Report: Beyonce Shot Multiple New Videos

Published: Friday 11th Oct 2019 by Sam

It looks as though Beyonce is cooking up something special.

Because just days after it was reported that Queen Bey shot a video with hubby Jay-Z, new details have emerged about yet more shoots. Yes, shoots….plural.

Full story below…

This week Afrobeats star Shatta Wale revealed he and Bey shot a video for ‘Already’ from ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ recently in Los Angeles:

That news comes after TJB confirmed another vid was shot too.

Time will tell how all plays out, but it is exciting that the wheels are in motion for…something.

If it indeed is for ‘The Gift,’ we’re elated.

Sure, it would have been better timed to coincide with the release of the compilation back in July, but the music on the set is some of the best Mrs Carter has unleashed. So we’re very much subscribed the to mindset of “better late than not.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. IAMME October 11, 2019


    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 11, 2019

      Im not. I need a break from her.

      • Andrew October 11, 2019

        She can’t have a long break at almost fourty. We need her to slay f****** fourty.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 11, 2019

        I know i just need a new 2020 Bey album with a solid rollout not another collaboration album (Everything Is, Lion King, etc). She needs to take her time and work with the right producers.

      • Kaleb October 13, 2019


  2. Clarkson October 11, 2019

    Who is she going to steal from now?

    ?????? she’s still trying to Make those horrible songs from the gift happen. Bless her heart.

    The videos will be hot for 1 week and after that they will be forgotten , everybody will move on. Look at spirit the lead single for example.

    Remember when u guys were hyping brown skin girl as the next hit. Lol

    • You tried October 11, 2019

      These are not horrible songs you uncultured low life. You stan Camila and have the nerve to disrespect these African artists?

      • Dc October 11, 2019

        But yet they flopped that was the point what u gonna say now ???

      • Clarkson October 11, 2019

        Unlistenable music sang by homophobic African artists

        Beyonce’s career is stil afloat today thanks to the gay community that she doesnt even acknowledge , so why is she collaborating with homophobic African artistes who hate gays and preach death to homosexuals.
        Beyonce is classless.

        How many copies has the album sold?
        This chic released a whole documentary on ABC network about this album , and the album didnt even re-enter the top 20. flop

      • Danny Bey October 11, 2019

        Clarkson – dont you have like 28 flop singles to be streaming to get your fav out of sophomore slump land?? Reroute your priorities b*tch

      • Clarkson October 11, 2019

        @Danny Bey

        Gurl my faves scored a number one (seniorita) this year, something beyonce hasn’t scored since 2008 when Obama was in office. Lol

        liar is going to rise next week after her SNL performance tomorrow. Tune in
        Camila is a stage beast who gives stage production and vocals. Stay pressed and unblesssed.

      • You tried October 11, 2019

        @DC flopped but still the lost watched artist out.

        @Clarkson stfu all you can say is number 1 lmao Iggy got a number 1 too where she at now? Definitely not on Beyoncé level. Seethe…don’t ever try to compare Camila to Beyoncé you Delusional twa t

  3. menudi October 11, 2019


    • Maxx October 15, 2019

      My thoughts exactly. She is just not exciting anymore. I say lay all the way low on the media & music scene for a your twins grow up..take some time with your hubby to make sure the fire stays lit, do some humanity work or something if you want to keep your name out there, but something philanthropist like…and then come out with a hot album that is undeniably hot in like 2 years…please give us a gotda** break!

  4. pat October 11, 2019

    she needs matthew back

    • Will_xo October 12, 2019

      She does and quick too

  5. Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 11, 2019

    I can’t even say haterz in 5,4,3,2,1 because they in here perched even BEFORE the fans ?????????????? As someone once sang: “I KNOW YOU CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Let the meltdowns begin ??????

    • You tried October 11, 2019

      Never fails! They don’t really hate her I think they are extremely jealous that they don’t have the recognition and money she has ??‍♂️

  6. Dc October 11, 2019

    Who cares

  7. Rashad October 11, 2019

    I like her self titled album and Lemonade and appreciate “woke” Beyonce however I miss pop Sasha Fierce and 4 Bey. It’s been awhile since she had a true pop bop ready did the clubs…7/11 was no Countdown

    • Danny Bey October 11, 2019

      Formation has been on heavy rotation in every club I’ve been to since it’s released

      • SMH October 11, 2019

        Lmao. Stop lying.

      • Shayla Queen October 11, 2019

        @SMH ???

  8. 2bad2bme October 11, 2019

    I don’t care for a lot of artists and so I won’t comment. However, people that don’t care about here and find her boring are always commenting… No life, no job having losers.

    • IAMME October 11, 2019

      I’m a beyonce fan… I just want a new album.. The gift came out in July..

    • biancacook October 11, 2019

      she’s not the only artist ppl comment on she’s the only one ppl feel no one should comment on.

    • Maxx October 15, 2019

      I have a life & I have a job. I have a home, a man, and a dog. I have family & friends that love me & support me in all my endeavors & I move around in several different cities…AND I STILL AM TIRED OF BEYONCE & WISH SHE WOULD TAKE A FREAKIN BREAK!!! LET US MISS YOU PLEASEEEEEE….SHE IS JUST BECOMING ANNOYING & TARNISHING HER OWN LEGACY BY TRYING TO FORCE HERSELF DOWN OUT THROATS. RAISE ‘DEM TWINS & ENJOY SOME OF THOSE COINS

  9. High Price October 11, 2019

    Wow.. she’s really celebrating this “Gift” album. I just thought it was just something she did to just expound on the “Lion King” movement. I didn’t think it was a true era. But hey, I guess I’ll stay optimistic.

  10. Da’Veed October 11, 2019

    She needs to do a good video for the song she made with jay z and gambino. I’m actually excited. I just want her to do another album.if she goes back to pop. She will take over

    • Will_xo October 12, 2019

      I just feel she needs Matthew and maybe max martin

  11. Nicky October 11, 2019

    People tried to say Camicky is the new Beyonce

    I can’t stop laughing


    Camicky is DONE.

    We see after 4 failed attempts in one month that this girl needs a feature or Taylor swift to have any chance in the industry


    • ??? October 11, 2019

      lmaoooo well camiltoe has been releasing flop after flop after flop so doesnt that make her the new beyonce? LMFAOOOOOOOOO

      • You tried October 11, 2019

        nah you know that’s dumb. You’re Beys number 1 fan

      • Shayla Queen October 11, 2019

        @??? TRUTH! ???

      • You tried October 11, 2019

        Shayla/???/Jasmine back to making multiple names to comment with smh. Sad you live on here hating on somebody living their dreams cause you know you aren’t loving yours behind your phone screen poor dat ?

  12. Nicky October 11, 2019

    Camicky will be the next judge on a new reality show

    Cuba’s Got No Talent


    Congrats to Beyonce being in the business for 23 years. Not many girls can last 1 year


    • ??? October 11, 2019

      lmfaooooo 23 and flopping for the last 10 of those years is nothing to brag about lmfaoooooo

      • You tried October 11, 2019

        Flopping with spike out stadiums you must be a comedian but your jokes suck

      • You tried October 11, 2019

        Sellout stadiums

  13. Lol October 11, 2019

    So she’s shooting videos for songs that we heard a long time ago?

    • Clarkson October 11, 2019

      She’s not a very smart woman. She needs her father real bad.

  14. Keith October 11, 2019

    As with Madonna, I am always interested to see what Beyonce will do visually. I actually like the Gift more than I have since the “4” record, so I’m kinda excited for visual treatment IF that’s what it’s for. Now if it’s for some NEW, trap-inspired, “I’m the boss, I don’t need a man, I’m rich my children will be fine, I wear his roc” -ish she has secretly created with Jay, Swae Lee, Metro Boomin, and Quavo…well, I will just sit quietly with my fingers crossed.

  15. biancacook October 11, 2019

    if she’s making videos to this gift album its proof that even she is aware of, that she can’t sell her music alone they have to have videos to hold the attention of ppl. the last two efforts had 1 video bare minimum support.

  16. ??? October 11, 2019


    • You tried October 11, 2019

      Are you laughing at the fact that you swear you dislike this woman but really don’t? ?

  17. October 11, 2019

    I didn’t like that headline.

  18. Freddie October 11, 2019

    Beyonce is creating a full visual of the lion king: The gift for the New DisneyPlus streaming service that launches in early November

    • Wonder Woman October 11, 2019

      makes sense… hopefully it won’t be exclusive if so….. I don’t want non of my cents going to that company…

  19. Tyty October 11, 2019

    I don’t understand why she releases albums then disappears then randomly starts shouting videos once all the hype is gone? What’s the point of releasing videos now?

    • ROCK October 12, 2019

      She is not smart..and like someone said she needs her father.

  20. Besty October 12, 2019

    i bet that this B**** will record a featuring with Lil Kim now that she’s back and Nicki is gone. Profit, f*** you B****

  21. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 12, 2019

    A big-budget expensive video you still can’t sing like Whitney Houston that is the last greatest singer of all time

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