Mary J. Blige Readies Major New Amazon Doc About Her Life

Published: Tuesday 3rd Dec 2019 by Sam

Mary J. Blige has long-reigned as the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul and now her illustrious story is set to be chronicled in a major way.

For, the regal royal has teamed up with Amazon for a new bio documentary about her life.

Full story below…

One week after the 25th anniversary of her ‘My Life’ album, it’s been revealed that MJB’s project will center in earnest on her personal plus professional wins and woes in the time since the LP’s release.

Indeed, the as yet untitled film, will provide a never before seen look into the emotional journey of Blige’s past struggles with poverty, abuse, addiction and heartbreak.

It’ll follow the legendary diva as she embarks on a special concert tour to perform ‘My Life’ for the first time ever.

Speaking on the production – which will premiere exclusively on Prime Video – the Co-Head of Movies at Amazon Studios Matt Newman said:

“We all know Mary J. Blige as the two-time Oscar nominee, Grammy Award winning, multi-hyphenate who has sold over 80 million records. But through this documentary, audiences will see a raw and honest side of Mary J. Blige opening up about her personal journey of redemption and healing. We are thrilled to share with our worldwide Prime Video customers this exclusive, never-before-seen, inside look into the global legend, Mary J. Blige.”

eOne are co-producing the project alongside Diddy and their President of Global Unscripted Television Tara Long added in a statement:

“I have long admired Mary as an artist, an icon, and a strong, fearless woman. The story of her life has inspired us enormously and we are thrilled to be making this project with her and her team, Ashaunna and Nicole. Mary’s album “My Life” is both iconic and tremendously impactful, we hope that by bringing it to screens we can continue to inspire audiences around the world as her music has done for decades.”

We’re all for legends like MJB taking the helm of their narrative, authoring their legacy, and receiving their flowers while here to smell them. As such, we’re all sorts of excited for this film.

 Your thoughts?

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    • Jasmine December 3, 2019

      STOP spamming this site with that ugly lightskin man who makes horrible music!

  1. Ratedxxx December 3, 2019

    Good for her..
    Always liked her

    • Jasmine December 3, 2019

      AMEN This will be good

  2. only facts December 3, 2019

    That’s a great photo of Mary. Love her

  3. Jeans December 3, 2019

    Love that photo! Can’t wait to see this!

  4. Clarkso00n December 3, 2019

    Every thing about mary is her life

    All her songs are always are;
    my life, my struggle, my truth, my breakthrough, my strength , my fight

    Its tiring.
    Mary ur life isnt that bad.

    • What would Whitney do December 3, 2019

      B****. $$$$$ don’t solve all problems…it is the root of evil… Just because she’s Mary j Blige doesn’t mean that it’s peachy, look at solonge and Jay-Z fist fighting…..Mary always not a problem with simply just telling us who she sleeping with…..damn

    • Gworl Bye December 3, 2019

      Girl, stay mad cuz nobody will be talking about camiltoe cabbage 25 years from now.

  5. Around the way filet December 3, 2019

    Mary STAYS booked and busy. Almost 30 years later and she remains consistent and successful in several avenues. She always preservers in the face of adversity.

  6. What would Whitney do December 3, 2019

    This is going to be so good for Mary. I believe The Industry needs, who really is Mary….but we love MJB SO we not going to dig too deep…….. like with Mariah how fake she is….a drug addict multiple men divorce her.. why ….

    Whitney Houston was so real the only artist to tell the truth …

    • Around the way filet December 3, 2019

      What? Mary has been an open book her entire career. What more do you expect from her

  7. Jay December 3, 2019

    A documentary I’m looking forward too. Other Veteran artist even in their 30s should release documentaries too. It will help them sell their music and connect more with the people. Good for Mary… its exciting because she hasn’t done one and released one over and over again… less is more!

  8. Xtina4life December 3, 2019

    How can you guys compare bionic to any lady Gaga’s albums. Sorry to bust your bubble this album was way ahead of its time compared to Gaga’s. Bionic had the hate train still does cause everyone of these comments were and still on the bionic hate train. I’m sure if Perez and you guys wanna bashed xtina for a comment not knowing if she was a man or women please. That’s where Perez used it against her and it started.

  9. Antincia Foster December 3, 2019

    Can’t wait to see

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