Katy Perry Reveals She’s No Longer Driven To “Prove” Herself In Music

Published: Wednesday 11th Dec 2019 by Sam

Katy Perry is feeling all sorts of liberated these days.

Because, despite amassing 1.4 billion streams this year, the Pop starlet has shared that she’s not principally driven by commercial success anymore.

Details below…

Speaking at a press conference ahead of her performance at the One Plus Music Festival in India, the songbird said:

“My secret to happiness is that it is a constant journey, it is not a destination. What I’ve noticed is that it is a balance. It’s not just living to prove in the music. It’s having your family, having your loved ones, having my fiancé.”


Factually, her recent attempts at bagging a hit have proven futile (#JusticeForHarleysInHawaii); thus many will no doubt feel it “convenient” that she’s saying this now.

However, we’re inclined to believe her.

The reality of the matter is that she’s had an incredible run holistically and – even if she never slays the charts again – she has a bed of bops that’ll keep her performing for decades to come.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

    Poor thing, her career is over. She couldn’t transition the same way gaga did.

    Haileys in Hawaii didnt chart. Small talk flopped
    If it was back in 2010, these songs will hit number 1.

  2. Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

    I blame the hair colour change for her flopping.

    Katy had sèx appeal but in a funny, silly kinda way. Shooting ice cream from her bòobs,

    Immediately she dyed her hair blonde, that sèx appeal disappeared and she started looking older

    • I know December 11, 2019

      So what Camiky’s excuse clown ?? Her hair color hasn’t changed?

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        @only facts

        Ur back again for another round of àss whoppìng.

        Normani performing at that run down McDonald’s still has u shook

        Hold the L

    • Cory December 11, 2019

      Women are having a hard time in the pop world. Beyonce hasn’t had a real chart hit since “Drunk in Love”. “Formation” fell right off the charts as fast as it went #10.

      Outside of “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga has struggled to find her place in pop since the end of “Born This Way”.

      Even though Taylor Swift is a huge album seller and having 3 top tens from this latest album is still a great feat, she has struggled in terms of having a solid long-lasting top ten hit.

      Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Madonna have all missed the Hot 100 with new singles from their last projects.

      Janet has surprisingly charted with “No Sleeep” and “Made for Now”, both independently as well. Pretty impressive.

      Women just can’t compete in a male-dominated streaming world.

  3. Ughhh December 11, 2019

    She said “It’s not just to prove yourself in music” as in there is more to her life. She never said she wasn’t done trying.

  4. Danny Bey December 11, 2019

    I legit thought this was Shakira before I even read “Katy Perry”

  5. only facts December 11, 2019

    Code for now that I’m flopping since I cannot work with Dr. Luke, I’ve given up and you will have to deal. You can’t call me a flop if I just give up and say I have nothing to prove.

    B*TCH! This is karma for you going after Britney SEVERAL times! Britney at least lasted for 9 albums and nearly 3 decades (and she’s still going). You lasted for 3 albums and ONE decade. Nasty attitude having b*tch.

    • Paulo December 11, 2019

      Huh? When did Katy ever go after Britney?

      • only facts December 11, 2019

        Google it. On the 2017 Grammy’s red carpert she made a joke about the head shaving incident. She also posted a shady magazine article on instagram which said Britney is only handed a script and has never had creative control over her career. Her manager also tried to fix this by telling fans to request “Slumber Party” on the radio instead of coming after Katy (shady because slumber party wasn’t doing well at radio).

        She said something else too, but she went after Britney and never acknowledged.

        A quick google search will show everything. Katy is a b*tch and this is her karma

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 11, 2019

      @only… – hahaha! Tell us how you really feel.

    • PinotNoir December 14, 2019

      Worrrd @ the Dr. Luke part.

  6. Paulo December 11, 2019

    I wasn’t much of a fan of her music but I feel sorry for Katy. When she tried to get serious and real on her songs the public abandoned her. She better live her best life with her songwriting koins, she’s earned it

  7. XYZ December 11, 2019

    Oh, thats the reason why her music sucks now. If you dont have to prove something, at least to yourself, then stop it. You’re still making pop music and not something different, that has not such a Big following. So I I dont get why she is coming with such lackluster material.

    Its good that she Feels free and does not have to prove something. But why releasing bad material then?

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