American Music Awards 2019: Taylor Swift To Receive Artist Of The Decade Honor

Published: Wednesday 30th Oct 2019 by Sam

Few stars have stood taller on the charts than Taylor Swift and the Pop titan will be rewarded accordingly at the 2019 American Music Awards. 

Details below…

Moments ago, it was announced that Swift will receive the Artist Of The Decade Award at the AMAs on November 24th. 

She was also named as the first confirmed performer at the show, which airs on ABC live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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She's won more #AMAs than anyone this decade… She's a five-time 2019 #AMAs nominee… AND she's performing at this year's #AMAs LIVE on Nov. 24…@taylorswift is our ARTIST OF THE DECADE! 💘🦋✨

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It serves as quite the coup for Swift, who is currently in the midst of her ‘Lover’ album campaign.

While the AMAs are largely a statistics based show, do you agree with Taylor nabbing the Artist Of The Decade title? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme October 30, 2019

    When you celebrate unseasoned vocals and mayonnaise songs…

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      Unseasoned vocals has won album of the year, TWICE.

      Unseasoned vocals has won an Emmy also

      Two awards beyonce has never won. Sit down

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019


      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 30, 2019

        When the bar for talent has been lowered as far as it has of course Taylor wins AOTY twice. The Grammy committee is not responsible for the quality of talent in the music industry. Every year they MUST VOTE. If all the releases are crap do you think the committee just take a vacation one year? Taylor was just the best of the vacuous, reductive, mediocre and the just plain poor.

      • Vulvalicious October 30, 2019

        Taylor is beating major Beyoncé records, she sells more albums and more singles, she’s even more streamed than Beyoncé?
        So what’s your poin Haterz?
        I’m sick of all these Bey fans always talking trash abt other artists who accomplish more than her!

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        “Taylor was just the best of the vacuous, reductive, mediocre and the just plain poor.”

        Lol .

        These are the nominees for album of the year in 2016, the year Taylor won album of the year, her second win

        The weeknd- beauty behind the madness

        Kendrick Lamar- to pimp a butterfly

        Alabama shakes- sound and colour

        Chris Stapleton – traveller

        Taylor swift- 1989.

        These are the album of the year nominees in 2010, the year Taylor won her first album of the year Grammys

        I am sasha fierce – beyonce
        Lady gaga- the fame
        Black eyed peas – END

        Taylor always had strong competition

  2. NT October 30, 2019

    Should’ve been Drake…

  3. 1988 October 30, 2019

    Taylor also might break the record for AMA wins. She’s tied with the KING OF POP: Michael Jackson:

    Michael Jackson 24
    Taylor Swift 24
    Alabama 23
    Whitney Houston 22
    Kenny Rogers 19
    Garth Brooks 17
    Justin Bieber 15
    Reba McEntire 15
    Lionel Richie 15
    Rihanna 13
    Carrie Underwood 13
    Beyoncé 13
    Willie Nelson 12
    Janet Jackson 11
    Tim McGraw 11
    Stevie Wonder 11
    Mariah Carey 10
    Randy Travis 10

    Make sure to vote. 🙂

    • OOPS October 30, 2019


  4. Clarkson October 30, 2019

    Camila Cabello will be receiving this award in 10 years. TAYLOR WONT EVER BE CAMILA!

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      Troll you’ve woken up from ur sleep. Lol

    • Fancy BISH October 30, 2019

      I love the Clark Sisters lol

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        Just remember Camila loves you more. Please go stream Senorita so she can continue to latch on to that since her solo singles ain’t sh*t.

        Thanks, doll. CAMILA 2020! CAMILA MAKES MY P*SSY WET AND MY EARS MOIST! Love to all!

  5. MessyBoots October 30, 2019

    She deserves it.

    From 2010 to 2019 Taylor, love her or hate her, SLAYED the declining sales music industry w/ smash hit after smash hit. In mostly PURE sales. If it weren’t for her Drake, and Adele the industry would’ve had even bigger year to year declines.

    My personal selection would have been Adele simply because her music/image is less cookie cutter than Taylor’s and what she achieved with 21 and 25 in terms of sales and cultural impact is far more significant. But I digress, congrats Tay!

  6. Pppp October 30, 2019

    Taylor is the first solo female to have 5 music videos of over 1 billion.
    You belong with me has crossed 1 billion, the highest of any country song.

  7. Gee October 30, 2019

    Whether a fan or not there is no denying that Taylor has been a music and pop culture force the last decade, and her numbers do not lie. So she certainly deserves this recognition and award.

  8. Rashad October 30, 2019

    Rather see Adele get this but Taylor is a close second as far as impact

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