Ciara & Russell Wilson Transform Into Beyonce & Jay-Z For Halloween

Published: Wednesday 30th Oct 2019 by Sam

Check out Ciara!

The R&B chanteuse is going all out for Halloween and may well have scored the definitive win.

Moments ago, posing alongside husband Russell Wilson, she shared her costume – Beyonce.

The Wilsons recreated Bey and Jay-Z‘s ‘APESH*T’ video – with The Obamas playfully replacing the Mona Lisa.

Check out more below…

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The Wilsons also got their kids in on the fun, dressing them as Michael and Janet Jackson:

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  1. CHINA October 30, 2019

    She’s a beauty. He’s a Queen

  2. Barb #1 October 30, 2019

    A slay!

  3. YAS BIH October 30, 2019

    Oh lord, I love that they love everyone but I don’t like this for them bc ppl like to be childish and shady but atleast we know Ci and Russ doesn’t hate and keep everything friendly and classy towards others.

  4. Danny Bey October 30, 2019

    Ciara and Fam just might win Halloween this year. Dressing up as legends… they bodied all of this

  5. Clarkson October 30, 2019

    I thought she threw shade at beyonce some few years ago?

    Gurl keep beyonce name out ur mouth.

    A complete flop. Ciara so annoying
    This man will still cheat on u.

    • Jay jay October 30, 2019

      Ciara never threw shade at Beyonce. She’s only praised her. Beyonce even went to her Halloween party a few years back. That’s y’all sociopaths making up s***

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        When beyonce released the partition video, Ciara posted about her own video love sèx and magic, implying beyonce copied her.

      • Gworl Bye October 30, 2019

        Because she did, just like beyonce ripped off like a boy when she did that wack ass upgrade you video, and when she stole Ciara’s self titled album idea. Don’t act like beyonce isnt the queen of thievery.

      • Anissa October 30, 2019

        Ah actually she did . She said she should be as big as Beyoncé because SHE can actually dance . And you know what ? She can but she can’t SING. Look it up before calling true Beyhive fans Sociopaths ?

      • The truth always comes to light October 30, 2019

        @ jay jay
        Beyoncé never went to Ciara birthday party. She went to her cousin Angie Beyince bday party which was a Halloween party. Ciara was invited bcuz of her friendship with Kelly Rowland. Ciara & Angie Beyince shares the same birthday!

      • YAS BIH October 31, 2019

        @The truth always comes to light – So Ciara was invited to her own surprise birthday party that Russell throw for her? please stop trying to rewrite history to fit your own story it’s proof out there that it was definitely Ciara’s birthday party.

      • YAS BIH October 31, 2019

        @Anissa where’s the proof bc everything I pulled up it’s been about Ciara praising Beyonce and showing how much she respects her, as well as Media and fans putting them against each other and if your talking about that radio station that twisted her words your wrong bc that’s not what she said and she explained what she said and it had nothing to do with singing nor dancing so you and others don’t even have a clear view of why you really dislike Ciara its really no reason at this point it’s nothing but hate and jealousy.

    • YAS BIH October 30, 2019

      First of all Ciara never threw shade that’s what yall delusional ass stans see everything as Shade if you did a little more research you would see she always showed Beyoncé love as well as Jayz and Destinys childs which is one of her all time favorite girl groups and Beyoncé has showed Ciara love too even invited her and Russell to one of the parties they had a year or two ago where Rihanna Jlo and others attended take off ya fake ass stan glasses if your even that.

      • Jay jay October 30, 2019

        Right and Ciara and Russell just attended their Oscar after party

      • YAS BIH October 30, 2019

        Exactly, all they do is shade and Never an ounce of facts.

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        Camilla never steals. She is original

  6. GG October 30, 2019


  7. Sweetnothings78 October 30, 2019

    Only one problem is Russel is sooooo fine and Jay-Z is incredibly ugly.

    Russel and Ciara are such a beautiful couple!

  8. Fancy BISH October 30, 2019

    This shows you how iconic Bey & Jay really are! ??

    • gina October 30, 2019

      because a flop dressed up like her for halloween??? girl, shut up.

      • Fancy BISH October 30, 2019

        Did you watch the video? Gina, run along now lol

      • Danny Bey October 30, 2019

        Who’s dressing up like you Gina? Besides your gay daddy

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      Apesh1t didnt reach the top ten even after they released an expensive video.

      No other songs were released from everything is love.

      A boyband blocked everything is love from hitting number 1

  9. Danny Bey October 30, 2019

    Secondly, y’all journalism is SHIIIIIIIIIT. They’re kids aren’t Janet and Michael. They’re Janet and RANDY you dummies

    • Danny Bey October 30, 2019


  10. Pat October 30, 2019

    They look better

  11. Clarkson October 30, 2019

    Maybe if she dressed as Camila Cabello she would still be relevant on the charts.

  12. Anne October 30, 2019

    Cute tribute!

  13. High Price October 30, 2019

    My girl MURDERED this look! I love it! Go Ci&Russ!

  14. 4U2SEE October 30, 2019

    Russell got that headache look like Jay Z. Worrying if the lane is still safe; narcissism 101. Bloop! Ciara is so sweet and the kids are adorable. Love’em!

  15. Debbie Farmer October 30, 2019

    Omg,,They are sooooo on point,good choice. And the BABIES the babys are adorable and again on point looking like the jacksons. AND THE WINNERS ARE!!!! ??????.TheWison Family. ??

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