Wendy Williams: “Justin Bieber Trashed My Green Rooms & Kicked My Friend”

Published: Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 by David

Wendy Williams has something to say about the recently married Justin Bieber.

Full story below…

Williams surprised her viewers recently when she stepped forward to reveal that Bieber kicked a member of her staff and violated the area he was given to relax in during his appearance on the hit show.

Hit the 13 minute mark.


Here’s footage of the interview she is referring to…

Wendy adds that Justin straightened up after his father, who witnessed the incident, scolded him and forced him to tidy the area he is said to have destroyed.

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  1. Sweetnothings78 October 9, 2019

    Entitled little di** white trash

    • That Was It? October 9, 2019

      He was 13 years old and his dad made him clean it up. Now he is 25 years old and can buy her an entire new studio let alone a new green room if she wanted one. Things change. Shall we judge you for only the things you did at 13 years old? Grow up, he did.

      • only facts October 9, 2019

        Look at his behavior in the last two years alone. He’s still very entitled and has a brat mentality. I’ll never forget when he even shaded Usher – the man who discovered his b*tch a**.

      • That Was It? October 9, 2019

        Scooter Braun discovered him from Youtube way before Usher had anything to do with his situation.

      • eric October 9, 2019

        @That Was It?. Nevertheless, Usher got Justin his first deal and was everywhere endorsing him… music videos, performances, interviews, etc. That’s worth a whole lot, but Justin minimized everything Usher did for him. Usher opened way more doors for Justin than Scooter did.

      • That Was It? October 9, 2019

        Eric please, Usher was paid dearly for his services. Made more money off Justin than his own music after Confessions. He needs to worry about his out of court settlement cases.

  2. And I … Oop! October 9, 2019

    His father got him right together and made him clean up that mess.

  3. only facts October 9, 2019

    JB is and always will be a MF’ing brat. Hailey is going to divorce him and take his $ since there’s no pre-nup. What celeb in 2019 doesn’t get a pre-nup??


  4. only facts October 9, 2019

    You also forgot to mention that Wendy has admitted that Justin’s team hired all of those screaming girls in the audience because nobody knew who TF Justin was at this time. #embarassing

    • That Was It? October 9, 2019

      Embarrassing? 12 million albums sold of his debut album and this was embarrassing? It’s called marketing. It helped…lol.

  5. MCalling you h*** out October 9, 2019

    Wendy been said this so it’s not news

  6. NYC October 10, 2019

    Wendell is out of touch to run this story this week. Literally everyone else is talking about Justin’s second wedding and his new song that is NUMBER ONE ON iTUNES and doing Top 3 in streaming and she chooses to run this old story this week? Stay off the drugs Wendell. Also, Blac Chyna is 31 years old…you are 55. She could be your daughter. You are older than her real mom Tokyo Toni (47). I guess that is why you chose to talk about a 13 year old JB like he was a grown man when he did this. Act your age.

    • DioraCouture October 10, 2019

      that was more of a side comment she made…..i didn’t see anything wrong with it….

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