Billboard 200: Celine Dion’s ‘Courage’ Makes History For Biggest Second Week Fall From #1 Ever

Published: Tuesday 3rd Dec 2019 by Rashad

Celine Dion‘s ‘Courage,’ released November 15, was billed by critics a ‘career milestone project’ for a number of reasons.

Beyond being her first English-language project in six years, the effort also served as the songbird’s first worldwide body of work since the passing of her longtime manager and husband Rene Angelil.  Despite the unique circumstances, ‘Courage’ not only captured the top spot but also made history upon its impressive debut on last week’s Billboard 200 (as we reported here).

However, refreshed reports reveal the LP – courtesy of a sharp drop in sales during its second week of availability – will see it penciled in chart record books yet again.  Details inside:

On the backs of its trio of lead singles ‘Courage,’ ‘Imperfections,’ and ‘Lying Down,’ the Columbia Records set charged the Billboard 200 and landed atop last week’s edition of the tally thanks to a bundle deal that saw fans gifted a copy of the album with the purchase of a ticket to her hotly-selling ‘Courage’ tour.

Much like fellow Pop acts Madonna, P!nk, and more who have also taken advantage of the combined sales tactic, the reports of second week album sales usually represent a much sharper decline than counterparts who don’t employ the strategy.  Previously, as we reported here, the Queen of Pop reigned in Billboard history books as the female act suffering the largest fall from #1 when her latest album, ‘Madame X,’ plummeted from the top to #77 in just a week.

Now, news has it ‘Courage’ not only took the biggest second week plunge from #1 for a female act, but of all time as it fell completely out of the Billboard 200’s top 100.  Selling a reported 7,000 copies SPS (a 95% drop from last week), the album posted at #111  on this week’s chart.  The dive drives Dion to first place among second-week falls. 

Interesting note:  Bon Jovi’s ‘This House is Not For Sale’ dropped from the Billboard 200’s #1 spot to #169 in 2018, making it the chart’s largest drop from the top overall.  The point of difference is the fall did not occur during the album’s second week of availability.

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  1. pat December 3, 2019

    true numbers minus the bundle.. well at least she got that # 1

    • Jasmine December 3, 2019

      @Meme I stated this on the last Celine post and u questioned my statement. Here is what I said:

      ‘If Mariah is flopping all the 40 plus year old divas are flopping. These sales are smoke and mirrors and remember I stated this when you don’t see Celine’s album in the top 50 during Christmas time and you know a real good selling albums would definitely be bought during Christmas sales with a release date only a month prior.’

  2. Tino December 3, 2019

    I seriously don’t understand why people care about album sales for artist that have been out 20 and 30 damn yrs and is already icons and legends.

  3. Diabetes Unbothered December 3, 2019

    This is why ALL artist (unless you’re one of the The Carter’s I. E Jay Z Kanye Beyonce) should Retire at 40. Otherwise various FLOPs/EMBARRASSMENT occurs.

    • Jasmine December 3, 2019

      Tidal is smoke and mirrors too. Hence, the reason behind that investigation this year on their fake streaming numbers.

    • Fanciest BISH December 3, 2019

      Lmao all 3 of the people listed here are flops, the last time the 2 men saw success was during “throne” era… bug queen can’t even last 10 weeks on the charts…

      • Calling It December 3, 2019

        Queen Bee a.k.a. bug queen is Lil Kim, B is Beyoncé.

        Fix your wig, know your music and get your ish together before you start coming for anything besides your own naps.

      • Fanciest BISH December 3, 2019

        Lol fa gg o tt please, I am a blue eyed blonde ,something you’ll never. In the words of yor trannny fave bow down to your superior.

  4. only facts December 3, 2019

    She’s still an icon. Her legacy is intact.

    Didn’t y’all post and delete this story yesterday?

    • AJ December 3, 2019

      Sure did . Rashad is a joke

  5. king z December 3, 2019

    instead of focusing on her fall, this should really open a bigger discussion about the weight of streaming.

    i guarantee you she probably outsold many of the people above her with physical sales (even without the bundle), but because she is older her streaming numbers aren’t good.

    the other people on the chart have stronger streaming but less significant actual sales

  6. Fanciest BISH December 3, 2019

    Still a legend who has the most successful single in history..

  7. Boytoy1814 December 3, 2019


  8. Rashad December 3, 2019

    Legends have nothing left to prove. Aside from MAYBE Taylor and Adele the pop girls of today (even the big stars like Rihanna and Ariana) sell nowhere near what Madonna, Mariah, Janet, Whitney and Celine we’re doing in their prime. People aren’t out there talking about Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Lionel Ritchie’s numbers the way they’re always talking about the 80s/90s divas

    • You Tried December 3, 2019

      That’s a silly comparison in order to listen to music then you couldn’t stream or listen for free online

  9. eric December 3, 2019

    I have the standard CD from the ticket bundle, and I bought the bonus tracks from the deluxe version on itunes. It truly is an incredible age appropriate album. Track #1 is the only song I don’t like, and I think it’s missing a power ballad like “Then You Look at Me”. Other than that, I love Celine more than ever before.

    • PinotNoir December 4, 2019

      I loled at her first song in 30 years with an Explicit tag under it on Spotify. 😊

  10. JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2019

    Buah who cares! Dion has sales for centuries. And her career has been detached from commercial sales pursues for years and years. And guess what, she still sells somehow worldwide. The thing with these seasones artists is that they keep breaking this second bd week fall record. Who cares. It means they still have a real fanbase that purchases first week. Sonething 99% of youngsters won’t ever have. Her tours keep working and working. And her album charting journeys are similar to legends of her agem she in fact sells a lot in french countries too. One of the top 4 females sellers of all time. Enough said. Nobody sells anymore to be honest. All we see naw are debuta of 100k copies at most like hers and very little more. Congrats.

    • Fancy BISH December 3, 2019

      This! ✅ ✅ ✅ 💯

  11. Around the way filet December 3, 2019

    @Rashad that’s because catty, miserable, no life f*** Stan for the pop divas. They’re the only ones who care about sales & accolades. As quiet as it’s kept, stan culture has contributed to the demise of the music industry.

  12. What would Whitney do December 3, 2019

    Mariah mad as s***. .I bet Mariah won’t write for Celine…ha b**** couldn’t f*** with Whitney Houston. But Mariah award winning song writer but not for Celine,…why…

    • BravoHunk December 3, 2019

      What TF does this have to do with Mariah? Caution debuted at #5 and dropped to #20 second week, still moving 14,000 units in week two. Didn’t need to use some tour bundle to chart and that’s facts on facts love.

      • Justafan December 4, 2019


  13. 🦋 December 3, 2019

    Satanic p******** loser she is .. that children’s clothing line was disgusting

  14. Holliewuudd December 3, 2019

    Who cares? She’s RICH.

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