Cardi B Gets Candid In Vogue’s 73 Questions / Talks Spicy New Album [Video]

Published: Wednesday 20th Nov 2019 by Sam

Cardi B is the latest star to appear in Vogue‘s ’73 Questions With’ segment. 

Ever relatable, the rapper welcomed the cameras into her grandma’s home and, with daughter Kulture on-hand (and in-hand) fired away.

The femcee waxed honest about living in the Bronx, motherhood, life lessons, politics, her spicy new album, and much more!

Watch a different side to Cardi B after the jump…

Refreshingly lo-fi. We enjoyed. Did you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bluebird November 20, 2019

    She started off Gutter and Promising…..and now the veil is off – she’s basically a CLOWN. Funny, and cool but a Clown. Girl stop rapping and go be on Will and Grace, she’s funny and full of personality and that’s her talent. Let the REAL rappers…..rap

      • Fancy BISH November 20, 2019

        @Avanti, fake awards lol…we already discussed that! And this was coming from her REAL fans, not me…where is the classic album that would give her that honor? Can you tell me? Why did the Billboard staff not pick anything from her catalog? I’ll wait ⏰

  2. Clarksoon November 20, 2019

    That freestyle she recently released was a disaster
    Everybody clowning her for that whack freestyle

    Cardi is not talented at all
    She is a personality and people have started to realise it.
    I don’t like nicki at all but nicki is more talented than cardi. Periodt

    • Fancy BISH November 20, 2019

      I said it before, and I’ll SAY IT AGAIN ? Nicki’s Monster verse is the only thing she has to her name that can be considered a classic in her entire catalog! Check the receipts, I said this years ago on TGJ, and now it’s almost 2020 and Mrs. Petty is classicless ? Poor little tink tink! ?

    • use November 20, 2019

      You can talk s*** as much as you want : Cardi is still going to release music and you will keep on hating on TGS. Next

  3. Hottie November 20, 2019


  4. Always November 20, 2019

    I don’t like her like that anymore!

    • use November 20, 2019

      Who cares? Nobody knows who you are.

  5. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez November 20, 2019

    Write a rap

    • Dr November 20, 2019

      She actually won an ascap award for writing her raps this joke is old move on hater

      • klarkson November 20, 2019

        that dosn’t man she wrote anything, her label could have paid for the writing credits like some other artist in the past

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 20, 2019

        @Dr – That was a PURCHASED award because she doesn’t write. She’s said many times in interviews in the past that she believes in “giving opportunity” to others and that she does NOT write her own rhymes. She’s an industry puppet or sl^t.

  6. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez November 20, 2019

    Using the child for sympathy yet again

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 20, 2019

      When will NoChildNika?

    • use November 20, 2019

      You’re on a mission to spread hate? Get a life.

  7. Dr November 20, 2019

    5 million views already keep watching haters ??????

    • Avanti November 20, 2019

      that’s actually low for these Vogue questions video. u thought….

      • Dr November 20, 2019

        Lies this was only 21 hours after being posted hater

  8. Maxx November 20, 2019

    Best interview. She seems like a doll & she is intelligent, just doesn’t have the best vocabulary. She’s alright with me.

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