New Song: Normani – ‘Motivation (ft. 21 Savage) [Remix]’

Published: Monday 28th Oct 2019 by Sam

Normani has teamed with 21 Savage to breathe life anew into breakout hit ‘Motivation.’

Originally unleashed this summer, the catchy cut quickly went viral thanks to its high-octane music video.

A performance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards followed and helped net the tune a #33 peak on the Billboard Hot 100.

With the song holding well on the chart, can this new incarnation – christened the ‘Savage Remix’ – gift it a big boost?

Listen below and let us know…


With Mr Savage taking the opening verse, it’s clear there’s an adherence to the tried-and-true means of racking up that Urban radio play. Smart, given that the original version excelled most on Pop.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see whether Normani continues to push the track or uses it as a cornerstone cut as she struts towards the release of her hotly anticipated debut solo album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicky October 28, 2019

    Better than Camickys 4 recent flops


  2. Nicky October 28, 2019

    Beauty. Talent. It Factor. Amazing Body. Acclaim. Industry Co-signs

    Some Others can’t relate. ?

    • 2bad2bme October 28, 2019

      Sure can’t and that’s why her name will forever be in their mouths. The same way they did Bey when she went solo. 16 years later they still talking ???

  3. Clarkson October 28, 2019

    Pathetic and desperate

    She cant stand on her own, she always latch on to other successful artistes for a hit.

    Nobody asked for this. 21 savage brings nothing to the song.

    Dear normani team, u release a remix of a song when the song is climbing up the charts not falling down the chart.

    motivation is number 71 on the hot 100 and it is predicted to fall further down this week.

    Normani has wasted all the good will she had with the public.
    Her releasing this remix shows she doesnt have any good songs recorded.

    • Clarkson October 28, 2019

      Camila is the one that has wasted her entire budget on 4 flop songs within 1.5 months. Now she’s back to promoting Liar since the other songs flopped.

      She’ll have a remix of Liar, probably with Iggy Azalea.

      Camila won’t be on the charts this time next year. She will become the new Meghan Trainor – used to slay the charts but now cannot get a hit. Poor Meg.

      • Clarkson October 28, 2019

        Only facts I knew it was u hiding behind this profile

        A pathetic troll ????
        Ur a loser.
        I’m not replying u any more. Idiot

      • Clarkson October 28, 2019

        Nah, you’ve met your match.

    • Lanafan1 October 28, 2019

      She can’t stand on her own. Yet the only no. 1s Camila has are the ones with features. ??

      • Clarkson October 28, 2019

        Jay z has 4 number 1’s and all are features

        Heart breaker – Mariah Carey feat Jay z

        Crazy in love – beyonce feat Jay z

        Umbrella – Rihanna feat Jay z

        Empire state of mind – Jay z feat alicia keys

        Camila can stand on her own, her debut album hit number 1 in 110 countries on iTunes

        Let’s forget about Camila 2 number 1’s,

        Never be the same had no features and it peaked at number 6 higher than love lies and dancing with a stranger.

        Yes never be the same had a remix feat kane brown. If the remix was more popular than the original billboard would have acknowledged the remix but they didnt

        And lastly never be the same was already a top 15 hit before Camila released the remix. Never be the same was at number 13 before the remix was released.

        Liar already has 100 million streams, no promo, no live performances in the us, nothing

  4. Clarkson October 28, 2019

    This is better than I expected! Obviously this is the last push before RCA releases single #2.

    Way better than Camila’s 4 songs that still have YET to peak in the top 40. Sucks to suck, b****.


    • Clarkson October 28, 2019

      Pls ignore
      This us not me.

      My profile logo is a circle green head.

      • Clarkson October 28, 2019


      • Clarkson October 28, 2019

        Only facts u are pathetic
        U had to go open a new account to come troll me.
        I was wondering, cause I wasnt seeing onlyfacts comments anymore.

        A pathetic idiot, a complete loser. ??????

        U have lost the battle.

        Camila is rising with liar while normani motivation is falling down.

      • Clarkson October 28, 2019

        You’re a special type of crazy. Delusional to another level.

        Camila is rising? Where? On the bubbling under 100? She’s a flop

        *plays “Suck my D**k” by Lil Kim*

      • Clarkson October 28, 2019

        Only facts u are pathetic and shameless

        Liar- 53 ( new peak)( rose 5 spots)
        Motivation – 71 (fell 6 spots)

        Based on predictions liar is going to rise 5 spots again this week while motivation will fall 3 spots.

        Ur a loser. I feel sorry for u.
        Normani can’t stand on her own.
        Motivation is a flop overseas also
        Liar has outpeaked motivation in the UK.

      • Glass house October 28, 2019

        Clarkson with the Circle, why do you hate Normani? Because she’s living her dreams? Because she’s black ? What is it?

  5. Clarkson October 28, 2019


  6. Nicky October 28, 2019

    Who Am I?

    I think im Beyonce

    I released 4 songs within one month that flopped miserably

    I need Taylor Swift for assistance

    I can’t go top 40 without a feature or remix

    I’m not pretty and I have no body.

    I can’t return to my hit making group


  7. jay Z October 28, 2019

    Song is solid,
    I miss the day when a remix was actaully good and them would actuallty remix a soong not just add a rapper to it!

    please be creative people
    this is lazy and boring!

  8. Lanafan1 October 28, 2019

    I love her but no. Releasing a remix 3 months after the song dropped? ?

  9. pat October 28, 2019

    cute remix to warm urban radio up for the next single

  10. 2bad2bme October 28, 2019

    Her manager needs to be FIRED! This song should have been in the top 20’s by now on the charts.

  11. Neon October 28, 2019

    Adding a feature artist to the same old unchanged beat and melody hardly constitutes a “remix”.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 28, 2019

      @Neon – I agree.

  12. Are You Kidding Me? October 28, 2019

    Okay I liked the original song, but even I can admit that this remix is too late.

  13. Musiclovah October 28, 2019 just now realizing this song sounds a lot like Beyonce’s Check Up On It

  14. ERIC October 28, 2019

    It doesn’t even sound like the rap was meant for this song. I prefer the original.

  15. Mbeachking October 29, 2019

    This is much better than I expected…love it!

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