Report: Beyonce Shoots New “Extravagant & Expensive” Music Video

Published: Friday 4th Oct 2019 by Sam

Is Beyonce readying her next big visual?

According to a new report, the answer is yes. Head below for details…

Citing sources close to developments, a UK newspaper claims Bey has been shooting an elaborate video with none other than Jay-Z. Word is…

“It’s one of her most extravagant and expensive shoots. It was mostly filmed in LA and has a highly choreographed routine and also a steamy, romantic scene. She is working with some new creatives and is ready to change things up.”

Time will tell if the tea holds true.

And of course, as with most things Queen Bey, it’s safe to assume she’ll ensure the roll-out of her new material is an event.

For what it’s worth, during her birthday address to fans, she made clear that she’s been “working.”

Folk can also expect  heavy Netflix involvement in her next campaign, after it was revealed that the superstar inked a three-project deal with the streaming giant.

Exciting times! Roll on #B7.

Your thoughts?

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  1. only facts October 4, 2019

    Bey, I love you, but less is more. I feel like that’s what you should’ve learned from these last few alums (which I loved). I feel like if she’s ever going to win album of the year at the Grammy’s, it’ll be with a stripped down album. The over-the-top, surprise, shenanigans are losing their appeal. Less is more. Say it with me. Less. Is. More.

    And like I said, I am a Bey fan, so don’t come at me beehive.

    • J October 4, 2019

      I understand seems like you want a standard rollout that’s cool.. but her doing surprise releases or big projects shouldn’t deter her from a AOTY Grammy win.. should be about the art no matter how big the production is

      • Andrew October 4, 2019

        No what we want is the minimalism of single ladies or crazy in love, a nice beat with the perfect lady singing and dancing to them with a bunch of cute girls. We don’t want the louvre, or any other thing. If you want politics go to watch tv or get a PhD. Beyoncé is a singer and dancer, probably the most talented one of these generation around.

      • Yukkkk October 5, 2019

        the joint tours…. the joint albums…. the marriage…. bro WE’RE TIRED

      • Neelofa October 5, 2019

        Lucifer tribute album duality husband and wife. These two should go quietly.

    • Tyty October 4, 2019

      Very true she does these big extravagant roll outs throws it out there… then does nothing after just goes silent. I mean I understand she isn’t interested in the streaming era or chasing billboard 100 hits. Her roll out serve their purpose gets people to by her solo albums (pure sales) and serves as vehicles for her extravagant tours and production. She is gunning for the greatest performer title after Mj. The Grammys will never give her the respect she deserves.

      • A&R October 4, 2019

        Exactly, I agree and what’s she doing is what we’ve learned/ crowned her ass, the STANDARD. Beyoncé is too seasoned to regress to an entirely simple bare era. Now if a song/ single gives a minimal vibe, I can see her scaling back for the one song but even with the visual being simple in appearance, how it’s released and performed should always reflect the level of stardom she’s walking in. Cardi B just stepped onto the scene and every visual has been A1 since day one. Again, even scaled back, on some Kanye ish, will still be so intentional that it makes a big statement. Let’s pull their resume and so they’re not considered for the creative team.

        They’re sleep lol

        NOTE, single ladies was a WHOLE situation and very intentional in its aesthetics. Stripped in the video the marketing/packaging around it was on steroids and made it to her THRILLER. It was a damn movement.

      • A&R October 4, 2019

        Might I add.. Single Ladies was so well done we didn’t/don’t noticed how unique of a song it was/is. Bruh.. Beyoncé will go down as a world changing phenomenon. That song and Formation literally sounds like NOTHING ever released lol. I remember hearing Single Ladies on the radio before the video wondering.. what is this? To this day there’s still no other song that sound like it.. yet they rolled out that song and visual so flawlessly it become her biggest moment. That’s the Beyoncé factor I’m not sure anyone will have be able to duplicate. And she damn near did it again with Formation??‍♂️

        Just let mama handle this lol frfr

    • Ohjustgonameless October 4, 2019

      You’re no one to advise talent so have a seat and enjoy the show bish!!!!!

      • only facts October 4, 2019

        B*tch, I am a fan. I was not shading her. Sit the f*ck down.

    • 2bad2bme October 4, 2019

      I understand completely. However, these young girls who I am rooting for (Normani, Rihanna etc…) are acting lazy and not giving me the full gag I need so Queen do yo thang!

    • Sammu October 4, 2019

      You really think Beyonce plan her projects for grammys?

      • only facts October 4, 2019

        Yes. Yes I do. No shade, but it’s clear that Beyoncé went with the surprise of self-titled in an attempt to get AOTY at the Grammy’s. When that didn’t work, she went with a full film (Lemonade) in an attempt to win AOTY. Once again, no shade because I liiiiive for Bey. But let’s be real. She wants that AOTY win. Even Adele said a few years ago when she won over B, “What does Beyoncé have to do to win AOTY.” So, let’s not be delusion.

        Love me some Bey.

    • Lynn October 4, 2019

      Shut up

    • Truth October 5, 2019

      Her homecoming was a flop and boring AF ???

      • Lamar October 6, 2019

        Boring ? Wow, that’s a first. Okay, so what is it that bores you about Homecoming..? Is the music, the production value, the costuming? How it was filmed? Were you just not into the documentary portions? Do tell. Yes, I know everyone isn’t gonna like every single thing she does (I didn’t care for Everything Is Love), but to say it was boring. That’s interesting.

  2. biancacook October 4, 2019

    her videos are always great i just hope the project has music thats just as good. I like to listen to my music not watch it. i prefer the old bey over this new one.

    • Boo October 5, 2019

      Stuck in the Illuminati rut!

    • Will_xo October 6, 2019

      Me too ? its sad her music is not like before probably because of grammies

  3. ??? October 4, 2019

    lmaooooo uh oh, get ready insects, she comin to FLOP HARD this time with 800 copies sold lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    • Danny Bey October 4, 2019

      You’ve been MIA but you would come crawling out of that dirty closet on a Bey post lmfaoo. Clown lol

    • Silly Wabbit October 4, 2019

      Lol! Who cares her fans want new music and apparently so do you. You’re on every post about her even posts not about her talking about her. She strapped in your little mind.

      • ??? October 5, 2019

        lmaooo aww, stfu and sit back and wait for your bug queen to go overboard with her smoke and mirrors schtick only to flop even HARDER than her last THREE albums lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • Lil Jay October 5, 2019

        Illuminati / satan worshipper… they are morally corrupted.

  4. And I … Oop! October 4, 2019

    Hard Pass with the Over Exposure! ?

  5. Haut Sawse October 4, 2019

    I am here for all of this!!!… and I am loving the fact that you are doing it big and staying true to who you are; however, please do not do that release everything at once bs and kill the surprise effect of your whole project. At least keep your visuals a mystery until you decide to drop a new single…and do that for all the singles. It will keep your fans guessing and interested. Because the visual album thing gets old really quick and we really cannot be surprised by what single and video you choose to release because everything has been plopped in our laps on the first day. Good Luck, Queen!!!!

  6. Pat October 4, 2019

    Itll trend for a min then disappear if she doesnt promote. What’s left of the beyhive alone cant get her a hit in this streaming era

  7. Tyty October 4, 2019

    You never know what she is upto pointless to speculate 90% of the time it’s b*******!!! It’s probably a tour video or something knowing her.

  8. A&R October 4, 2019

    Yo, now that she’s made it through her dark phase, I’m ready to get the happy/s*** Bey back. I’m also hoping her choreography reflects the dance style from the all red EMAs performance meets the Beychella dance breaks meets some Janet inspired ish. I’ve learned that Bey is very intentional about not over choreographing her live showings but she’s very capable of killing intricate steps. It’s time we show the folk. New days ahead and we need a Rihanna collab, bruh. Frfr Before both of y’all are super seasoned

  9. Queen?Bee❤️ October 4, 2019

    BORING and PREDICTABLE. I know the music will be S***!!!?

  10. 2bad2bme October 4, 2019

    I’m pretty sure it for her song “Mood 4 Eva” from the Gift album. It’s only right.

    • Wonder Woman October 4, 2019

      Then she can keep it… if it’s from The Gift and it ain’t “Already” she wasting ha money and time..

      • High Price October 4, 2019

        Same here, I want a BEYONCE project! Nothing else. BEYONCE THEMED. That’s my mood!

  11. Dc October 4, 2019

    Will come out and do average like mist her overrated stuff

  12. Clarkson October 4, 2019

    Will be hot for 1 week and after that it will be forgotten everybody gonna move on.

    beyonce go and re-hire your daddy, he is the only one that can save ur dead career
    Matthew knows a hit when he hears one, beyonce u dont know a hit even if it was staring at u in the face.

    Infact beyonce u ruin songs.
    Most of ur songs, if another artiste sang them, they will be smash hits.

    If Rihanna sang hold up, it would have hit number 1

    If Kelly Clarkson sang dont hurt yourself, it would have hit number 1

    If Camila sang sorry it would have hit number 1

    If Taylor swift sang daddy lessons, if would have hit number

    If Arianna sang all night, it would hit number one .

    If sza sang six inch , it would have hit number one.

    • Wonder Woman October 4, 2019

      Lol WTF?

      If Beyonce wanted a #1 she would get one, Hold up debuted at #13 or something when it was only available on itunes and Tidal, Sorry at 11 if I remember correctly

      Does SZA even have a top 10?

      I can’t even with the match ups you made…

      • SMH October 5, 2019

        So you’re saying she hasn’t wanted a #1 hit in over a decade? Lol just stop it.

    • OCBOY October 4, 2019

      FACTS. You read her to FILTHHHHH, straight dirty.

    • tru tea. October 4, 2019

      lol Clarkston my dear..

    • Lanafan1 October 4, 2019

      For once I agree with you. But I’m a Stan and will still support Bey!

    • Will_xo October 6, 2019

      You’re right for all except sza and yeah she tends to spoil her songs sometimes I dunno if it’s over singing …I just want the adventurous bey back

  13. Lol October 4, 2019

    She literally does EVERYTHING with him. I’m bored and I’m tired. Please come up with something else.

  14. Wonder Woman October 4, 2019

    This Flop woman really let Brown Skin Girl fade, I’ve lost count of potential hits she let go to the dogs… if it’s a new project she can wait till 2020.

    So sick of the Arabian Horse Z and “suprises” she been doin since 2013

    • LittleMissKhan October 5, 2019

      It is called Illuminati tribute. This satan should be burned in hell!

  15. High Price October 4, 2019

    ? Hmmmm…. Hopefully this may be a sign that she’s going to return to her Bday roots… a 2.0 version that is. I’m kind of tired of the conspiracy theory type themed look, illuminati illusions, etc…. Bring back that sh!t we use to get excited about. EVERYONE tries to be so different that they lose themselves. So I’m ready! I ready to hear her HAPPILY sing again, play with her voice and dance her ass off again! Not saying she ever stopped but I want the old Bey back. Even if it’s for the one time.

  16. Ratedxxx October 4, 2019

    She needs to stop messing with her face…pretty soon She’s going to look like her mom…which looks like the joker..

    If Adele gets another diamond album..
    Beyondfake is going to have a heart attack..

    Since when she can get a number one hit…bish been trying for years to get a number one hit

    Delusional is a heck of a drug

  17. Led October 4, 2019

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with the less-is-more comment below.
    Yeah I believe Beyonce is overexposed.
    But I mean Michael Jackson always went bigger with his projects.
    If you know for a fact your fans are going to eat it up then bigger than you’ve ever been.

    • SMH October 5, 2019

      Beyonce isn’t even in the same atmosphere as Michael Jackson. That’s the difference. You can’t compare a pig putting on expensive lipstick to an actual genius who was an actual visionary until the day he died.

  18. Maxx October 4, 2019

    She needs really dig deep & do something dope for the people & not for anything political or anything to do with her relationship PLEASE. Just something fun & girly with a lot of collabs, but I really wish she would let Jay do his thing & she do hers for a minute when it comes to music. They are overplaying their relationship & it is boring as f*** and Jay is old as f*** & she on her way to being old as f***. Level up B

  19. Gurlwepa89 October 5, 2019

    Let’s see which artist/s she’ll be ripping off this time.

  20. ZiziKirana October 5, 2019

    Another Illuminati High Priest n Priestess … so boring! 🙁

  21. Shary October 6, 2019

    Bey is doing her best, always❤️❤️

  22. Rere November 14, 2019

    I’m tired of her. Go sit down a n.v d raise your kids. Let soneelse have the spotlight


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