Cardi B Visits ‘Ellen’ With T.I & Chance The Rapper / Confirms New Movie & More

Published: Thursday 3rd Oct 2019 by Sam

Cardi B is all sorts of busy of late.

Fresh from a widely praised performance in Jennifer Lopez’s blockbuster ‘Hustlers,’ the rapper’s latest gig sees her judge Netflix‘s new Hip-Hop talent-show ‘Rhythm + Flow.’

With the series set to premiere October 9th, the femcee alongside fellow judges T.I. and Chance The Rapper stopped  by the Ellen show to talk about what viewers can expect.

During the fun-filled appearance, Cardi also opened up about a brand new movie she’s shooting and a whole lot more.

Check out the trio’s hilarious chit-chat with Ellen after the jump…

Love it!

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  1. IG : mixedboy October 3, 2019

    Cardi is just so lovable.

  2. Dc October 3, 2019

    Queen not stopping ????

  3. Shayla Queen October 3, 2019

    Hurricane Cardi! ?❤️ This b**** ain’t stopping. Stay mad h***!

    • Dc October 3, 2019

      And she’s the kind that hate thrives her people don’t realize that next album gon be ?????

      • Shayla Queen October 3, 2019


  4. only facts October 3, 2019

    I don’t give a famn about this show on Netflix, but my goodness do I love Cardi. She is so likable. Her personality is just everything. Her career is going to go far, and will extend well beyond rap (where her name is solidified in the books already. Nicki, Cardi’s Grammy say hello).

    • FAF October 3, 2019

      Milli vanilli won one too & where the puppets at now ??

      • Shayla Queen October 3, 2019

        They had it revoked chile! Nice try though ?

      • Dc October 3, 2019

        Ummm they lasted 1 song cardi has lasted 3 years keep hating

  5. menudi October 3, 2019

    Cardi makes for such a damn good interview! When she sang “I enjoy the checkssssss”, I hollered!

  6. Adonis October 3, 2019

    Wow I remember when Nicki first started out she was like “ultimately I wanna do movies” n we see where that went ? Cardi killin em

    • Ynglife October 3, 2019

      I dont comment much on here if at all but Nicki has done a few months. A Cardi was in a movie for a total of 6/7 mins.

      • Shayla Queen October 3, 2019

        Ain’t no one heard about those straight-to-vhs movies

    • FAF October 3, 2019

      Where did it go? She’s the highest selling female rapper and been in movies

      • You tried October 3, 2019

        Shayla straight vhs? Come on now she just did VO for the newest angry birds movie and she was in a movie released in theatres a few years ago. Let that gate go.

      • Shayla Queen October 3, 2019

        @You tried

        VO for Angry Birds? Chile you playing with me now ???

        If that’s her “big movie” i’m weaker than Onika’s mental health since Cardi took the crown she never had ???

      • You tried October 3, 2019

        I didn’t say that was her big breakthrough you made it seem
        Like she hasn’t done any movies at all. Cardi was in that movie for 2 seconds. As I said let that hate go. Just root for Cardi without bringing Nicki up your life willl he better. #Fendi

      • Shayla Queen October 3, 2019

        @You tried

        She might been in that movie for “2 seconds” but sh|t everyone be talking about it! To get so much press over such a short part says everything that needs to be said! ????

      • Dc October 3, 2019

        Angry Birds 2 flopped to Nicki just bad luck ???

  7. Swirly October 3, 2019

    Cardi always looks good. Her stylist deserves some sort of award.

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