Selena Gomez Earns First #1 On The Billboard Hot 100

Published: Monday 4th Nov 2019 by David

Selena Gomez has bagged her first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Full story below…

The entertainer rose to fame as a child star via the TV shows ‘Barney’ and ‘Wizards of Waverely Place’ and now, following a string of radio hits, has earned her very first #1 single with the track ‘Lose You To Love Me.’

The song spent its opening week at #15 and ran to the top spot in its second week which means it has dethroned Lizzo’s smash hit tune ‘Truth Hurts’ before the release of the album Gomez has been building to accompany it.

The Pop star’s win comes after her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber wed Hailey Baldwin.


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  1. #Formulation November 4, 2019

    Wow… cudos

  2. only facts November 4, 2019

    MAIN POP GIRL STATS! A SOLO #1! Congrats Selena!

  3. I love big black c** November 4, 2019

    Honestly the song is nothing special and boring vocal. Still better than that Havana chipmunk tho

  4. only facts November 4, 2019

    No feature.

    No remix.



    • Juju November 4, 2019

      Girl it’s been a slow year for music…. it was about damn time girl got something.

    • ??? November 4, 2019

      lmaoooo yup poor camillupa, she’ll never relate lmfaooooo ? ?

  5. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 4, 2019

    Congrats Selena? Payola and Streams are really helping artists nowadays ? anyways I wonder how far this song will free fall too next week

    • PANDA November 4, 2019

      I had one of those days where I just left YouTube music playing all day in the background. Selena’s song must have played somewhere between 10 – 20 times. These YouTube streams must work wonders for her. I wonder how artist’s videos get selected

    • Austin December 11, 2019

      ????? yet it’s still in the top 10 weeks later sit down troll.

  6. Daisy November 4, 2019

    White people support white artists. Black people don’t support black artists. All black people want to do is make fun of singers’ album sales

    • only facts November 4, 2019

      Selena Gomez is CLEARLY not white.

      • Daisy November 4, 2019

        Selena Gomez has a white Mexican father and white Italian mother. She’s white.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        “She is the daughter of Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Gomez. Her mother is of part Italian ancestry, and her father is of Mexican descent.”

      • Daisy November 4, 2019

        That’s what I just said. Mexican is not a race. Her father is a white Mexican. She’s white.

      • Living November 4, 2019

        Why are u arguing with @ only facts
        He is an idiot who has been wrong countless times but wont take to correct.
        Ignore the uneducated fool.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        Really “Living”? You have the same IP address as Clarkson. Loser.

      • ??? November 4, 2019

        Lmaoooo yeah ok, try telling that sh!t to trump supporters. mexicans are not white stupid lmaooo???‍♂️

    • Kevon November 4, 2019

      Here we go with the race card omggg..I bet you are a black person .. so who support liz?

    • YAS BIH November 4, 2019

      The sad truth ?

      • Daisy November 4, 2019

        @??? There are white Mexicans living in Mexico. Mexican is not a race

    • Austin December 11, 2019

      Dude I support Tinashe she is bae!

  7. Clarkson November 4, 2019

    Come sit with us, we saved a sit for u.
    Come sit at table with pop girls who have number 1’s .
    Welcome to the club.

    Pls if u dont have a number 1 , dont sit here with us. Go stand over there in that corner, the flop corner. Lol

    • only facts November 4, 2019

      The main pop girls have SOLO #1 hits.

      Camila isn’t liked by her pop peers. Taylor Swift doesn’t even like her any longer…maybe that’s why she’s flopping now. The Swifties aren’t supporting her a**.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        Taylor swift doesnt like her, so?
        Is Taylor swift God?
        Taylor swift not liking Camila, did that stop Camila from winning or getting number 1’s?NO

        Elton John and madonna, two living legends praised Camila heavily.

        U should know Elton, he always speaks his mind, if ur trash, he will tell u.
        Elton praised Camila heavily. He praised Havana and never be the same and even said she was beautiful.

        Camilla getting stamp of approval and co-sign from living legends like Elton John and madonna is better than normani getting co-sign from megan thee stallion and nicki minaj.?????

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        LOL! Get at me when Camila has a SOLO #1 hit. She thought she’d get it with “Liar” HA!

        And yes, just wait, Taylor always writes a song about those she doesn’t like any longer. She didn’t on “Lover” because she’s all about love, light, and butterflies this time. But just wait, that next album will have a song about Camila Cabello and why they aren’t friends any longer. Camila used to suck Taylor’s fart at every single awards show, now Taylor doesn’t even like her stuff on insta, or acknowledge that she even exists. HA!

        Camila’s star is dimming. The sophomore slump is hitting her hard and she’s used up almost all of her budget from Epic Records (two big budget videos, payola to play Liar and Shameless every hour the day of it’s release, billboards, etc). All of that just for her to not hit the top 40. Embarrassing.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        “But just wait, that next album will have a song about Camila Cabello and why they aren’t friends any longer.”

        So? What is ur point? if she writes a song about Camila, so? What’s gonna happen? is Camila gonna die or stop having success?

        U really think Taylor is a God or something.

        Incase u dont know, Camila scored a number one this year, Taylor swift didnt score any number one this year.
        Camila is actually having a better year than Taylor on the billboard hot 100.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        “LOL! Get at me when Camila has a SOLO #1 hit. She thought she’d get it with “Liar” HA!”

        Stop being a clown

        Beyonce first 3 number 1’s were features.
        Crazy in love
        Baby boy
        Check on it
        All had features with men.
        Shakira only number one song has a feature (hips dont lie feat wyclef)

        If u think getting number 1’s with features was easy, then nicki would have numerous number 1 songs but she doesnt.

        Mariah Carey biggest song , one sweet day is a feature

        U cant discredit Camila.
        2 number 1’s, Havana and seniorita, she wrote both songs also.
        All Camila needs to do is continue with this momentum, every year she scores a number 1 and she will be fine.

        Camila star is dimming but she scored a number one this year. Lol
        Only 7 female artist scored a number one this year and Camila is one of them.

        Ur a clown. Sit down

      • Gworl Bye November 4, 2019

        LOL Clarkson is upset that Selena basically ended camila in 1 week lmao.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        Right? He doesn’t know what to do. Actually, Taylor ended Camila. Taylor ended Katy’s career in 2014/15 with Bad Blood and once she distanced herself from Camila, then she started flopping. I cannot wait for Taylor to spill the tea.

        Camila used to suck Taylor’s farts and now look, Taylor doesn’t even acknowledge her. NONE of the pop girls like Camila.

      • Austin December 11, 2019

        ???? you people crack me up. Ugh Cam is fine and will get a top five album and still have a number one, but better then Taylor lol as much as I hate her yeah right. Number one album and two top 2 singles and a top ten. Seriously stop with opinions and get with facts both of you.

    • ??? November 4, 2019

      Lmfaooooo gurl please, Selena does not know what a camillupa is, selena only sits with SOLO hitmakers, not c0ckriders who cling to other people’s hits lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • only facts November 4, 2019


    • Lanafan1 November 4, 2019

      Madonna ain’t interested in Camila lol

  8. Clarkson November 4, 2019

    Main pop girls who scored number 1’s this year. Bad bìtches

    Arianna (7 rings, thank u next)
    Halsey (without me)
    Lady gaga (shallow)
    Camila cabello (seniorita )
    Lizzo (truth hurts)
    Billie eilish (bad guy)
    Selena Gomez (lose you to love me)

    girls who didnt score any number one this year. Flops bìtches

    Nicki minaj
    Megan thee stallion


    If u faves dont have a number one pls dont speak. This conversation is for people with number 1’s. Thanks

    • Daisy November 4, 2019

      Bragging about another persons’ success?

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        He has no success of his own except getting a negative STD test result.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        If pains u so much that ur faves normani will never see this kind of success.

        Camila still has more number 1’s than Selena.
        Camila still has more Grammy nominations (2 nominations) than Selena (zero nominations)

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        Clarkson, a solo #1 is more impressive than a FEATURED #1. Young Thug has a #1 with Havana too…and he sucks lol. Let me know when Camila Cabello gets a SOLO #1.


        B*tch isn’t anything without a feature by someone with a d*ck.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        With ur logic, desiigner is better than Jay z cause panda hit number one with no features, while Jay z has 4 number 1’s and all are features, u are dumb.


    • Swirly November 4, 2019

      Umm Beyoncé and Fantasia both have #1’s and Grammy Awards. They should be left out of this conversation buddy.

      • only facts November 4, 2019


      • Caleb November 4, 2019


    • Gworl Bye November 4, 2019

      Why mention camila? she doesnt have a #1, all her songs flopped

    • only facts November 4, 2019

      Can someone please tell me when Billie Eilish became a main pop girl? She has ONE hit. She will never have another top 5 hit, let alone #1. Billie won’t have longevity.

      And can someone tell me when Halsey became a main pop girl??? lol. “Without Me” is her only #1, and she’s had a HANDFUL of top 20 hits. Her singles following “Without Me” have failed to have an impact.

      Main pop girls are consecutive with their top 20 hits at least…

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        “And can someone tell me when Halsey became a main pop girl??? lol. “Without Me” is her only #1, and she’s had a HANDFUL of top 20 hits. Her singles following “Without Me” have failed to have an impact.”

        Ur a fool and u are so misinformed and ignorant

        Halsey has 2 number 1’s

        Closer- chainsmokers feat halsey
        Without me- halsey

        U talk with so ignorant. Pls stop spreading misinformation
        U dont know anything about music or entertainment
        U dont know shìt be quite. Fool

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        One SOLO #1, b*tch. Camila is the only pop b*tch that only has COLLAB #1’s. The other girls can stand on their own. She cannot. Have her solo songs seen the top 40 this year? Nope. LOL

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        Here we go again with this solo number one shìt

        Shakira has only one number one and it’s has a feature .
        Bìtch go to billboard and go fight.
        Ur faves cant get a number 1 with or without features.

        if getting number 1’s with features was easy, nicki would have plenty number 1’s

        Patti labelle has only 1 number one and it’s a fùcking feature, same thing with Dionne Warwick. 2 number 1’s, both features.

        U cant discredit these legends.

        Ur such an idiot.
        Camila having 2 number 1’s will send u to an early grave.

        Cant wait for Grammy nominations to be announced, yall will jump off a building when my faves scores nominations

    • Austin December 11, 2019

      ????? idiot Beyonce still has a better year than most of these girls. And Tinashe is bae. She will have her time and most of these other girls have been or he multiple successes a number one is just a number it’s nothing to true talent. Now get a life you but hurt wanna be famous ass kisser.

  9. Clarkson November 4, 2019

    Let me drop this bomb.
    They hate to see it.

    Best selling singles worldwide in 2018 (via IFPI):
    #1 Havana
    #2 God’s Plan
    #3 Shape of You
    #4 Perfect
    #5 Girls Like You
    #6 Despacito
    #7 Be Apart
    #8 Something Just Like This
    #9 FRIENDS
    #10 Psycho

    I knew Havana was a huge hit, but I didn’t know it was huge HUGE.
    Damn, she sold more than drake and ed Sheeran.

    Seniorita (927 million streams) is coming.
    Many of u are gonna commit suicide , when seniorita reaches 1 billion streams.

    • Gworl Bye November 4, 2019

      Now what are the best selling SOLO singles Worldwide? That list will make you slit your wrist when you see your fave missing from it lol.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        LOL. Facts!

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        Now what are the best selling singles with artistes who carry their natural hair, no weaves.

        Ur faves will be nowhere to be found.


      • Franklin November 4, 2019

        And I oops
        ? at no weaves

      • ??? November 4, 2019

        lmaooooo camillopa wont be on that list either, that racoon she wears on her head is not her natural hair tho lmfaooooo

      • Gworl Bye November 4, 2019

        Thats the best you can do because your fave cant score a hit on her own? a hair joke? Poor thing, no wonder you’re seething lol.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        Just because u and ur faves bald that doesnt mean everyone is.

        That’s Camila natural hair. u can see her scalp thru her bangs.

        Ur faves suffer from alopecia. ????

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        These two number 1’s Camila has is a torn in u guys flesh.

        A number one is a number one
        Highest selling single of 2018
        Seniorita is probably going to be in the top 10 of highest selling singles of 2019.

        Back to back highest selling singles for queen cabello. They hate to see it

        2 number 1’s, go fight billboard, not Camila.

        Ur faves can never.

      • ??? November 4, 2019

        lmaooooo my fave has SEVERAL number one SOLO hits bisshhh, can your c0ckrider-for-tracks camiluchee say that? lmfaooooo and bishhh stop lying, that brillo pad on her head is not her hair lmfaooooooo

      • ??? November 4, 2019

        lmaooooo poor thing, still trying to make camiltoe happen when Selena clearly said HARPO, WHO DIS WOMAN? lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • only facts November 4, 2019

      The biggest joke of 2019 is this MF thinking that’s all Camila’s hair on her head LMAOOOOOOOO. And it’s not even styled well.

      And what pop star doesn’t wear extensions? Literally ALL of them do.

      What a LOSER!! lol. And now he has an account named “Franklin”? I’m dead lol

    • Austin December 11, 2019

      You’re very sad lol and it’s 2019 bruh get with it and just talk about Senorita. Oh my you need a gf

  10. Haterz Gon‘ Hate November 4, 2019

    This is nothing to shout about unless it a ‘mediocre’ party. I mean congrats but let’s not pretend she’s that b****. She ain’t. Streaming is her friend. Look At Her Now is the only Selena song I ever listed to on my Spotify POP playlist – I cant even press play on this. Dua Lipa showed these POP gals how it was done at the VMA’s with a delicious slice of disco flavoured Pop, save us DIA!! We need happy uptempo POP! ?

  11. lucy fur November 4, 2019

    further proof the current system is rigged

    • ??? November 4, 2019

      lmaoooo not really, camilupa cabbage would have a solo #1 if it was rigged lmfaooooooo

  12. ??? November 4, 2019

    lmaoooooo selena said, what’s a camila? lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. Dc November 4, 2019

    Glad lizzo gone

  14. Clarkson November 4, 2019

    Damn Camila has these bìtches triggered and pressed

    Jealous of her chart stats
    Jealous of her natural long hair
    Jealous of her career.


    They are angry cause Camila has 2 whole number 1’s and their faves cant even get a top 30 hit.

    Let me leave this right here

    Seven lead female artists have reached #1 on the Hot 100 in 2019, the most in any calendar year this decade. Camila Cabello is one of them.

    • only facts November 4, 2019

      If you believed in Camila’s success, you wouldn’t put other artists down to lift her up. That shows you’re insecure about her actual talent. Do you see Beyoncé’s fans going after Keyshia Cole or K Michelle’s in every post? No. Why? Because even though Keyshia and K Michelle are talented, they know that Beyoncé eclipses them. If you felt that Camila was talented, you wouldn’t act like this in these comments. You’re insecure and know she cannot compete with the other girls.

      Its like they always say, “Money talks, wealth is silent.” If Camila is so damn talented and better than all of these other pop girls, let her show us. You coming in these comments acting like a deranged animal is only making the public dislike her.

      And my above statements were not shade to Keyshia Cole and K Michelle as they are talented in their respective areas. Was just an example.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        Camila stats triger u bìtches and I love it. ?????

        Stating billboard stats isnt putting anybody down. Facts are facts.
        Go fight billboard not me.

        Normani is a flop, that is a fact. Motivation remix debuted at number 467 on iTunes.

        Camila is and will continue to be the most successful 5th harmony member. U guys cant stand it
        Normani is not even a musician, shes a dancer.
        Her performance at the vma’s was trash. Very poor vocals. She dances like a cheerleader at a talent show.

        On bad to u, we couldn’t distinguish normani voice. she blended in, these are facts not hate

        U guys dont like hearing the truth. U love hearing lies.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        Yeah I give up. This is why I stopped replying to you. Mentally unwell, deranged, sad individual. Camila’s stats definitely scare the girls…unable to achieve a solo top 40 hit. The girls are SHAKING!

        Last reply you and your bot accounts get from me.

  15. Nicky November 4, 2019

    This put a nail in Camickys coffin. She’s DONE!

    4 Solo Songs released and Can’t go top 40. Payola ran out. Big budget videos and SNL did nothing ???????????


    Selena Solo #1. Camicky is Crying. And I’m laughing

    When is Camicky going to announce the album or will she release a 5th single?


    • #Formulation November 4, 2019

      Why isn’t there room for everyone?
      This is why ppl don’t sell… stan wars

  16. Paulo November 4, 2019

    Regina George said it best… what is happening to the world??? ?‍♀️

  17. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez November 4, 2019

    Who’s even playing this song? I smell PAYOLA but whatever, go ‘head girl.

    • Coupe November 4, 2019

      It’s the biggest streamed song and sales. So people are who are playing it. It didn’t go #1 based on radio…why do you dumb people think when someone who isnt your fav gets a #1 you think it’s a scam. Pathetic.

  18. Haut Sawse November 4, 2019

    I see you LENA!!!..Congrats Mami!!!

  19. No sur not today November 4, 2019

    That s***** ass song really went number 1
    Oh jesickh they really just making anything go number 1 at this point

  20. Ropeburn November 4, 2019

    Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but no one was really checkin for this girl just a couple of years ago and suddenly she has a number one and several videos trending on YouTube? It’s like her fan base just materialized out of nowhere. Like it was purchased.

  21. Jasmine The Real Princess November 4, 2019

    Poor Shîtmila Cebolla

  22. Gary November 5, 2019

    She actually dethroned Lewis Capaldi. Research is key!

  23. High Price November 5, 2019

    Aaaw…. I’m so happy for her!

  24. 1988 November 5, 2019

    Haters are seething. Slaylena! 🙂

  25. Tah Keela November 6, 2019

    So happy Selena took this to #1
    It resonates with so many. It simply could not be written better. Selena’s warm heart is so deserving of this positive outcome. We love our Sel.

  26. Austin December 10, 2019

    About time she should have six by now . The fact other lesser big artist already has two or more is insulting plus she did what other artist with two lead singles couldn’t and that was two top forty debuts.

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