Pussycat Dolls Sign Major Management Deal Ahead Of Comeback

Published: Sunday 24th Nov 2019 by Sam

The Pussycat Dolls are putting the pieces in place for a potent Pop comeback.

For months, there have been murmurs about the group reuniting for new music and a world tour.

Now, as fans await an official announcement announcement, new details have emerged about what Nicole Scherzinger, Melody Thornton, and co have up their sleeve below…

It’s been revealed that the ladies, who were founded by Robin Antin, have signed a new management deal with First Access Entertainment – whose roster includes Zayn, Rita Ora, and Scherzinger as a solo act.

PCD will be shepherded by the imprint’s founder Sarah Stennett – whose midas touch is well documented.

The news comes after reports that it’s all systems go following Scherzinger’s purchase of a percentage of the group’s branding rights; it also comes as several of the Dolls have jetted into the UK for what many believe will be a formal unveiling within the coming weeks.

Pending that, check out Melody Thornton’s newly released solo single ‘Love Will Return’.

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  1. Sam November 24, 2019

    Melodys songs dooope, havent heard that voice in awhile!! As for the PCD comeback im here for it, it gonna be dope. Not sure where they’ll fit in if putting out new music but on tour theyll do good.

  2. Only facts November 24, 2019

    Sorry, but once they got exposed, it ruined any chance for a comeback. Bye! ??

    • Okurrr November 24, 2019


      • Only facts November 24, 2019

        Kaya alleged the group was really just a prostitution ring.

      • Jafar Cumonyourfuckingface November 24, 2019

        Who’s that Kaya?
        An old bitter prostitute who wanted to have a piece of the scene?
        Oh boy she’s so irrelevant i don’t even know who she is ahahaha

    • Okurrr November 24, 2019

      Kaya is a lying low life. Wouldn’t trust anything she says. She’s desperate for attention.

  3. MessyBoots November 24, 2019

    Nobody asked for them to comeback. They will not find chart success ever again. They’re now too old for the current generation. And finally, I thought we all discovered there was no singing GROUP. Nicole sung everything.

  4. Clarksooon November 24, 2019

    Nicole ruined the group.
    She thought she was beyonce so she went solo . She was humbled by how hard she flopped.

    now look at her today, she’s a judge on 3 different talent shows at the same time.
    The masked singer
    X factor
    Australia got talent

    How embarrassing.

    Lie about us with avant is still a bop.

    • Beyonce November 24, 2019

      Hey she’s making millions per year with those shows. It elevated her net worth.

    • Poisonous November 24, 2019

      It wasn’t Nicole who decided to sing all leads. The deal was, Nicole would be the singer with Melody and Carmit doing occasional ad-libs, while the rest are dancers. It was a contract. Ashley even said it.

      Again, Nicole NEVER wanted to be in a group. Instead, they made her sign a contract that she must lead the Pussycat Dolls along with a solo deal – which they didn’t give her full support for. Why send ‘Whatever U Like’ to Pop radios if it’s an urban song?

      Again, those shows you mentioned have made her millions and now she owns part of the PCD brand. Her networth increases every year. That’s winning.

  5. I love big black c** November 24, 2019

    The question is can the other gurls get their singing parts instead of being back up dancers. To be honest, Nicole without PCD is nothing

    • Poisonous November 24, 2019

      From my understanding, there will be shared vocals and songwriting credits. That’s the agreement and ultimately what the fans want.

  6. Haterz Gon‘ Hate November 24, 2019

    I mean why all the hate? Let the girls eat FFS! Nobody popped after PCD anyway so if everyone was clambering so hard to sing where were the hits after PCD from the other girls? There were more crickets than 1000 acres of outback in Texas at night in August ??‍♂️ Yes it feels late, but plenty other groups reformed and it’s clear that contractural limitations prevented earlier reunions. Y‘all need to calm TF down. SMH ??‍♂️

    • Poisonous November 24, 2019


  7. K_man November 24, 2019

    Look so forward to this reunion. I really hope the other dolls are going to have to opportunity to sing on the tracks. Btw I wouldn’t used Flaky Zayn And broke man’s rihanna rita ora as examples. Because they both are examples of careers gone wrong!

  8. Charli Cheer Up November 24, 2019

    I wonder if Karmit is also returning..

    • Okurrr November 24, 2019

      She is! She was spotted in London with Jessica and Robin.

  9. Adonis November 24, 2019

    I’m here for it! Dontcha, buttons etc were the theme tunes for my party days! The good old days ☺️?

    • Beyonce November 24, 2019

      When I grow up, Stikwitchu, Beep , Jaiho you are my destiny, Come to Me

  10. The More You Know November 25, 2019

    I’m highkey excited for this! ‘When I Grow Up’ was a Bop.

  11. B2J November 25, 2019

    As long as Melody is back in PCD reunion i can’t wait! Even though Melody has stated she would never return.

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