Tinashe: “I’m Back And Better”

Published: Sunday 29th Sep 2019 by Sam

Tinashe is on the comeback trail.

The performer has been hibernating and plotting a return to the scene, putting in place a new label situation as well as new management.

Updating fans on her progress, she shared a personal video elaborating on where she’s been and where she’s going.

Join us after the jump…

Folk often have much to say about Ms. Kachingwe, but we have never lost sight of her talent and consequently her potential to pop off.

Her last campaign ‘Joyride’ was anything but joyful, so there’s ample work to do. Here’s hoping she’s lined up the right components to conjure up a noteworthy comeback. Pending an answer, what are…

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  1. KeepingItReal September 29, 2019

    I Can’t fuckinqqqq wait, i miss you

  2. Beyhives September 29, 2019

    Tinashe is back
    Bye Normani???

    • Danny Bey September 29, 2019

      We can’t have more than one black girl winning? You’re the problem in this world.

  3. High Price September 29, 2019

    I’m checking for you Tinashe! I’ll be looking out 4sho!

    On another hand, someone made a good point about her coming back out around the same time as Normani starts to drum up hype for her new material, that idea really isn’t that bad. People hate it, but the pitting putting women against one another promo tactic usually always works… it’s not like it has to be real. We’ve seen that proven over and over again. I think Tinashe wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think Normani would be down for it.

    • A&R September 29, 2019

      That was me who wrote that.. and I wrote it a few times. Friendly comp is definitely healthy. When done right and put into the art of music and performance it’s makes for exciting times. It’s partially how Beyonce and Rihanna became who they are today. These ladies just need not let it get personal s d try to make beef records. That tactic never works in the singing world lol

      But having albums drop around the same time.. having us check for who will have the best Billboard performance.. who’s video was better.. I remember Beyoncé dropped video and Rihanna had Rude boy… none of them took Jabs lyrically but the competition was in the fact both videos were colorful, empowering women, s*** and edgy.. and ripped around the same time! S*** was hyped. And Keri Hilson was our then too. Ahh!

      Let’s go!

      • Rume September 29, 2019

        A Tinashe vs Normani hype would be delicious actually. People LOVE competition between artists, especially females. And you are right… It almost ALWAYS works as promo for both artists. So I definitely agree that could work. And both of them needs much promo as they can get right now.

  4. Rihboy September 29, 2019

    I’m also down for artist taking a hiatus to gather themselves. However I don’t think there is anything tinashe can do to sway the masses at this point. She has had great writers including herself, she has proven she can dance and sing, and she is a beautiful girl. Moreover there is nothing much more that she can do to prove herself. She just doesn’t have that star quality that’s needed. Her squeaky clean image doesn’t fit into today’s daring industry. Even when they tried to mucky her image it seemed forced.

    • A&R September 29, 2019

      This has a lot of truth but her artistry is so good that I think her way to get back is taking a Beyoncé approach and not trying to win us with her personality. Tinashe is an artist, artist. She doesn’t strike me as possible moguls. She’s gives that .. I do better at giving you all my art. And make a few relative appearances here and there: dance show host, she models well.. writing and such. If she can master the line of commercial music meets her indie vibe.. and keep killing the dance realm… it’s good

    • Doritos chick September 29, 2019

      This is to “Rihboy” – Normani also has a “squeaky clean” image but everyone’s supporting her. I wonder why, maybe it’s because she’s dark skinned and Tinashe is light skinned and it’s all about colorism/skin tone nowadays. ?

  5. G-bby September 29, 2019

    No one’s checking bby

    • Doritos chick September 29, 2019

      I been checking for her. You on this page right, so you checking too lol. Bye hater

  6. Kid September 29, 2019

    she’s talented but her time has passed. She wont be able to have that impact. Im rooting for her though…glad she is better

  7. Queen?Bee❤️ September 29, 2019

    Who da hell carezzz??? She sucks and ain’t have a hit in 5 years. The public spoke a long time ago. One hit wonder teaz and I THANK YOU

    • Rume September 29, 2019

      STFU. You clearly don’t know SH*T about the GOAT that is Tinashe…… go do your research on her music. All 5 mixtapes and 3 albums. Plus ALL her unreleased music, than watch your mouth. It’s not her fault people are stupid and don’t always appreciate ACTUAL talent.

  8. Keith September 29, 2019

    I’m interested to see what Tinashe will bring this time…

  9. A&R September 29, 2019

    I just listened to her video and it seems she’s still singing the same tune ??‍♂️ The fight against being put into a box and what art is supposed to be. Sigh, if her attitude is still the same I’m not sure she’ll go far as a star. If she’s cool with a more organic / indie route like Solange and the likes.. cool. But Tin has superstar potential and seems to want that reach… however, she seems to be arrogant, not letting any other professional opinions in… and that’s the very thing that created a gap in the first place.

    Dang, Tin bruh.

    • Rume September 29, 2019

      I’ve never known Tinashe to be “arrogant”. Quite the opposite. She’s LITERALLY one of the sweetest, most humble, non-problematic, genuine artists out there. So you’re mistaken on that part.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 30, 2019

      I agree – you never heard Britney, Xtina, Taylor or Adele talking about being out in a box so early in their careers and talking about being judged when they came out – carve you lane and execute flawlessly and hopefully the public will connect with you. Saying you don’t want to be torn down or labelled is not going to sell records – give us something we can get into and the rest will speak for itself.

  10. Rume September 29, 2019

    Tinashe is one of the FEW artists who can write AND produce, a fire a** song…. BY HERSELF. With NO help. She has literally OVER a hundred songs (at least) and every single one is amazing in it’s own way. From pop, to R&B, to soul, to deep diving/spiritual, etc. She has a song for anyone’s taste and her lyrics and voice are ABSOLUTELY amazing. She’s extremely diverse, multi talented and creative……. on top of being gorgeous and can dance. She has literally ALL the qualities needed to be a HUGE pop star yet people sleep on her and her label held her back. It’s honestly insane. And I hope she either goes independent again or gets with a label who will both promote her properly and not try to change her, the way her last label did.

  11. Tyty September 30, 2019

    She is the type of artist that needs to just be an artist her personality or persona doesn’t translate well. She is borderline unlikable when she talks. It’s probably just the vibe she gives off.

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