Chart Check [Hot 100]: Selena Gomez’s ‘Lose’ Debuts in Top 20 Despite Only 2 Days of Counted Sales

Published: Tuesday 29th Oct 2019 by Rashad

Look at her now sounds about right.

It’s been nearly three years since Selena Gomez released new music from an official studio album and fans apparently couldn’t wait to get their eyes and ears on the latest from the Pop darling.  Dropping not one, but two new singles just a day apart, Gomez stunned fans with the haunting ballad, ‘Lose You To Love Me,’ before unveiling the uptempo ‘Look at Her Now.’  While the latter is looking to make its inaugural appearance on next week’s refreshed Hot 100, the former stormed digital sales, streaming, and radio tallies (as we reported here) to make a #15 premiere on this week’s singles chart.

Billboard also reports:

‘[‘Lose You to Love Me’ enters the Hot 100 with] 36,000 sold (digital sales), 15.3 million streams, and 14.1 million in radio audience impressions.’

Coming as the second-most impressive Hot 100 entrance of her career (following 2015’s #9 debut of ‘Good For You’), ‘Lose You’s first week performance is all the more impressive considering the song impacted charts based on just two days of sales counts due to its unconventional release date.

As we extend our congratulations to Selena, look inside to see who joins her in the top 25 of this week’s edition of TGJ Chart Check:

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  1. Glass house October 30, 2019

    Clarkson is about to Insult her and Normani for this and bring up Camila

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      It’s not me, it a troll account

      They hate me cause I always speak the bitter truth, people don’t wanna hear it, so they cause confusion and try their hardest to discredit me and what I’m saying.

      Pls ignore the troll
      He has even copied my logo.

      Grape juice do something about impersonators.
      I’m not going to change my name.
      I used this name first.

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        Please ignore the troll. It is trying to tarnish my great reputation and win ‘arguements’ with me. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Clarkson October 30, 2019

    2 mediocre songs.

    I like Selena but these songs especially look her now is terrible. The video is even worse.

    I use to think Selena was a good dancer but she’s not in this video

    As for Camila, liar rose 1 spot to number to number 52. No hype or promo or live performances.

    Motivation fell 4 spots to number 75.
    The remix debuted at number 467 on iTunes ??????????
    Even normani herself didnt post about it on her Instagram. Lol

    • ??? October 30, 2019

      lmaoooo where’s shameless this week? why hasnt liar rose above #50 despite snl, payola, and shawn mendes?

      lmfaooooo now youre gonna cling to normani because selena bodied camilupe and all her solo flops still havent outpeaked motivation lmfaoooooooooooooo

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        Every song can not be a hit

        Work was a massive hit for Rihanna, she followed it up with kiss it better, how well did kiss it better perform on the charts?
        Dont be dumb, use ur brain.

        My faves has 2 number 1’s
        If Camila can keep getting number 1’s every 1 or 2 years , she will be fine.

        Selena doesnt have any number 1 song, neither does she have a Grammy nomination

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        You’re an idiot. Love on the Brain was a massive hit and that was after kiss it better. Going to #1 and then struggling to hit the top 40 after is a sign that you are a FLOP!!!


        CAMILA CABELLO 2020!

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        i play Camilla when i rise, Camilla when i pretend to job search, Camilla on my phone waiting at the bus stop, and Camilla when im getting banged out. Camilla is a true legend in the making. Her voice is so pretty just like her.

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      Why haven’t Camila’s songs hit the top 40 yet? It’s been 2 months. Aww. Made that I’m the Clarkson everyone likes? Bless your heart

  3. Clarkson October 30, 2019

    Congratulations to Lewis capaldi.
    This is his debut single and it reached number 1.

    As I said earlier, no record label is going to give u 3 whole albums to find ur sound. The music business is a money making business first and foremost ,if u dont start selling single or albums or both, u will be dropped real quick.

    Normani better start selling something cause motivation is flopping not only in America but overseas

    Look at Lewis capaldi, he already has his own unique sound, he is the new ed Sheeran, ugly face beautiful voice.
    Same thing with summer Walker, Billie ellish etc

    • ??? October 30, 2019

      lmaooooo but you still havent told us what happened to liar? you said it would rise after snl and its STILL flopping lmfaooooooooooooo

      oh yeah thats right, selena threw it in the trash lmfaooooooooooooooo

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        2 number 1 songs, when Selena achieves this come speak to me

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      I love Camila Cabello but she will never have the longevity of Selena Gomez. Selena has been doing this for 10+ years, hundreds of millions of followers, and is only getting better.

      #1’s mean nothing when your career is hot and then cold in the blink of an eye. LONGEVITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN #1’s!

      Nobody likes Camila Cabello except for me. She doesn’t even like herself.

  4. Clarkson October 30, 2019

    Remember when that idiot troll @onlyfacts tried to discredit Lewis capaldi cause he praised Camila vocals.
    I have the receipts
    This is what the idiot said

    Only Facts
    October 5, 2019

    lewis capaldi recently revealed he’s on drugs and lives with his mother (google it). The industry’s best is definitely co-signing Camila  

    And I clapped back. I put that bìtch in her place. This was my response.

    October 5, 2019

    Dummy which musician isnt on drugs. 
    He lives with his mum, so? Does that stop him from having talent or being a respectable successful musician. Lol

    His song someone you loved is about to hit number 1 and receive Grammy nominations (song of the year, record of the year, best pop vocal solo performance, best new artist)
    Look at u, a lame muthafùcker trying to discredit a successful artist. Lol 
    Damn ur a whole clown.

    A bad bìtch always keep her receipts. Lol
    I predicted Lewis capaldi was gonna hit number one and he did.
    When it comes to music please dont argue with me.

    • ??? October 30, 2019

      lmaoooo if you know music then why cant you explain what happened to camilucci’s flops and why selena just ended her whole era before it even started lmfaoooooooo

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        Camila has 2 number 1’s Selena has no number one songs.

        Camila has 2 Grammy nominations, s elena has never been nominated for a Grammy.

        Liar is rising, slow and steady.
        If u read my comments properly u will understand but u didnt.

      • ??? October 30, 2019

        lmfaoooo gurl, i read all of your excuses lmfaooo, liar has been “rising steady” for the past month and still hasnt seen #50, while shameless is nowhere to be found, and dont get me started on easy lmfaoooo.

        meanwhile selena has PLATINUM albums and just released 2 songs that have already buried those flops. try again dear when camiltoe gets a hit lmfaoooooo

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        Selena doesnt have a number 1 song u idiot.

        Camila has 2 number 1’s.

        Selena has no Grammy nominations

        Camila has 2 Grammy nominations

        Selena has never performed at the Grammys

        Camila has performed twice at the Grammys. She opened the Grammys this year

        Selena has never won vma video of the year

        Camila has won vma video of the year

        Pls dont compare a successful artiste to a flop.

    • only facts October 30, 2019

      You’re a MF’ing idiot. Congrats to Lewis for getting his first and last #1 hit. The song is phenomenal, no shade. He’ll probably win record of the year.

      However, if anyone thinks I respect Lewis Capaldi’s OPINION, you’re sadly mistaken. A man that has admitted to being on drugs and living with his mother…he sounds like a winner.

      Yes, the only person giving Camila props for vocals is YOU and a drug addict that lives with his mother. Camila has some fanbase.

      Leave my name out of your comments. Obsessed much?

      • Madame slay October 30, 2019

        B1tch how many times have u been wrong.

        I keep receipts.
        Stop embarrassing ur self.

        Ur the person behind multiple Clarkson profiles. Loser

      • only facts October 30, 2019

        You’re an idiot. You know it’s easy to track an IP address and emails, right? It’s clear you’re the one with multiple profiles because nobody on this site likes Camila except you. Even the authors don’t like Camila.

        F*cking racist nerd.

    • Clarkson October 30, 2019

      Camilla is the best artist ever. There would be no Selena or Justin Bieber if it were bot for Camilla. Justin is just one of Camilla’s rejects. Shes too good for him.

  5. Barb #1 October 30, 2019

    Main pop girl stats, coming for that number 1. Congrats Selenter!

    • ??? October 30, 2019

      lmaooo yup, camilotta cabbage cant relate lmfaooooo

      • Clarkson October 30, 2019

        2 number 2 songs, Selena can never relate

  6. 1988 October 30, 2019

    And it’s projecting No. 1. Haters are seething. ;p

  7. ??? October 30, 2019

    lmfaoooo selena said camila who?

    clarkson is having meltdowns and writing novels cause camilope will never lmfaooooo

  8. Daisy October 30, 2019

    White people support their artists. Black people don’t.

    • SMH October 30, 2019

      Newsflash. Selena GOMEZ is not white idiot.

      • only facts October 30, 2019

        LOL. The jokes right themselves. I thought I was the only one that saw this comment thinking Selena Gomez is white

      • Daisy October 30, 2019

        She is white idiot. Gomez is a white Spanish name. Her father is white Mexican and mother is white Italian. Hispanic is not a race. Selena is white

  9. Debra October 30, 2019

    Cardi b Writing in the wall fell off the charts with just only only 3 weeks.. Even with a Post Malone feature.. Keep that same energy you had with nickis music on the charts…

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