Tyler The Creator Drags “Mob Mentality” After Drake Gets Booed Off-Stage At His Festival [Video]

Published: Monday 11th Nov 2019 by Sam

Tyler The Creator is not happy.

The rapper brought out Hip-Hop titan Drake at his Flog Gnaw Carnival last night in Los Angeles – in a bid to surprise the thousands in attendance.

Yet, with most hoping for a rumored appearance from Tyler’s comrade Frank Ocean, Drizzy’s appearance was surprisingly met with a chorus of boos.

So deafening was the disapproval, the Canadian MC cut his set short and vacated the stage.

Watch the moment below and Tyler’s impassioned response below…


Moments ago, Tyler reacted and was understandably jarred (be advised there are ample expletives):

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson November 11, 2019

    Hes cute

    • Clarkson November 11, 2019


      • Clarkson November 11, 2019

        Shut up fool u are the troll. Im popular ????????

      • Clarkson November 11, 2019

        No im popular u are a fan

      • Clarkson November 11, 2019

        Im the head b1tch on here. U are the fan

      • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine November 11, 2019

        TROLLMine you really need help

      • Clarkson November 11, 2019

        Shut hp u muthaf uckin nonfactor. U mad cause Im popular ??????? u look like sh1t.

  2. Nonya November 11, 2019

    Drake should have been at Astroworld Festival! Sicko Mode would have been lit lit! Travis let’s get drake next year!

  3. Clarkson November 11, 2019

    So its begins
    People are tired of drake.
    He is over exposed
    People have started to realise drake music isnt that good.
    And he is creepy to underage girls

    the beginning of drake’s downfall

    Pls ignore the troll arguing with him self above the comment section

    Grape juice u need to do something about this

    • Clarkson November 11, 2019

      Troll ur pathetic

    • Dc November 11, 2019

      Charts say otherwise so

    • Jay November 11, 2019

      You are so miserable. You always praise misfortune. I bet nothing good happens to you. SAD!

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 11, 2019

      Im so glad people are getting tired of Drakeesha.
      I bet he cried after that gig

  4. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 11, 2019

    Tyler just wants a Drake Feature, but it’s never going to happen you can’t afford drake, maybe you should try CardiB she’s cheap

  5. Sweetnothings78 November 11, 2019

    I sometimes scroll and read the comments on here and cannot decide if they are deliberately put there to throw everyone off OR it’s incredibly sad people with no ability to be normal who visit here.

    Very very strange people who spend their time arguing with each other. Do you not have lives to live?

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 11, 2019

      You sound like you have a lot of cellulite

      • Boytoy1814 November 12, 2019


  6. Lol November 11, 2019

    Are we required by law to like drake? I wasn’t aware. Ppl act like drake is some deep thought provoking artist and he’s not. Tyler is just mad he didn’t get the response he wanted

    • Clarkson November 11, 2019

      Drake just got booed off stage.

  7. Detruth November 12, 2019

    How do you get drake in place of frank ocean and be mad. Ppl are stupid that’s like the dealership giving you a Ferrari when you paid for a Ford. Realize when you have been upgraded!

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