking s*** …not that I dont like normani she is cute and everything, but come on now Rihanna

  2. Kevon September 23, 2019

    Stop talking s*** and bring on the music

  3. pat September 23, 2019

    this would be the one afro beats collab that would slay

  4. Meme September 23, 2019

    Again, this is what I love about Rihanna. Never to proud or too big to embrace new artist…genuinely.

    In the words of Normani..”Rihanna, you are the Bar”.

    A list of things Rihanna killed:
    Victory Secrets
    The charts since 2004
    All these celeb endorsed brands
    The “King”

    • Meme September 23, 2019


    • I Told You September 23, 2019

      i thought you were a stan. but your actually just a troll… i get it now…..

      • Meme September 23, 2019

        Lol. How you came to that conclusion?

  5. Tyty September 23, 2019

    She complimented everyone who participated. But Normani is an amazing dancer. I just want her to find her distinct sound and the right producer…

    • Bam September 23, 2019

      And look. She needs to do something better look wise.

    • Oh na na October 1, 2019


  6. Are You Kidding Me? September 23, 2019

    Clarkson hasn’t commented? Brent must be putting it down on him.

    • Tyty September 23, 2019

      I’m dead ?? you caught the flirting *cackling

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 23, 2019

      Brent dont want that uncle tom r***** Clarkson.

    • Oh plz September 23, 2019

      Dead ??

    • only facts September 23, 2019

      Clarkson went into hiding after confirmation of Camilla’s songs flopping and that terrible performance she did over the weekend. Big facts.

  7. Swirly September 23, 2019

    Normani has a lot of celebrity endorsements. Strike the iron while it’s hot sis. She needs to work with some underground producers who can give her a signature sound and better music. “Motivation” was a cute moment for her, but she needs THAT song to set her apart from the sea of R&B/pop girls.

  8. only facts September 23, 2019

    An Icon supporting an Icon in the making! Spreading nothing but love!

  9. Jj September 23, 2019

    I’m here for normani and teyana that owned the fenty fashion show

  10. Gurlwepa99 September 23, 2019

    Unfortunately, Normani is going to be another fad. She can dance that’s great and a mediocre vocalist. She will never come close of achieving anything close to her peers. I mean her records are flopping. Instead of whining and readying the rebuttal..please go help your girl and stream her songs so she can live a little ?.

    • Oh na na October 1, 2019


  11. Nicky September 23, 2019


    Icon recognizes another rising star!!!

  12. XYZ September 23, 2019

    Because you are successful and have hit after hit after hit. That’s why.

  13. Okay? September 23, 2019

    AWWWW ❤???

  14. Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 23, 2019

    I just don’t know. I remember the days when being able to dance and for it to be real, authentic and obvious natural talent combined with the right sound and a beautiful face and body meant success. Normani would have SLAYED the existence out of the early 2000’s!!!

    You don’t need to be a strong vocalist (ask Madonna, TLC and Janet) but the execution of every music video and stage performances must be flawless – Normani has these elements – but what’s different for her compared to the greats before her is a consistent and defined sound.

    It’s early – but she needs that out of the gate him to make people sit up and take notice of her – I’m not counting her out – let’s wait for the album – because her VS performance was FLAWLESS – just bring the Crossover HIT and let’s do this Mani’ ✌??

    • A&R September 23, 2019

      Another issue for Normani is Beyonce changed the game. Like you said, during old days up to the 90s/00s, there was a clear distinction between singers/vocalist and entertainers. Then Beyoncé game, with her over achieving ass, and literally showed us that you can be a TOP TIER singer and dancer. Now the new babies have to live up to that standard. And because Normani has sited Beyoncé is a major influence, ppl are having a tough time wrapping their minds around her not being a strong vocalist. However, I think with time ppl will. I still think Checklist could’ve been her song but because she’s holding off on the album, she has an opportunity to get that one song. Plus, we need to be prepared for her story to success to be different. She make have a different way up. Her hot song may come after
      The fact.. see Umbrella and Truth Hurts.

      Let’s enjoy the ride ??

  15. A&R September 23, 2019

    What’s crazy is.. Rihanna smashed her opening and is a natural at dancer. It’s weird to me see doesn’t see herself as a dancer. Nonetheless, Normani murdered that damn stage!

  16. 4U2SEE! September 23, 2019

    Azealia Stanks has now left the building. Staring in the mirror changing identity. Bawhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hailey September 23, 2019

    I love seeing kindness like this girl’s gotta stick together

  18. FABRIENNE September 24, 2019

    This is awesome how she is showing love to the now single artist . I think she Mani has what it takes to be on the Buisness along time

  19. Maxx September 24, 2019

    Rihanna made sure she showed Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj how it’s done & that you can uplift women & still be successful. Kudos to you Rihanna! ♥

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